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  1. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

  2. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

  3. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

    We use the river house all year round. It’s only 1.5 hours by car from our real residence and a lot closer to my office, so it’s not really a vacation home as much as 2 Nd home . I will try posting a few pics when I get to a real computer.
  4. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

    We land on the ice in a backwater of the Mississippi where we have a vacation home. It’s a lot of fun. When the ice is bare and wet and obviously very slick, you have to throttle up to get rudder authority and turn the AC in the opposite direction to get stopped. If the ice is dry or has a bit of snow on it, it’s not a problem getting stopped at all.
  5. Foot rest

    Pretty sweet Al!
  6. Flight Log in Garmin 696

    Does anyone know if it is possible to “view” or “download-recorded” flights in the 696 beyond the 30 or so recorded on the screen that drops the oldest flight when a new one is logged? I want to go back and review all flights in my 2011 CTLS that came equipped with a Garmin 696. My CTLS also came with Dynon SkyView, but I don’t think that records any trips?
  7. Broken Left Door Widow

    Sergio, what year is your CTLS and what is the empty weight with 914 turbo engine and in flight adjustable prop? Are you using the Air master prop? Can you provide us with some performance numbers at various altitudes etc? What is your fuel burn at 35” manifold and 5400 rpms?
  8. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Curious, why you guys would buy another CTSW, but not a CTLS? Is it the difference in cruise speed? What is the consensus on the speed difference? Having flown both long distances, the CTLS certainly has advantages in comfort ( more reclined seating option) and convinience with the hat rack for storing munchies, and misc stuff you want in the cockpit with you. I guess for some the weight is an issue?
  9. Low fuel pressure warning during climb

    Thx Guys. This is always with "cold" ( first flight of the day) engine under WOT throttle. I will continue to monitor it more closely. Wasn't sure if I should service the screen/filter?
  10. I have gotten low fuel pressure warnings during climbout a few times in last two weeks. Went into yellow zone, and then comes back and maybe does it one or two more times, before stabilizing at 3.6 to 3.9 or so for rest of the flight. I now do an extended high power run up to simulate this on the ground, and it works. So once it flashes in the yellow, of course this is after oil temps are 130 or above at high idle, then I just keep the power in until it goes into green arc and stays there. Then I take off and it stays in green the whole flight. Any ideas if this is a real fuel pressure issue, or maybe just a faulty sensor? My grounding issues have long ago been taken care of.
  11. So long Flight Design......

    Thx Guys. IMHO FD is going to need to offer the CTLS with 914 or suffer the loss of sales to others that do offer it. I would have had a much tougher decision on FD or Tecnam, if FD had the 914. The luggage area in CTLS, is still a big problem for some of our missions though. In reality the Tecnam will cruise 20 knots faster than a CTLS, both flying at normal cruise speeds, and it can do it even at lower altitudes. The difference in speed increases more the higher you go.
  12. So long Flight Design......

    If FD offers the CtLS with 914 in Germany, as the gentlemen posted on his trip to Italy over the Alps with his GF, why don't they offer it here in the USA? After all Tecnam is doing it? I wonder if they are having oil cooling problems during the climb, since the whole engine compartment is so much smaller and tighter than Tecnam. I did notice the radiator and oil cooler are bigger on the 914 in the Tecnam. Obviously it would have to be prop pitched not to exceed the 120 knot limit from the factory, but plenty of LSA manufacturers are doing this. What the customer does after the sale, they cannot control. Until I read that post over the Alps, I had no idea FD had built a 914 equipped CTLS. Or was this just a "one off" experimental deal they did to see the performance etc. if he truly was getting 155TAS at 12,500 that's better than Tecnam can do by more than 10 knots! Sign me up for one now! I would like to see that speed ground gps verified flying a box pattern. The TAS on the Dynon can be very inaccurate.
  13. Fuel Trailer

    50 gallons ain't enough guys, I get tired of running to the station to fill my 100 gallon tank. If it wasn't for the Regs I would have a bigger tank. Those are some sweet ass trailers you guys put together though. I wonder if you had a regular tank like they make for pickup boxes if the city would have any authority on you having gas in that tank and the truck parked in your hanger overnite " occasionally" ? Tons of folks pull their car or truck in the T hanger when they leave for the day or week with their plane. Never heard of anybody complaining about that.
  14. Partnerships - how did you do it?

    That reminds me of an old saying....." only good partner, is a dead partner" ? That said in jest of course, I would be hard pressed to do a partnership with a total stranger. If it was the only way possible to own an AC, I would probably take my chances though.