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  1. I will keep searching, but will let you know when I find the problem. Thanks for the tips.....Dan
  2. You know one thing I was thinking about is why the initial fuel mist exits instead of enters the engine? Do you think maybe an intake gasket leak?
  3. Sorry, did that too. Is it normal to have your hand sprayed with fuel mist by the filter opening when you excel. I am guessing that with the filter on, the mist is causing flooding, but why?
  4. Took out the mixture screw and blew out that port. Adjustment had not changed. Re adjusted.
  5. Also took the carb apart and blew out the ports. Checked the needle position and o ring all where it should be. I am getting really stumped here
  6. By the way EGT and CHT are all normal and runs great except for initial hard throttle.
  7. Replaced fuel pump. Current Carb has 50 hours. Is a Bing 54. Is a single carb with no silencer or oil injector. I pre mix. Pulse line also less than 50 hrs. Cleaned my K&N filter, still no results. Question, is it normal to get fuel spraying out of the carb inlet when the Air filter is not installed upon initial throttle? have been using the throttle opening speed since I got it without this problem occurring. Seems like it is flooding when I excel hard. I tested this by applying some primer when it bogs, just makes it worst and dies, so not a fuel starvation problem
  8. The other night while taking off, I accelerated and the engine bogged down. Slow throttle to full was ok, faster caused the bog. I replaced the fuel pump, all lines and the filter. I checked the needle adjustment and the fuel mixture. All where they should be. I blew out the carb ports. Filtered all my fuel. I learned that if I had the filter installed the bog would happen. If not installed, it excelled OK. I cleaned the filter, but it still bogged. Without the filter, I noticed a spray mist of fuel when I excelled coming from where the filter attaches. I put my hand by the opening and it was sprayed with fuel when if did the excel. With the filter on, it acts like it is flooding...I am loosing some good flying weather here in Wisconsin and need to get back into the air...HELP! macsw@hotmail.com