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  1. https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceb/sb-915i-010.pdf maybe a different topic, but deals with FP. See para 1.3. Where it refers to 912is. Does that mean to raise the upper limit to 46 psi, or is it an error?
  2. Thanks for the great education Darrell! Very nice strip. Were you flying a regular pattern or were those longer straight in approaches? Man when I chop the power, dump the flaps to full/30 and push it over I get visions like a You Tube WW2 Stuka pilot……only thing missing is the dive siren….💫
  3. Concur with FAA generally not focused on Light Sport. At various seminars where FAA supports in some way, nary is Light Sport an agenda item or discussed. Maybe it’s a numbers thing. Or size doesn’t matter…😎???
  4. Dick how many hours do you have on it?

  5. Dick, roughly how many hours have you put on her?
  6. Hi Roger, are you still making the stabilator control lock?

  7. Thanks for the tech thought. Dang, these design/production issues trump useage/maint issues and should be on FD to resolve. Noticed a FL Flight School went with Technam…wonder if they factored these kinds of gremlins in or flying characteristics for students?
  8. Great idea! Say, what keeps the noggin protector piece from falling off the spare carry threw?
  9. Ron, I get that error message, but only in the hangar? When outside all seems normal. Doug
  10. Thank you first I’ve looked at those and a couple apply.
  11. Has an MRA evolved for the FDCT fleet?
  12. Not sure about Flight Design CTs, but over the interim of CT ownerships ended up moving sensors off the 912 engines of RV12 and Rans S-19 ELSA’s for more stable indications.
  13. What works to keep cold air out? Was thinking gorilla tape or wadded up foam. Is Al making his plexi hole covers?
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