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  1. Does the odyssey 310 replace the 370? Identical size etc so no change needed to the battery box? When you install the earth x replacement, does the new battery box line up with holes in the firewall? Is there any wiring issues for the battery lugs etc. in other words, can you just mount the new battery and battery box from earth x and hook the two cables up like normal and go?
  2. I’m in need of a Battery now for our CtLS 2011. We been running the Odessey PC370, but battery mart is back ordered till August on these batteries. We have had a battery failure every other year, and the last P.C. 370 didn’t even make it through its warranty period. Battery Mart refunded the price of the battery but now we can’t find another PC 370 in stock anywhere. I’m thinking of trying the lithium from EarthX. Who supplies the custom case and what’s the red light needed for?
  3. Your GPS based true air speeds flying a triangle or a box won’t be accurate unless you actually split the 360 degrees evenly into 3 reciprocating courses such as 180, 300, and 060 or if flying a box, split 4 courses evenly, such as 360, 090, 180, and 270.
  4. I will post the findings of my cracked gear leg inspection.
  5. I have a cracked gear leg in my hanger from my CTLS. It’s a 2011 model. I never had any landings with this AC that I thought were a “hard” landing. Found the crack during a routine inspection. Bet that gear leg I replaced was defective as well. Does FD replace the defective ones? We paid $1500 for a new leg.
  6. Anybody got any info on this one? I saw it on the NTSB site. They don’t have any preliminary etc listed.
  7. Fred, scrapman, this is 499CT. Will you be at the page flyin this October 2018? 

  8. Roger, I agree the American market sometimes is not all about price? Take the Tecnam P2008 for example, is over $200K with 914 turbo, and I think it is selling well. How many CT owners would upgrade to a turbo CTLS, if they had to pay $15K more than for the same equipped 912 or 912i ? I’m assuming it would be 10 to 15 knots faster at 4K to 5k and better yet the higher you go. And yes, I have heard the argument about the turbo is a waste of money without a constant speed prop, and it’s not true. I know, I have one. There is no substitute for HP at All altitudes and especially on hot days. Sure a constant speed would make it wonderful, but being able to make full power at any altitude up to 15K and pitching your prop a little more aggressive for the altitudes you normally fly makes a difference.
  9. We use the river house all year round. It’s only 1.5 hours by car from our real residence and a lot closer to my office, so it’s not really a vacation home as much as 2 Nd home . I will try posting a few pics when I get to a real computer.
  10. We land on the ice in a backwater of the Mississippi where we have a vacation home. It’s a lot of fun. When the ice is bare and wet and obviously very slick, you have to throttle up to get rudder authority and turn the AC in the opposite direction to get stopped. If the ice is dry or has a bit of snow on it, it’s not a problem getting stopped at all.
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to “view” or “download-recorded” flights in the 696 beyond the 30 or so recorded on the screen that drops the oldest flight when a new one is logged? I want to go back and review all flights in my 2011 CTLS that came equipped with a Garmin 696. My CTLS also came with Dynon SkyView, but I don’t think that records any trips?
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