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  1. Is this the diffuser you are referring to? I have had those off and attached a fan to help pull heat in but still no good.
  2. I have that all taped off. No drafts anywhere
  3. I have also checked the door pins. This can let a lot of air in. I use plastic bushings in the holes to account for any wear and installed new door gaskets. No air coming from there.
  4. Some of us already used those. I guess I am just frustrated that the system doesn't work as it should.
  5. Well my heater came and we test flew a couple of times. I used a 300 watt 12 volt heater with a 12 volt deep cycle battery. No improvement. Like I said in previous posts, all the holes are plugged and there are no drafts except a slight one in the tunnel between the seats. Not much draft there but there is a little. Cables run thru there so I am not comfortable doing too much there. At this point I would't recommend spending money 12 volt heaters and batteries. They just don't do the job. I currently have an engine out of one plane so it will give me the opportunity to completely go thru the entire system in that plane and double check for the no heat issue.
  6. I think the important thing is you do not try anything with the on board system. I will be trying a battery in a bag with a 300 watt heater next week. I will post results.
  7. I definitely would not use the onboard battery system
  8. If you can wait a few days I can let you know if a heater will work. I have one ordered and it supposed to be here soon. Holidays are delaying it a little. I plan on using it with a small motorcycle type battery
  9. I have done all of that as well as sealing all of the leaks all around the muffler heat shroud and still not enough heat. There are a lot of air gaps around the muffler. I even installed new door gaskets. The only place not sealed is the tunnel that goes between the seats and there is leaks there but I haven't tried to seal that because of the cables going thru there.
  10. Thanks for the response Eric. I forgot to include that my mechanic is also out of town until Jan 6. I know nothing about this type of thing and am hoping it is just a setting to change. I will try the DSAB when I go in tomorrow morning and see what happens.
  11. Well it looks like this year will end a little tough for the students. Plane availability is going to be tight. One check ride next week and lot of the student have time off for the holidays. Keeping everyone happy with only one plane is going to be tough. 2 out of 3 planes are now grounded and I am hoping we have a Dynon guru on this site that can provide the needed information to get one of them back up. One of the planes has a cracked motor mount and I can't find a new one. It appears Flight Design is closed for the holidays and Gutman's don't have one. Then one of the other planes had a failure of the Dynon D120. I took the D120 out of the one with the motor mount problem and put it in the other plane. Sent the bad unit to Dynon for repair. The two planes are identical except that the plane with the bad Dynon also has an HS34 Expansion module in the system. We do not use this for anything but I believe it needs to be there for the system to work with the Garmin 696. I wanted to remove it when we went from Garmin 496 to the Garmin 696 and Dynon said there were considerable things that would need to be changed and if we left it in would be easier so that is what we did. Now when we start the plane it says EMS not detected and the other one says EFIS not detected. That tells me that they are not talking to each other and when we run the motor it show zero for oil pressure. The engine definitely has oil pressure but the way the system works the oil pressure shows zero and the engine light is on. I need someone that understands the setting needed make it work right. The plane has a D100, D120, Garmin 696 and Dynon HS34 in the system. All help greatly appreciated.
  12. What kind of paint did you paint it with?
  13. Sorry I don't know what that means
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