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  1. Found it. NAPA part #238
  2. Does anyone have a part number for the coolant thermostat? Can't get thru to FD. Maybe their phones are down
  3. We have three choices of when to do maintenance. Calender, hobbs and tach. Elt batteries, parachute and rocket are some of the calendar items. Oil change and other Rotax items are by hobbs. What about airframe 100 hr? Is that by tach or hobbs? Are the gearbox and prop by tach or hobbs? Not much of a difference for private planes but in a flight school it does make a difference. For example the difference between hobbs and tach time is significant when talking about the porp.
  4. Skyguard TWX is also very good and only $1299. In and out and easy install. Works with a variety of apps.
  5. That is what I am using in a 2008, two 2009 and a 2010. Work great
  6. I installed a Skyguard TWX and it seems to work fine. I got a report and everything came back good as far as the numbers go. The question is that on the report is says in red " Aircraft is on No Services List. Anyone know what that means
  7. thanks I will take a look
  8. I talked to Matco today and the person I Spoke to said he wasn't aware of an instruction book with the fish line method. They recommend using clamps to do the repair so you can see the center on all sides to be sure you don't pinch.
  9. Haven't heard of the Matco fish line. Can you explain?
  10. I know this sounds simple and almost impossible to believe but it is very difficult to put tubes in if they are Matco wheels. It take an extreme amount of care. There is no room for error. Use some clamps and make absolutely sure by using a flashlight to look in and verify the wheel is not pinching the tube. Sometimes you can pinch a tube and it will last for a while before deciding to go flat.
  11. If nothing was found that punctured it. I was either low pressure ;and cold weather or maybe a poor tube. I used to get them all the time until I started making the students check tire pressure all the time. Especially in the winter. Haven't had one in a couple of years now
  12. There are also 12v pumps available if you do a search. Comes in a plastic case. Take it out, put hose in gas can and pump into plane.
  13. If it is a Nueform like on the CTLS it is 2000 hours
  14. I am pretty sure 5800 wide open is correct and the should get 5400 max at cruise. Could be wrong
  15. Almost acting like carb heat is on, you should get 53-5400 on take off.
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