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  1. I am pretty sure 5800 wide open is correct and the should get 5400 max at cruise. Could be wrong
  2. Almost acting like carb heat is on, you should get 53-5400 on take off.
  3. Has anyone installed the Tail Beacon and got it to work and pass all of the tests? I got a letter from the FAA saying it does not pass.
  4. What is the inspection time and cost? I know I am sick of getting ripped off by FD. It is at least $1000 each time it comes due.
  5. It appears both the Skybeacon and TailBeacon do not work well on the CTLS. I have tried both and cannot get good flight reports.
  6. Al Downs


    Have you installed this in your plane? Does this work on the 696? do you need an additional antenna?
  7. Al Downs


    That is a good way to go. Not for me though, mine are flight school planes and there are 4. I would like a less expensive way and we would use Ipad for in
  8. Al Downs


    Well I have tried the UAvionix Sky Beacon and Tail Beacon on my CTLS. Neither one will work on the the composite wing or tail. It seems the reception is blocked by the design of the plane I have a Garmin 696, Garmin 327GTX and the Dynon D100 and 120. What is the best way to go or should I wait for Oshkosh? I have 4 CTLS's and a gyroplane to install them on.
  9. This is my fix for the large holes at the wing root. Easy to see the fuel tubes. Easy on and easy off. I have a few extra if interested. $10 each
  10. I have a tailbeacon installed on one of my planes. Waiting until after Uavionix Sun & Fun people get back on Monday to discuss with them.There seems to be a problem with the shadow of the elevator similar to the skybeacon caused by the winglets.
  11. What are you using now
  12. Share your thoughts When it comes time for the Nueform prop inspection it needs to be sent in. It takes at least 2 weeks and cost about $1000. Are some of the other makes just as good? I know the others do not cost that much for the needed inspections. A lot of the inspection cost could go towards a new prop.
  13. Not really sure what you mean. Are you talking about getting different wheels? If so I do have some of the gold wheels.
  14. What is a muffin fan? Is it possible to see a picture?
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