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    I have a 2008 CTLS with 133 hours. Rotax inspection was done last month. Contact me if interested art Stark
  2. Occasionally I’ll be flying along in my CTLS when "remote compass not detected" appears on my Dynon, Will this affect my 496 or my Auto Pilot? Roger tells me it is a wing problem and to check the line/plug when wings are removed. . Anyone know about this?
  3. 2008 CTLS

    For sale CTLS 8910Y New in 2008 SN 08-02-03 132 hours Price $90,000 Has original equipment for the 2008 CTLS New Condor tundra tires (have orig tires and pants) 2 David Clark headsets Beefed up struts by Rex Johnson, Airtime Aviation in Tulsa Cover by Bruce Located in Kerrville, Texas, 45 minutes from SAT astark@stx.rr.com 830-792-05551
  4. remote compass

    On a recent cross country I kept getting a message "remote compass not deteted" How can I fix this? art