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  1. http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0IJAgFOa4Pe8pvbRKhXI4EcnsNDM0covd Hope this link works
  2. IZZI

    The efficient CTSW

    Not much to be seen, miles and miles of nothing, snow and frozen lakes. Here are three samples
  3. IZZI

    The efficient CTSW

    From Hay River NT to High River, AB, 627 nautical miles, from 500 feet elevation to 11500 feet In 4 hours 50 minutes, average speed 132 knots - After landing still 8 gallons of fuel in the tanks. Here is the spot tracking, open with google earth! Departure 08:18 MDT arrival 13:08 MDT spot_messages-4.kml
  4. IZZI

    wheel pants for sale

    Tundra wheel pants are sold
  5. IZZI

    wheel pants for sale

    Here is the picture
  6. Hello IZZiI

    Love it

  7. IZZI

    wheel pants for sale

    No but I can attach them by tomorrow.
  8. For sale: 1 set of new CTSW Tundra wheel pants, never been installed nor holes drilled, main wheels only. I also have 2 sets of new standard wheel pants for CTSW including nose wheel pant, new from factory never used. Located in Canada, will ship to US. Make an offer; call 250 270 0205