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  1. Cabin heat

    take a look up the thread. I am trying to fix the cabin heat and it was suggested to install one or two baffles in the heat shroud around the muffler but I am not sure what that will do
  2. Cabin heat

    Can someone explain the idea behind the the baffles? Is it supposed to increase the air pressure so it is forced into the cabin?
  3. Fuel caps

    It is not the epoxy seal. This is 8 wings of stain and new "o" rings have been replaced. I did only replace the large one. Maybe it is coming from the small one?
  4. Fuel caps

    Wings are all stained and when I clean them it stains again
  5. Fuel caps

    Does anyone know the secret to stopping the fuel caps from leaking? I replaced the "o" rings and still they leak. Is there a trick to adjusting them so they don't leak.
  6. Foot rest

    It appears that the issue is on the older ones not the newer. Hard to tell when the change came about but I guess it is not a bid deal
  7. Cold Weather Roughness?

    Interesting thread. We operate 4 CTLS in Wisconsin and fly every flyable day. Never experienced this (knock on wood). The only thing we have noticed is sometimes the idle rpm changes a little.
  8. Airspeed indicator

    Has anyone had problems with airspeed indicator? Neither the basic indicator or the one on the Dynon working today. I am thinking that they flew in a little snow and some went in the pitot tube. Over night it may have melted in the hangar and then froze when the plane went out today. Can't really think of any other cause. I will try to warm the pitot tube enough to melt and dry it out.
  9. Foot rest

    Never weighed it but I would guess 1.5 pounds. I think it was newer. Whatever was needed was minor. I will see if I can get more info.
  10. Foot rest

    Thanks Randy. I will ship as soon as I get the label
  11. Foot rest

    You can send a check to Al Downs 10121 S 8th Ave Oak Creek, WI 53154 Fedex label to aldowns10121@gmail.com
  12. Foot rest

    I don't know if anything is different. I do have one but it could need a slight modification.
  13. Students are notarize for cheating on the pre flight by not checking the pressure. If they have a flat in the cold weather it is something they will never do again, Sadly the tube is shot and takes time to fix it. Had one a couple a weeks ago on the approach to the runway. One mile from the hangar. He froze is *** of. Need to keep the pressure on instructors and students to check pressure on each pre-flight. Pilots also. Nobody said it was easy renting and training.
  14. Foot rest

    What year is your CT? I had sold one that needed a small modification for a newer plane. I don't know what needed to be done because the buyer said he could take care of it. It was a small change. These were designed based on a 2010 CTLS and fits most
  15. Upper and lower cowl

    Thanks Roger Is the shape or size different.