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  1. preferred cruise setting?

    I keep it to the firewall (~ 5400)until I am about 5 miles out and never have burned more than 5.5--5.7 Gph.
  2. Financing Rates

    Looking for opinions on best finance companies, rates and terms.
  3. Andy They away I fixed the ground problem on our oil temp was to run a separate wire from the oil temp body to the db9 connector on the back of the indicator. I fabricated a collar to affix to the probe, where the ground wire was affixed. This home run scheme was eventually done to all of our sensors. On another note once I got into the wiring of the gauges I was shocked by the scheme they used. Which did not follow the diagram. I am not sure how your system is wired when you have the Dynons.
  4. Never installed. 500$
  5. Oil Temp in a Climb

    You may want to call Dave and ask if its ok to use the bracket assembly shown in the parts and assembly manual as an alternative to welding.
  6. Tim, File is not available.
  7. Tried looking it up on liveatc and no joy.
  8. Kcha to KCDW or Licoln Park

    Anymore have a hanger or spare car for the day Leaving tomorrow Saturday and returning Tuesday Chris
  9. I'm excited!!!

    Good luck on your flights be sure to take plenty of pictures of the landscape so it flys by. The transition in features is something to behold. Safe travels Chrs
  10. First Real Cross Country

    Next stop AIRVENTURE 2014!
  11. Flight Design's Global Push

    The key to manufacturing in China will be to have a person who is not a Chinese national responsible for quality. My comment is based on first hand knowledge. Many companies now employ European, Australian or other non national personnel to keep the factories on the straight and narrow. With the Chinese government slowing subsides to its manufacturing companies those super low cost days are fast coming to a close. The hard goods industry is beginning to see a trend as more and more US companies re-shoring due to the continued increase in pricing year after year for the last 3-5 years.
  12. Cirrus 'Chute landing caught on video

    I am surprised to see such a slow descent rate. Anyone know what the Cirrus published descent rate is?
  13. Anyplace to take Mom for a nice experience ?
  14. Hole in muffler

    WOW! I'm off to the hangar in the am to check that area.