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  1. If you have been thinking of getting a foot rest/pedal guard, and waiting for them to be available, they are now ready and shipping. I only have 3 left so let me know quickly if you want one.
  2. Hello Al, I never heard, did you end up making some passenger side foot rests? 

  3. Thanks for the info. I am still fighting with it. By the way your footrest is on the way
  4. email to aldowns10121@gmail.com. I have them now and will get shipping cost over the weekend and will begin shipping on Monday.
  5. These are made with measurements from my 2010 CTLS. I have heard of one case where a light modification was need for someones plane but it was minor. If the planes are made the same they will work as is.
  6. They will be ready today or tomorrow. Anybody that wants one send me shipping info so I can get them out.
  7. Go back on this thread and you will see a video
  8. I will see if I can fix that
  9. Will do. They are in progress now.
  10. Thanks, I will take a look at that
  11. Both of mine are in CTLS
  12. One of my planes is like you describe but the other one just goes completely dead. Sometimes on pre-flight they will not move. Other time whey work great.
  13. Looking for information on flap control. Had a problem with with the flaps not working.. Ordered a new flap board and installed it. Still having problems. They work most of the time but occasionally. Sometimes they work fine for several flights and then all of a sudden they won't work. Today after several flights, they won't work on preflight. Flight cancelled. This has happened before . Cannot reproduce it at will. I will try it again tomorrow and won't be surprised if it works. Need to figure out what the problems is and correct it.
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