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  1. I use CTLS's in a flight school and we find a leak that can be repaired I want to be able to put another one on while the repair is being made. Had one this week and the Rotax center can't get if back to me for a few days. A plane down for something like this not only hurts me but prevents students from training. I have spare radio's, transponder and many other parts so I can keep the planes on line as much as possible.
  2. This might be a long shot but does anybody have a used muffler for the CTLS they would like sell?
  3. When changing flap settings it sometimes not show the current setting unless you jiggled the knob so I replace the whole unit. That fixed that problem but now when setting to -6 it flaahes the two dashes. I found that one of the limit switches had broken so both were replaced but the problem is still there. Anyone know what I can do next? This is in CTLS.
  4. Can you wait until tomorrow? I think I have some and switched to tundra tires.
  5. You are correct Tom. I have not had good luck on CTLS
  6. I don't have details as I tried to use it last summer and after the poor results I gave up
  7. No, I could not get it to work reliably. I switched to Skygaurd TWX. About $1300 and it is in and out. Working great on all 4 planes.
  8. Be sure to double-check the little black hose that connects to the side of the carb. If it comes off you will not be able to get full power. If both are still on you might want to check for a leak at the connection. It acts like you are running with carb heat on and sometimes runs a little rough When it is off.
  9. I went with Skygaurd TWX units It is both in and out. $1300 and very easy install. You will need two additional delta antenna's about $60 each. Working great. We have put them in 4 CTLS's
  10. I am curious why it showed battery missing. 696 units are known to go to a black screen and need to be rebooted. The suggestion by Garmin is to take the battery out and leave it out which eliminates the problem. One of our planes has the battery removed and has not had a reoccurrence of the black screen. Another has an occasional black screen and we have always been able to reboot by holding down the two outside soft keys, one on each side, and the up/down arrow button all at the same time. The black screen is also fixed by letting Garmin battery go completely dead. Never get the battery missing on the one without a battery. Does anyone have experience in this area?
  11. My guess would be a problem where the fuel line is connected at the wing root. Remove the left-wing and do a good inspection of everything on that side. If you have a CTLS you might be able to identify the problem by looking through the hole in the cabin with a flashlight and small mirror.
  12. It is pretty easy. Remove the pin on each side and detach the fuel line and control connection in the root end. The most important thing to do is to support BOTH wingtips. If you don't support the wingtips the end of the spar will go thru the roof and cause great damage. Using a ladder under each wingtip does a good job. Also use a helper or two. Overall it is a simple job but must be done carefully.
  13. Thanks. I knew we would get gouged. My biggest concern is the turn around time as both planes will be down until they are returned. I will ask them if there can be a quicker turn around but of course you can't get them on the phone.
  14. Thanks. I have two of them to do
  15. What was the turn around time?
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