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  1. Hello Jacques Very essential info as well. Many thanks
  2. Hello Roger Very timely and useful practical knowledge ! It is encouraging to know the CHT probe is rarely the cause. Many thanks indeed ! Niels
  3. Hello all My left CHT first fluctuates and then drops to low end of range after 10-20 minutes of flight. I am assuming the CHT probe is probably u/s. Can anyone assist with the part # and a place to purchase the CHT for a CTLS, Dynon 180 EMS and Rotax of course. Many thanks Niels
  4. Hello Jerry My CTLS leaks small amounts of coolant on to the hangar floor each winter ( Sydney Australia ) Checking all hose clamps never seems to fix the problem completely. It would be nice to hear from the people in the know about this unacknowledged problem. As long as the leak is no more than a few drops I don't worry about it anymore. Greetings from "Down Under" Niels VH-NKO
  5. Thank you all for the links and timely advice! Very helpful indeed! Many thanks Niels
  6. Hello all The VDO oil pressure sender on my Rotax 912 ULS is u/s.Can anyone tell me who has them for sale in the US and approximate cost ? Many thanks Niels
  7. Dick You hit the nail on the head ! After having an LS on the tarmac which failed to "charge" right after start up I examined the black plug reg/rec more closely. I found after pushing the plug in to the socket and the two plastic tabs go click the plug should be fully in but it is not. You can push the plug in a further three mm. Two cable ties each end of the plug, as suggested, secures the position and stops any walking. The generator did spring back to live immediately and has not missed a "Volt" since, after a number of flights and many start ups. I wonder how many Ducatis have been replaced for similar reasons? I would certainly recommend this "little gem" for any unexplained and intermittent charging reg/rec problems. All Credit to you "Top Gun" Run to eat. Niels
  8. Ray Watts Thank you for your detailed reply. All steps were considered and very helpful. See my reply below to "Run to eat" for the solution to the problem. Niels
  9. Chanic Drinking a lot of power ? The CT is fully glass, Transponfer, GPS, flashing red beacon headlight and all those little gadgets that one uses in flight today. So when you add up the amps, 10 A sound about right. Your diode test is excellent for proving a dead Ducati on board and "thermal runaway" should be be considered when it happens after the Ducati gets hot. The Ducati lives a tough live! Thank you for all your thoughts. Niels
  10. Hello all Thank you everybody who took the trouble to read my post and specially all of you who replied.It is certainly encouraging me to continue on.All contacts on reg/rec have been cleaned on both sides of the plug and socket with pure alcohol and then treated with Stabilant 22All wires and associated connectors are tight and there was no evidence of pitting or arcing or any other stress.All earth wiring points in the engine compartment have had the spanner applied, none were loose.However the the problem seems to be more permanent now. There is now no charge after the Rotax is started and the Gen button is pushed.It seems more likely now the reg/rec has failed? I checked the two yellow wires and the resistance shows about 0.5 Ohms.I have now retrieved the ROAN Internal generator checklist from this site they would be happy with that value.Hobbs meter is not turning while the GEN light is on, it must be connected to the Ducati output presumably. No output no Hobbs turning.I have still to check the earth connection of the Ducati to the earth rail, it seems to separate to the plug wiring.Question: can you run the Rotax with the top cowling removed to check the AC output? Has anyone done this check?Or is there a simpler way to prove the DUCATI is u/s?Is there anything else I should do? Thank you all for trying to help. Niels CTLS
  11. Thank you Kurt for you for sharing your valuable knowledge Of the Ducati Regulator/Rectifier. I have learnt a lot about the inner workings of the device. Niels
  12. Thanks Roger I'll report back, hopefully with a positive result ! Niels
  13. Hi all Cruising the other day at 8500 the generator light came on full brightness and the amp meter showed -10 amp discharge and battery voltage started to go below 12 Volts. By all indications the generator had failed.Turning everything non essential off allowed me to get to destination and maintain comms in the circuit. The battery was recharged and contacts cleaned on the Ducati regulatorand everything worked normally after that. Several hours have been flown since without problem. Yesterday during flight the generator light came on again in flight , again indicating generator failure.The question is this: Are there any known problems with the CTLS that fit those symptoms? Is there anything that needs to be checked besides the known earth problems?Any assistance would be appreciated. Niels CTLS VH-NKO
  14. josjonkers Absolutely doable with the LS, have landed there in a Citabria 2 up and a 182 will do it with 3 + pilot I was just showing a visiting pilot friend on the way back from an air show who enjoyed himself immensely , as you can see,
  15. josjonkers We did not have permission to land there (private airstrip) and believe it or not there were actually Kangaroos lying in the shade at the side of the strip So the landing might not have taken place in any case.
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