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  1. carburetor heat on landing checklist

    In ten years of flying my Ct2k I have never used carb heat. I don't have your system of hot air from the air box because I have Keihin filters directly on the carb intakes. I do have electric elements fitted to the carb throats which take about a minute to take effect but even with high humidity and dew point temperature close to air temperature I never felt the need to do anything regarding carb frosting. I'm not saying don't use carb heat just that I've never used it.
  2. Did my first carb balance today. Gotta question?

    That depends on whether or not you are on the ground and have some paper with you !
  3. Looks very like the interior of H.G.Wells time machine. Very EdwardIan decor.
  4. Engine failure today and forced landing.

    Buckaroo, Great outcome from a heart stopping moment. I love the bit about taking off from the road. I don't think the roads are wide enough for me to that in Ireland! My 2003 Ct2k has the long wings with no winglets or turned down ends giving me 30' wingspan. If the plane is not perfectly level in the hangar it's a problem trying to read fuel content via the site tubes. As Roger said earlier they are accurate if the marks are applied correctly. I made up my own mahogany dip stick and marked it at various intervals whilst filling the tanks. I find the fuel leaves a good telltale on my dipstick unlike the alloy one supplied. After 9 years of ownership and 750 hours of enjoyment is it an issue for me? No way! Even making an sea crossing from Plymouth, England to Cherbourg France with 85 miles of open sea I loved every second. Mac
  5. 2006 CTSW for Sale

    I can't see this aircraft languishing with a for sale sign on it for long. Sorry to hear you are selling your baby Roger. I know you have enjoyed yours as much as I have mine and thanks for the long distance phone calls.
  6. Hi Pedro, It looks like the bit of rust could be cleaned off and re painted. For your information are you sure that aircraft is a CT2k? I have a CT2k and I can see a difference between your photos and my aircraft. The door closing handle and the stabilator mass balance was fitted to the earlier CT aircraft. I am not aware of any European CT2k with your features. What wings are fitted? Mac
  7. Knowing your lower limits

    I've been pondering this question for years.My CT2k is 12 years old, 700 hours on the engine and still on the original fuel pump! No backup electric pump because someone calculated that would put the airframe weight out of the microlight category.No fuel pressure gauge either so when I flew 85 miles from Plymouth England to Cherbourg France over the English Channel I had plenty of time for pondering. The view out the window was great. Sorry I can't answer your question Roger.
  8. airlock after fuel drain

    Happy new year to all from Ireland. A month ago I did exactly the same as johnr. The weather has been unbelievably bad this autumn and winter. Drained the fuel, filled up with 30 litres of fresh fuel and was unable to get it to flow without blowing into the wing tank. Once it was flowing all was well. Did a flow test and recorded about 39 to 40 litres per hour.... Perfect.
  9. Throttle Cables

    Thanks again Roger. That link failed with me but I managed to get into Sanlo via a search. As usual, you are a mine of info!
  10. Throttle Cables

    My 12 year old throttle cables have become slightly frayed so it's time to pull them out. I'm trying to source 1mm inner Bowden cable and it seems to be very scarce. No bother getting 1.2 mm cable but that doesn't go round the jockey wheels below the throttle lever quadrant without creating binding. Any suppliers ?
  11. Hard Landing

    IrishAl, that invitation to visit still stands.I've made the run off areas wider by removing the 4 feet deep ditch beside the 12 feet tarmac runway. Hence the busy feet! Fred Astaire would be proud.
  12. Hard Landing

    In the middle of the Aviation Safe report link it states that the aircraft drifted during landing. Looking at the website for the airfield it's looks like the long grass could be easy enough to get into with a strong crosswind. http://northcoatesflyingclub.com/flight-information/
  13. Hard Landing

    Just to reiterate, no one was injured and if you follow the sources you can read the witnesses observations. My interest in this accident was the outcome of the occupants and the integrity of the cockpit area. The 'egg' seems to have been unaffected....... Good result.
  14. Flap problems Why?

    Gays,civil rights,civil war, freedom of speech, all because of a turn of phrase or indeed a perceived inappropriate remark? Let's lighten up and remember that johnr comes from a nation that doesn't do PC and they have a healthy attitude to make fun at themselves as well as others. Only recently an Australian government minister told Johnny Depp to "bugger off" when Depp tried to smuggle his dog into the Australia. I love the Aussie humour and bluntness. Now, Flaps,Flaps and more Flaps!!!! When something electrical starts acting up when it didn't before the first thing I,d ask is what was the last thing you did? Answer....replaced flap relays and connections. Is there something not quite right in this area? In case anyone feels offended by anything I've written remember that it's only my opinion and also Ireland was the first country in the world to recently pass equality legislation by popular vote at the polling station by a majority of 2 to 1 and my CT still flies great! Let's keep this forum the best CT resource on the net. Fly safe.
  15. Hard Landing

    Recent hard landing in U.K. No injuries but looks like a write off...... Pity. http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=176311