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  1. Tip, Is she still available? Can you post up some info. Chris
  2. Dick i have a pair of wheel pants for a 2006 Ctsw if your interested. They are primed and ready for paint, they also have washers bonded into the attachment holes making them more robust as they are prone to wollow out. chris
  3. This is a list of all FAA maintained cameras located in Alaska. Nice to browse when the is no way to fly. https://avcams.faa.gov/sitelist.php#loop
  4. mocfly

    New Project

    No BRS,but the electronic boards are marked as mfg:1968 I have some drawings and in lieu of modern day pic it uses the old gate logic to create the binaries used for instruments and radios. Gonna definitely have some fun with this for sure. Gonna beat the heck out of the ATC table top sim I have. Best to all chris
  5. While I wait to purchase another CT I need something to play with, I picked this up for 500 and hope I can transform it to the finished product as shown in pic 2. i have the instructors seat, plotters, wings, etc. now I just need to get drawings, etc in order to get it back to original working condition.
  6. Hi, These came off a 2006 CTSW and are primed and ready for paint. They have washers bonded in where the attachment points are. Not sure how much they are worth so i am open to offers. Would like to get close to 500 for them. But i will let the market set the price. shipping will be free and paypal is preferred for payment email offer to chrismarinello@yahoo.com Thanks
  7. I keep it to the firewall (~ 5400)until I am about 5 miles out and never have burned more than 5.5--5.7 Gph.
  8. Looking for opinions on best finance companies, rates and terms.
  9. Andy They away I fixed the ground problem on our oil temp was to run a separate wire from the oil temp body to the db9 connector on the back of the indicator. I fabricated a collar to affix to the probe, where the ground wire was affixed. This home run scheme was eventually done to all of our sensors. On another note once I got into the wiring of the gauges I was shocked by the scheme they used. Which did not follow the diagram. I am not sure how your system is wired when you have the Dynons.
  10. You may want to call Dave and ask if its ok to use the bracket assembly shown in the parts and assembly manual as an alternative to welding.
  11. Anymore have a hanger or spare car for the day Leaving tomorrow Saturday and returning Tuesday Chris
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