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  1. Greg

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Located in Madison (MBO) with CTLS. Let me know if I can help Greg
  2. Greg

    E-LSA and Insurance

    ANDY. What are your liability limits? Do you have a different (lower) limit for claims by passengers (reduced limit for claim by passenger) than the liability limit for claims by others? Thanks
  3. Greg

    Fuel tank leak on CTLS

    Thanks Roger. I totally agree with putting in fuel myself. I was in Lakefront New Orleans and got lazy. Never again. Two tips for getting home for those with loose fuel fittings. Take the fitting and fuel cap out and pound a large aluminum foil ball in the hole until it is flat with surface. Amazing how well it works and will get you home. Or, tape it down. Duck tape will work for awhile but the fuel breaks it down. Use the blue paint line tape. Designed to be solvent resistant and easily available. Make sure you run tape over and under the leading edge of wing. Seal it tight or vacuum will form and prevent fuel flow from that tank.
  4. Greg

    Fuel tank leak on CTLS

    Roger What is used to bind the fuel filler fixture to the composit wing. A lineman pryied mine out with the fuel hose nozzel. I tried some fuel tank repair two part epoxies from Ace but the gas is breaking them down to soft and letting the fixture come loose. Thanks. Greg
  5. Greg

    Gas cap vent

    The 2007 CTLS fuel caps have turn and lock lever caps. The caps work well and can easily be adjusted by adjusting the bottom nylon lock nut. Early CTLS apparently had verticle vent tubes to create a small positive pressure in the tank because the vents at the wing tips did not work well. My 2007 has these verticle vents and the wing tip vents. I believe Flight Design may have later improved the fuel tank wing tip vents eliminating the need for the verticle pipe vents. You can replace the CTLS Fuel caps. They are SPRL caps. Aircraft Spruce and others offer these. Aircraft Spruce offers them as a set of cap and gas cap fitting that goes into the wing. They may sell separately, I do not know. But others do sell separately. You can also just replace the two O rings, the spring and the nylon nut. Aircraft Spruce sells this tune up kit If you have the verticle vent pipes, these will have to be moved to the new caps. I posted a photo earlier. The real problem is how Flight Design mounted the cap fittings in the wings. These are epoxied in without pins or screws/bolts. A sloppy lineman in New Orleans pried my left fitting out three years ago. There have been several reports on the forum of pilots loosing the whole system in flight. My concern was sucking fuel out, but the safety officer reported several years ago that missing caps create a negative pressure that prevents that tank from flowing. Watch the sight tubes! I have struggled for three years to get my left cap fitting to properly adhere to the wing. This joint is constantly bathed in fuel. I have recently purchased a new cap and fitting. I ruffed the fitting and base where it fits in wing. You need to use flexible epoxy as the wing flexes. This time I think I have it. But I have the parts if it comes out again. And I will check often. One more point and I will quit. Your CTLS fuel cap fitting can be loose and you will not know it if you do not wiggle by hand. Put the cap in closed and wiggle. See if the whole system is moving at the joint with the wing. If it moves at the epoxied joint, it will leak rain water here when the plane is outside. And it can detach. I hope I never post on CTLS fuel caps again. But I have gotten deep into them so call me if I can help Greg
  6. Greg

    Flat Tire Procedure

    I have taxied on a flat front tire on a CTLS. VERY SLOWY Back to FBO after landing. No damage to tire. Torn stem on tube from under pressure and not the better tubes I use today.
  7. Greg

    Gas cap vent

    Posting this for those who may need to switch old vertical vent tubes to new SPRL gas caps on CTLS Roger and Tom were right. Surprise. The verticle vent tube does thread off. There is a nylon 6M-1 nut on the top side of molded cap and the same nut on the bottom side of molded cap. Screwing them together holds the vent tube in place. The tricky part is you can not grasp the lower nut or even see it well enough to know its a nut. You have to just keep tightening (clockwise) the top nut and it will eventually rotate the vent shaft out of the bottom nut. Drill the hole in the new cap and you are set to screw back together. Here is what the vent shafts and nuts look like without the molded cap. https://goo.gl/photos/YUz8Ev7ZmLttPTsd7 Hope this helps someone. Greg
  8. Greg

    Gas cap vent

    Photos of how the vent tube attaches. Thanks - Greg https://goo.gl/photos/bAFUcPtzhhV4NfYz6 https://goo.gl/photos/WDvtH6QzSrEcdSbW8
  9. Greg

    Gas cap vent

    Thank you Roger and Tom I have a November 2007 CTLS. It has both the vents at the wing tips and the verticle post vent in the gas caps. The verticle post has a nut around the post just above the surface of the gas cap. The post is threaded at this point and the nut screws down to tighten the post. The post does not appear to be threaded below this point as it will spin freely once the nut is loosened, but the post will not pull out. There has to be a backing on the bottom side to allow the nut to torque against. There seems to be a rubber and plastic fitting around the bottom end of the post, but it is inside the molded cap so you can not get a grip on it. I am going to try to send photos I do not need this vent if the wing tip vents work??? Any suggestions on how to see if the wing tip vents work? Thanks much. Greg
  10. Greg

    Gas cap vent

    I want to replace my gas caps on CTLS. I ordered new caps from Aircraft Spruce. As expected they do not have the vertical vents added by flight design. My plan was to move the vents from the old caps. But I am having a problem removing the old vents from the old caps. I can loosen the nut on the upside of the cap. But the lower part of vent tube seems to be flaired in. Has anyone removed the vent tubes? Does anyone have a diagram? Will the fuel flow adequately without the vents? I appreciate any guidance. Thanks Greg
  11. Greg

    Cirrus landing info correction

    Beautiful aircraft. Enjoy. Safe travels.
  12. Greg

    How many hours on your CT?

    2007 CTLS. 487 hours
  13. Greg

    MrMorden & Wm.Ince Still Not Home

    Mainly the atmosphere of the restaurant being on the intercostal waterway and walkable from the airport Makes for a great lunch trip
  14. Greg

    MrMorden & Wm.Ince Still Not Home

    Gulfport and Gulf Shores both good stops. Gulfport towered with two runways. Town is full of great seafood Gulf Shores two runways. Lulu's one block from airport. Jimmy Buffet's sisters seafood restaurant If weather clears I will be landing Gulfport Early Wednesday. Safe travels. Greg
  15. Greg

    MrMorden & Wm.Ince Still Not Home

    I was taught to check the exhaust and do. What are the causes for the exhaust and/or muffler to crack?