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  1. C ICEY

    NEUFORM 3 blade propeller for sale

    Enjoy the Kaspar, Jacques. It will make those 80 horses hum! Don't forget the propeller grease!! grin. regards mike
  2. C ICEY

    BRS Parachute News

    Why I choose to have BRS. or another reminder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn-0lMh9fKM cheers PS. I once had to make the choice, and I chose a long landing in a short field, over BRS into the trees. It worked out for the best. BRS is about improved choices. In the absence of access to even a short field, the chute will have done quite nicely, I'm sure.
  3. C ICEY

    USA registration question

    Thanks for the feedback. Looks like it will have to remain a Canadian registration. What I find interesting is that the very same aircraft equipped with -12 and variable pitch prop is permitted and welcome to fly your beautiful sky as a visitor. this one has several hundred hours down there! I guess it must be the exceptional skills and qualifications of those northern pilots that your FAA recognizes.
  4. C ICEY

    USA registration question

    Thanks, guys. I-CEY (2003 CT2K) is safely tucked away this winter , but I know of a pristine 2005 CTSW that is for sale up here, but not well advertised. always hangared, 1300+ hours, with a new 912ULS. Well travelled and immaculate, it has -12 and a Kaspar variable pitch prop (may even be electric constant speed, I'd have to check) Anyways, with the US$ dollar exchange rate surging there might be room down in your fine country for this gem of an "experimental" at a good price. meanwhile, my time is relegated to fishing.........
  5. Happy New Year, all. Question from a CT buddy, for my neighbours down south (Northwest, too!) Is there a registration category in which US based CT's can be flown with -12 and variable pitch? thanks mike
  6. C ICEY

    Rotax running rough

    Check your gearbox; Friction torque and potential repack. Often manifests as rough running in that range, especially if you use leaded avgas.
  7. C ICEY

    new throttle cables how to

    flexible multi strand cable is essential. use a cable cutter, not a side cutter. stiff, wound core strand cables can bind on the wheel radius and lead to enigmatic and uneven carb balances. ... apparently.
  8. C ICEY

    Great MicroBurst video

    Incredible images. Quite the energetic updraft just prior to the main show. any idea what the real time duration was?
  9. C ICEY

    Bicycle helmet anecdote/oopsie/cautionary tale

    ..... and variable pitch props and -12 flaps.....
  10. C ICEY

    Neuform Variable Pitch Propeller

    I've never noted any significant oil loss, but yes, I do occasionally have to make adjustments, and have noted the mushy lever. It is a regular part of my inspections. I guess the fact of adjustments means there is some flaw, but I have never considered it much more than a minor inconvenience, and never had any alarming malfunction or accumulated oil signature. It is a quick adjustment with a ratcheting 10mm hex screw at the base of the cylinder to relieve mush and to ensure a 1mm clearance of the hub at full fine.... I keep my head under the cowling often as where I fly the terrrain is rather unforgiving, so I am making minor adjustment regularly, and I have recharged the cylinder via syringe on the upper nipple, backing off the hex head, and cycling the fluid as part of inspection maintenance........ it has been ten years .... btw, C ICEY is super duper but I don't take it for granted.. variable pitch is essential for the ups and downs of exploring big mountains, maybe not so much for the climb and cruise crowd. The pitch adjustment is quick and easy enough. I am very satisfied with the Kaspar system, and it's operation becomes routine.
  11. C ICEY

    Neuform Variable Pitch Propeller

    Leaks are a faulty installation or maintenance issue. I have 10 years with a hydraulic adjustment variable pitch prop (Kaspar) on a 912s CT2k with NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. Simple and effective mechanism, easily maintained and adjusted, the prop is still in perfect condition. I had the option to put in an electric constant speed controller a couple of years ago, and did fly one in an LS. It was certainly nice, set it and forget it, but I found no need to mess with a perfectly functional and simple system. The variable pitch controller is essential for the safest explorations of mountainous terrain, when multiple climbs and descents are the norm. If you are a climb to altitude and cruise straight to your destination sort of flyer, maybe not so much. Apart from that, I imagine that picking one's nose is a needless complexity during flight, too.
  12. C ICEY

    Never flown through mountains

    Yet you all are encouraged to keep your attention glued to the latest dynasky 9000 device linked to the Ebox 86,000 all systems blinking screen 1, 2, or 3. I guess I'm just foreign to your ways. 5500rpm at sea level, 5500rpm at 12,500 is pretty simple even for a simple guy like me..... there is even a little electric box for that. :mellow:
  13. C ICEY

    Never flown through mountains

    With all due respect, what the heck are you guys being protected from by prohibiting variable pitch props?
  14. C ICEY

    Never flown through mountains

    For what my two bit opinion is worth... Always consider the environmental energy inputs for the day you wish to travel in the mountains. Wind direction and strength, Forecast adiabatic lapse rate, and timing. Sun intensity and heating vector on terrain Imagine the effect of wind direction on a ridge, and respect lee turbulence. Review the dynamics of lee wave and apply it to your flight path. Recognize that slopes which face the sun will heat and trigger thermals more readily, and thermals typically release over the highest terrain as the warmer air rises uphill along the slope. Mountains typically trigger thermals earlier in the day than flatland because of sun angles. As sun intensity increases through the day, thermic instability increases, so try to fly as early in the day as possible, (with consideration for strength of the prevailing wind), for the most benign condition. Understand that my mountains are not like your mountains! Enjoy making educated choices, and learn from each flight Be ready to wait for better conditions.
  15. C ICEY

    Never flown through mountains

    PS...... Pick your days..... grin