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  1. Hi...do you have any more of these foot rests...I have a 2010 CTLS...thanks Richard 239-234-5775
  2. many thanks for everyone's suggestions and today I started to plan the operation. In approaching the step of taping, I placed the flaps to -12 degrees (allowed in Canada) and there was excellent alignment to my port aileron (neutral position) but a remarkable difference in the starboard aileron position...see pictures. The actual difference of the two in degrees from level is 4. I am not sure if this is giving me large trimming issues which is causing me to burn more fuel from the starboard tank. IE... the starboard aileron is up encouraging a right turn, to stop I feed in left rudder trim... fuel follows the ball... thus a lot of fuel may travel to port tank always making it seem that burn comes out of starboard tank... I do find trim on the CT hard for me to discern correctly..I am learning slowly... any ideas? thanks ..
  3. I believe I have understood that the wing has inner spars in the area of the tie down bolts that extrude from the bottom of the wing and this area is where you could support the wing at the time of removal (especially when you are removing the opposite wing). With gas tanks empty, is there an approx weight known for the wing?... 100lbs?. I may be looking at wing removal locally to inspect spars and replace fuel tank feed hoses... had wanted to take to Arian in CT but timing, operations and distance a factor...
  4. hello Anticept... did not remove the extra gnd wires and static seems to be nil on my transmissions... but I did find from one of your other posts about the need for an audio wire between the EFIS and intercom for the AOA beep... that is what that green wire is (seen on one of my earlier pictures) that I thought was a gnd wire and an afterthought..thanks
  5. Anticept... the factory may have already done this planning to put on Matco but found some marc-engegno on the shelf...the aircraft was built Oct 2010...just noticed this from earlier pictures
  6. thanks Anticept, I hear it is about a 45 degree cut on the back side, in an inch or so from corner
  7. thank you everyone for the guidance... a few of my disc pins were making travel difficult so with cleaning and grease it is much better. Plan to convert to Matco in near future.
  8. I have talked to Matco and I may have a complication with my Tundra tires, there is something with the mounting they are unsure about, plus I have the larger wheel pants for the tundra's
  9. thanks Tom and Roger... am I correct in assuming that by taking out 2or3 bolts the pad closest to the piston will drop out? The spring would fall too but I would not re-install it as some other forum postings suggest. I will take out the pins and clean, do they need to be torqued to a certain value when put back in... 15nm?... Yes Roger, I would like to go with the Matco when the pads get a little more worn, would that mean I have to replace the master cylinder in the console with Matco too?
  10. Hi Anticept... I have been getting the odd occasion of shimmy with the brakes applied near the end of the landing roll. I have checked the thickness' and my discs are at 4.14 to 4.36 and the pads 2.64 to 2.69 mm. They are the marc-ingegno type and I think my right main may be the problem. The pad is not nicely aligned or maybe it was the angle of the camera when the picture was taken. I have read some of the posts on the forum and when it is referring to 'pad glued on' is it the opposite side from the piston? I believe that the inside pad is held on by the 2 or 3 bolts?..... I see from the picture too that there is uneven wear on the pad, probably from that spring?... thanks for your input on 'radio static'
  11. thank you Anticept.... did another 1/2 hour today of flight and no noise on my transmit.... I still may remove the extra gnd wires to #3 cylinder as I can not be sure that they have made any difference to the situation..
  12. Anticept... thank you for the explanation. I am keeping my fingers crossed and your post has me wondering is it only the ground wires that can create the gnd loop or can powered wires too?... I am sorry but my electrical theory knowledge is not good.
  13. just an update, I took out the PM3000 intercom box, cleaned pins and checked general area. The green wire (which I assume is gnd) looks like it was an afterthought connection into the PM3000 box and it has been dangling in behind my centre console (garmin 696 etc). Since I have had the console in and out several times trouble shooting the 696, that green wire may have been pulled or moved sufficiently to lose/loosen the contact. I have place the green wire out of the way and I have actually had a test of the radio with no static noise!! I will have a closer look at that green wire hook-up and re-solder at a later date. Hope this solves the issue, thanks to all for their input... now on to the auto-pilot...
  14. anticept, would the new LED landing light just installed have an effect even when not on?
  15. thank you Tom for the part number
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