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  1. westcoastoz

    Bad sender or bad ground??

    Thanks Roger...will check it out. Regards, Dave
  2. westcoastoz

    Bad sender or bad ground??

    I have just completed a trip of about 15 hours and on the last sector, the oil pressure that has been consistantly sitting at about 3.8 bar, went up to around 5.2 bar and stayed there or close to it for the rest of the flight. After landing when I shut down the engine, the oil pressure indicated 1.7 bar instead of zero as per normal. Has anyone else had a similar experience and can anyone tell me whether this is an earthing problem or is the oil pressure sender on the way out? The oil pressure is not fluctuating wildly, it is just indicating higher than normal. (I have the Dynon D120 EMS) Thanks. Dave
  3. westcoastoz

    In need of CT Keys

    Heard from Murray yesterday (the person who made the original enquiry) to say that he has solved the problem and found a place where the keys can be cut. "I've actually found the KN101 keys at a Pacific Automation. It turns out it's not only a common key for switch gear, but also was also used for an English Ford Prefect some decades ago!" Thanks to all those who responded.
  4. westcoastoz

    Flight with door removed

    Thanks to all for your comments. I don't intend doing this but was asked the question by a potential CT buyer. Not sure why you would want to do it though. Regards, Dave
  5. westcoastoz

    Flight with door removed

    Does anyone know if there has been an LOA to allow flight with one door removed? Thanks Dave
  6. westcoastoz

    Skyview Screen Setup

    I have to agree. Dynon are superstars when it comes to support & updates. I have had my CTsw for 6 years and have regularly updated my D100/D120 at no cost. Now I am ashamed to admit that I have gone over to the 'dark side' (sorry Roger) and have just purchased a 2007 Mooney M20R Ovation3GX which has the Garmin G1000 avionics suite and boy, do Jeppesen & Garmin know how to charge for their updates!! Added to that, only dealers have access to the firmware updates so although I can update the NavData, Chartview & terrain data myself (at a price) I can't do the firmware updates like I have been doing with the Dynon. I hope to be able to keep the CTsw as it is a joy to fly, however the lousy world economy will need to pick up sooner rather than later. Regards, Dave
  7. westcoastoz

    Raise Nose In Air

    I just drilled a hole in the hangar concrete floor and put a 5/8" Loxon expansion anchor into it. When I need to elevate the nose, I screw an eye bolt into the Loxon and fit the tail collar and rope it to the eye bolt. (place some foam rubber under the tail so as not to scratch the paint).
  8. westcoastoz

    91 Unleaded Avgas

    I saw this article recently regarding Total's 91UL now available in the UK. We have not seen anything like this as yet 'downunder' but hopefully it is not too far away. Is it available in the USA? Dave
  9. westcoastoz

    Spark Plugs

    I am interested to know at what intervals most people change their spark plugs. I have been changing mine at around 75 hours....is this more or less than the average? Any input appreciated. Dave
  10. westcoastoz

    Rubber Change - Carb Debris

    I used Gates hoses from CPS for my 5 year replacement. Unlike Larry's which was stamped 'Made in the USA'....mine was made in Mexico however have had absolutely no problems since the work was done last June. 1/4" Hose was stamped Gates Corp. Carb.No. C-U-06-002 AW 101210 907Fuel Injection Hose Made in Mexico 5/16" Gates Corp. Multi Fuel Compatibility 4219D SAE 30R9 180psi WP Made in Mexico. Larry may have just got a bad batch.
  11. westcoastoz

    Fuel Flow Fluctuation

    Mike & Roger.....thanks for your input. The fluctuations I am getting are up to 3L/hr (0.7 US gallons) so hopefully it is only an earthing problem. I expect the fluctuation in the case you mentioned would have been vastly more...?? I share a hangar with an RV7 which had a Dynon F.F. sensor go haywire (it was indicating in cruise anything from zero to 60 L.P.H.) so had to be replaced. I cleaned and re-tightened all the earth points last week and intend flying today, so will see how it goes. I am dreading having to pull out the F.F. sensor as it is very inaccessible. Dave
  12. westcoastoz

    Fuel Flow Fluctuation

    Thanks Roger, Am going to the hangar today so will try tightening the earth (which is the bolt type) and see if there is any improvement. I relocated the fuel pressure sender to the firewall quite some time ago and that is working fine however as your know, the fuel flow sensor is very difficult to access, so am hoping that is not the problem. Dave
  13. westcoastoz

    Fuel Flow Fluctuation

    I have started to see some degree of fluctuation of the fuel flow on the Dynon EMS and suspect it may be an earthing problem so will pursue that first. Is it just a case of checking that everything on the grounding pole is tight or should I remove all the terminals and perhaps treat the connectors with some kind of electro-lube? Any tips based on past experience appreciated. Dave
  14. westcoastoz

    Ipad question

    Thanks...never seen those mounts before.
  15. westcoastoz

    Ipad question

    Would appreciate a photo of the iPad & suction mount on the side window if anyone can oblige as I am not familiar with this mount. Thanks. Dave