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  1. Al Downs

    Air speed gauge

    Not sure what brand it says Flight Design on the face.
  2. Al Downs

    Air speed gauge

    The round air speed gauge shows 40kt when on the ground and builds from there when flying? Is there an adjustment or what can I replace it with. Digital air speed is fine and if we are at 100Kts the round one shows 140 kt
  3. Al Downs


    We are getting close to the deadline. What is the solution for the CTLS? UAvionix on the wingtip won't work and now I have found out that the taillight unit won't work either. Apparently the carbon fibre blocks the wing tip version and makes it unreliable. I tried to install the tail version and the mounting holes are different. The taillight on the CTLS uses angled mounting holes and are further apart than the UAvionix unit. The unit needs to be mounted with the fin on it vertical and using the mounting holes would have it a about a 41 degree angle. They have no plans on revising the mounting bracket to make it work. I have one I was going to test for them but now I need to start looking at something else.
  4. Al Downs

    Brake stuck

    It seems that the best way for you to understand the way it works is for you to disassemble it all and get the complete picture. It is not difficult and will be easy to understand. I question why you are not having an A&P do this for you. If you don't understand the mechanics you may cause yourself a pick problem.
  5. Al Downs

    Brake stuck

    Don't just take the pads out and replace. Remove the wheel and disassemble everything. Clean it all and repack the wheel bearings. Replace the pads and reassemble.
  6. Al Downs

    Brake stuck

    Those are Marc brakes from Italy
  7. Al Downs

    Brake stuck

    Many time it is because the pads are very worn. It can also be the caliper is so dirty things hang up. I would start with those and see if it is all in good shape.
  8. Al Downs

    Fuel caps

    My vents are in the wing tips. We sometimes do have the tanks pretty full but even then it shouldn't happen
  9. Al Downs

    Fuel caps

    I checked several times and it is not the seal around the ring. This is happening on all 4 CTLS's we have and it is worse on some.
  10. Al Downs

    Fuel caps

    Who has the secret to fixing leaking fuel caps? I have replace both the large and small o rings and tried adjusting several times but still they leak. Short of not filling the tanks so full I don't know what else to do.
  11. Al Downs

    Heater control Removal

    Not too difficult but you may need to find all the parts first if you aren't careful taking it apart.
  12. Al Downs

    Heater control Removal

    You can try some penetrating fluid. If they are glued it would require a little heat. Be careful if you are going to try with a pliers on the shaft an the knob. They do damage quite easily.
  13. Al Downs

    Heater control Removal

    The knobs unscrew from the shaft.
  14. Has anyone figured out why the straps do not hold tight without tying in a knot. Is it the buckle not being sharp enough to bite into the strap or is it because the straps are old and getting hard. Tying in a knot works but it is a real pain when trying to adjust it.
  15. Al Downs

    Soft Start

    I agree also. It does not damage the engine but it does damage the sprag clutch. It is expensive to do the repair and I don't think it is worth sticking the money into the engine at 2800 hours.