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  1. Amps verses volts

    I think so. A larger one will smooth out the readings better than a small one.
  2. Production uAvionix Skybeacon UAT transmitter

    How is the testing going on the Skybeacon? Does traffic show up on the Garmin 696?
  3. Amps verses volts

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  4. Amps verses volts

    I will post the capacitor and source that I used when I get to the hangar tomorrow
  5. Amps verses volts

    If all of that is done, give Roger a call he is experienced at this problem.
  6. Amps verses volts

    In my 2010 it is behind the panel on the left side. Make sure to check all wires. Double check the connections on the capacitor. I found a bad connection there also.
  7. Amps verses volts

    Just fixed this problem. Changed the capacitor also check the connections at the shunt,
  8. Foot rest

    Hi Fred, 2700 hours now
  9. Foot rest

    https://youtu.be/B-AJPw6ynDk This is a link of the footrest. Hope it works
  10. Foot rest

    I have one foot rest left. When that one goes I can make more if there is a demand but it will take a couple of weeks. If you are interested let me know. They are $160.
  11. Trouble latching door(s)

    I got the seal from TrimLok. They require a 328 foot roll. I have 4 planes I needed it for. I do have some left over. This was on the CTLS not sure if SW is the same.
  12. Trouble latching door(s)

    I have found that the Composite material wears into the pin as much as 1/8 of an inch making the doors leak a lot of air. The edge of the hole also wears and together it can be 3/16 to 1/4 inch of wear. The easiest, fastest way to fix it is the little plastic plugs from the hardware store. This will also prevent further wear on the pins and the hole in the cabin. That way you won't need to replace the pins in the door. When they wear out just put in new ones. I have replaced all my weatherstrip on both doors also. As for the doors being hard to latch, I have found the forward pin was too far back in the hole so it jammed. Use a small screwdriver to get it back in place if that is your problem. Then lube all the pins and moving parts of the latch assembly. That has worked for me several times but I do think there is some wear inside the door on the moving parts. I was able to find door seal that is an exact replacement for the original
  13. Passenger foot rest

    I have them for sale. $160 + postage
  14. High current alarms

    Getting High current alarms mostly in take off climb but sometimes also in landing. Tightened all grounds but no change. It is intermittent but often enough to be a pain. Anyone experienced this and figured it out?
  15. ADSB

    Is there any update on the UAvionix adsb that replaces the position light?