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  1. 2007 CTSW FOR SALE

    My Doctor says the Harley and Airplane need to go live with someone else. 2007 CTSW 912 ULS Engine 100 HP- Neuform 3-blade prop 380 hrs TT- always hangered- never damaged- VFR Day/Night package. This is the advanced model that came loaded from the factory. It is white/red with blue trim, brown leather seats Dynon 100/120 glass panel with 496 Garmin GPS- GTX 327 Transponder- Digiflight 2axis autopilot- Stereo intercom- BRS Parachute- New Tundra Mains- sun visors- Telex Stratus 50 head sets This beauty is ready to fly anywhere $79,500 Reply here or contact me at 361-813-0057
  2. 2007 CTSW FOR SALE

    F Y I I did sell this last month.
  3. 2007 CTSW FOR SALE

    Yes it is a very clean plane. I will miss it. I'm going to see if anyone around here would like to own 50%. That way i can still stay in the loop kinda.
  4. Aircraft Base: McCampbell Airport, KTFP, Ingleside, Texas Total time: 363 hours Always hangered Never damaged Certification: VFR Day/Night package 93 Octane auto gas or 100LL aircraft fuel Detailed Description: 2007 CTSW ADVANCED SLSA, 363 hours TT. White/Red/blue trim, brown leather. Full Dynon glass panel, Garmin GPS Com and transponder Digiflight ll FP VS 2 axis autopilot. ENGINE: 912 ULS (100hp) PROP: Neuform 3-Blade Composite ground adjustable AVIONICS: Dynon D100 Electronic Flight Information System Dynon D120 Engine Monitoring System Garmin 496 GPS with Weather and XM Radio Garmin SL 40 Com Garmin GTX 327 Transponder PS Engineering PM 3000 Stereo Intercom with MP3 input ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: BRS Recovery Parachute 03/2013 Tundra Mains 600x6 11/2014 Stratus ll MAINTENANCE STATUS: New battery July 2015 Last oil/filter July 2015 Annual due Nov 2016 Transponder due Sept 2017 5 year hoses Nov 2013 New motor mounts Nov 2013 Sun Visors Telex Status 50 Head sets (2) Price: $82,500.00 USD Contact: Gary Moore gary@moore-ins.net 361-813-0057
  5. Hi everyone. My Doctors are saying my flying days are coming to an end soon so i need to make moves to sell 464CT. This plane is super clean, low hours and ready to go anywhere. Thanks, Gary
  6. My 2007 CTSW fully loaded with 380 hours is still for sale. Always hangered never damaged and priced at $82,500 Call for further details. 361-813-0057
  7. Sorry I don't look at these posts as much as I used to. Yes it is for sale. I am going to list it again in March when the weather is a little better. It only has 376 hours on it and flies very well. It has the most equipment you could get on one in 2007. I listed it last year at $87,500, but would take less this year. This plane is ready to fly anywhere. Please call for more information. 361-813-0057 Gary
  8. Drive and fly my/your FD

    Hello all, Has anyone considered letting another Flight Design owner/pilot use your airplane while he or she is on vacation in your area? I have thought this often when I was traveling to a different area. Thinking it sure would be nice to see this from the air for a couple of hours. My insurance policy covers any pilot that has a minimum 500 hours with 20 in the same type with no additional charge. In my case if someone came here and wanted to see the Gulf Coast I would either take them for a tour or let them have the plane for a couple of hours. We probably would only see a few additional hours a year on the plane. Of course we can not charge for this, but topping off the fuel would be nice. What do you think????? Gary
  9. I need your thoughts on this please, I had my annual done Saturday and all checked out fine except my aileron control wheel which has become very hard to adjust over the last few months. Actually since the last annual. I mean really hard to turn. I put on the Tundra tires on Saturday as well and so far really like them. They really beef up the looks of the 2007 CTSW. It did raise the plane up a little and I'm sure I will hear about that the next time my wife tries to get in. Any thoughts on what to tell my A@P as to how to adjust it. Thanks for your thoughts. Gary
  10. Drive and fly my/your FD

    All good responses. Thanks
  11. Aileron control wheel stuck

    I think it all boils down to what you want for your airplane. I personally like the larger tires and maybe some day will put one on the front. I just don't want to part with the extra cash for the front fork. We'll see. Thanks for the feed back. Happy Holidays!
  12. Drive and fly my/your FD

    I would do the same. Thanks
  13. Aileron control wheel stuck

    I took off the wheel pants and put the tires on. Now I need to get larger pants... Maybe. I know you are a new owner (kinda), but this is pretty easy to do. Someone posted a step by step detail in the forum on how to change them out and did a very good job of it. Search Tundra tires and it should pop up.
  14. Aileron control wheel stuck

    I flew yesterday and did 3 touch/goes. Only thing I noticed was the ground came up sooner, but I expected it. I put 35 pounds of air and that seemed okay, but I may lower it a bit for a little softer ride. I must admit I feel a lot better knowing I can land on a rougher surface if I have to as these are much thicker tires especially comparing them to the other ones I took off. For now I am happy and I only spent a little more than the smaller tires.
  15. Aileron control wheel stuck

    I only changed out the mains. Not a large cost here as the new tires fit the same rims. They were a little hard to put on though.
  16. Aileron control wheel stuck

    Hi Roger, He did spray something on it Saturday, but I will try that today. Thanks,
  17. iPad Remount

    Andy, I fly in South Texas where it is always windy and choppy. I now use the suction mount on the window and do well with it. When it falls I just put it back on. I like what you have done. Did you reinforce it somehow ?
  18. Sun Visor

    I made a couple a few months ago. They are tinted 15 x 15 and I had the plexiglass company heat and shape them to stay off of the windshield. I attached them to the bar with a 1 1/2 inch plastic spacer with stainless bolts and nuts so that I could still get my hands on it to get in and out. I also placed a couple of suction cups I got from Hobby Lobby to be sure they stay clear of the windshield. I have pictures on my phone I can send if someone wants to see them. My total cost was right at $80.00.
  19. I'm sure Tom will be at Fun/Sun. Let's all stop by and show our support. I think he will appreciate it.
  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Merry Christmas from South Texas, down Mexico way.
  21. Ongoing oil pressure flakiness

    Reading your comments today as I experienced low pressure readings this afternoon. Average was 35 to38, but dropped down to 25 on final. Idle moved up to 46. I feel after your comments I need to check my connections and grounds. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts. Merry Christmas friends,
  22. Fuel Pressure Alarm

    7.2 done today. Thanks again.
  23. Fuel Pressure Alarm

    Roger, I am seeing improvements in my CTSW in the high pressure readings with each flight since the new fuel pump was installed. Should I try to reset my Dynon to 7.2 or leave it as is. Thanks, Gary
  24. Fuel Pressure Alarm

    Thanks Roger. I hope it gets back to normal soon. Don't like seeing the red indicator.