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  1. AirHound

    CTLS vs. Remos GX?

    So, interesting discussion about ct vs remos, how about the spring loaded controls? I flew in a remos gx yesterday and I really liked the light controls really responsive and seemed like 1:1 fun. It was very calm great day to get a check ride. Every thing about the plane felt good. So, the next question is, "anyone think the self centering ct springs could come off?"
  2. AirHound

    Composite work

    Some owner users, under the watchful eye of certified maintenance types have pulled or bucked rivets in their spam cans. Has any owner user performed composite work out there?
  3. AirHound

    CTLS vs. Remos GX?

    Hi, Your thoughts please on any or all thank you! Topic is Remos GX vs CTLS Compare similarly equipped aircraft on: Resale Ease of maintenance and parts support Longer cross country comfort Design and ease of coordinated flight/landing just short of practice practice practice Real issue examples regarding less fuel as well as baggage space BRS vs Magnum maintenance
  4. AirHound

    Small N-Numbers

    Any opinions on making the salsa to Elsa move appreciated. Specifically any regrets at trade in / resale time?
  5. Hello, I'm experimental, and when it comes to doing the right thing for engine maintenance I consider hose changing on the same order of the old saying; 'Oil is Cheap' ...regardless of price. Even though I have more lattitude, as an owner operator to accept risk, I believe the SLSA 5 year standard is a good-one for all at risk, regardless of acft category. Although the thread hits-on some difference's of opinion, surrounded by ego, there's definitely a strong community desire for accident prevention and safety in general. Question: Can one assume hose mechanical damage is primarily due to less than sterling hose installation, or can it happen from normal engine operation, over years of engine vibration and temperature changes, working hoses on the fitting barbs? Request: Please, check my following interpretation of this threads information regarding the 5 year hose replacement: Go with the named smooth bore hoses, ensure internal hose cleanliness, skillfully apply/instal the fittings and clampage, and most importantly, as suggested, do a thorough post maintenance run-up and Carb Bowl inspection. Perhaps, do two or three run-ups of sufficient duration and RPM..inspect, then go fly alone on a maintenance check-ride in the pattern or some forgiving area. What did I miss? The only other thing I can add would be to check the bowls more-frequently after hose replacement. Good-discussion, vasilates between; "kind'o-like trying to put edges on a marhmellow...to, if it ain't broke, don't fix it...... Doug
  6. 'Roger if you don't let the chips fall where they may you will put more people and their wallets at risk. Safety first.' Do you mean if more people use Gates Carberator hose rather than Wurth hose? Geeze, how many engine outs due to fuel line contamination, out of 400 CTs, or more ROTAX end-users in the Experimental category can be expected as engine rubber changes pick up?
  7. Hey I missed the chat....and the sing a long... Great forensics though....I work on my 912 powered ELSA, got a Repairman's Cert....'a license to learn'...A take away for me is Technique and Procedure based experience is what separates Novice/substandard results from Professional outcomes. I think this kind of situation calls for a little more finese when working with fittings and hoses to avoid overtightening. But how do you learn how much is enough in this case?
  8. AirHound

    weight and balance

    I think it takes a little more than showing specific aircraft POH W&B data and guesstimating your load factors and CG verbally infront of an inspector, or even an instructor during a BFR or training. At the very least, to be convincing a pilot should be able, without hesitation, to demonstrate the process followed to derive the particular flights W&B. So its about methodology; do we just whip out our precalculated/templated cheat sheets to show the FAA Inspector, during his courtsey inspection, the specific load data for PAX, baggage, and fuel that our particular flight is based on in the template? Or, why not just do it on the GPS Wt and Balance Ap during flight planning/preflight, and show him that you did do diligence. But I think the cheat sheet method, since its paper, should work as long as it represents the loads fairly close to the particular flight. Has anyone undergone a Courtesy Inspection?
  9. AirHound

    Arizona Registation Fees

    Other than CTs being used for commercial purposes, and assuming the process of going ELSA devalues SLSAs, would it be worth it to do so TAX re-calculationwise? Could one recalculate to their favor?
  10. AirHound

    Other LSA brands?

    Awesome! following are just some random thoughts/?. I joined as a SW owner, have since gone to RANS S-19, might go LS some day if we don't go over the cliff. So, the most hits common thread is ROTAX. Is it most hit because of it's unique CT installation information needs or general ROTAX technical questions? Perhaps a pole of ROTAX could indicate other than CT aircraft owners in the forum and widen Airframe information sharing. No doubt CT has the larger following here as far a Airframe threads go but are there at least a couple other silent twoseys or threeseys out there that have the same airframes and don't know it. Focasting who would go CT ELSA and what would it take owners to pull that pin, again the cliff looms before us, might be generally interesting. And if the FAA allows all those other certified MFGs go LSA how will that effect CT ownership, would folks jump ship even at 6$ a gallon-those RV6-9s are looking even better then.
  11. AirHound

    Other LSA brands?

    Roger, we're over 600 now....it would be interesting to know what other than CT owners are looking for, perhaps ROTAX, we have some very usefull ROTAX discussions/information, thanks to you and the other ROTAX gurus. I'd be lost without you guys. Maybe the forum tools will enable a bit of analysis to tally on some select areas to understand where the center of visits or posts ly.
  12. AirHound

    Arizona Registation Fees

    All the more reason to devalue and go ELSA......
  13. AirHound

    Why can't we turn our props clockwise?

    Great! Thank you Roger!! After I rig it up and apply 10 pds of pressure what next? Turn the Prop or ? How does any air/void escape....sorry for being high maintenance with all the questions :unsure:
  14. Does anyone relie on the ROTAX Owner .com site for applicable Service/Airworthiness documents?