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  1. Al Downs

    Unequal fuel usage

    I never thought of that and it is easy to swap the fuel caps to see if it makes a difference. Thanks I will try tomorrow.
  2. Al Downs

    Wheels and brakes

    Did you get the wheel parts you wanted? I have some things. I switched two planes over to matco so I didn't have to inventory so many different parts.
  3. Al Downs

    Unequal fuel usage

    I know this topic has been beaten to death but it is still a concern I have four CTLS's. One private and three for training. They all burn a little unequal for the fuel tanks and have for years. One has changed drastically and I don't know why. It always burns from the right wing first. It will continually burn from the right side until that tank is empty. This is very unsettling for students and renters. To the point that some won't even fly it. Recently I drained all of the gas, checked the flow, checked the vents and checked with a level to see if the mushroom was so out of wack that when the ball was centered you would be actually flying uncoordinated. All of these checked good. When the tank runs empty there will be 10 plus in the other tank. I am doing a wing inspection next week and will be replacing the rubber hoses. Maybe a hose is coming apart in the inside forming s flapper valve. I don't know what else to do.
  4. Al Downs

    No Cabin Heat-SOLVED!

    Have you tested it since the repair? I have 4 CTLS's and the problem is the same in all of them. I have blocked all of the places where air can come in an that did stop the breezes but still not heat. I have changed the rubber piece and made sure they are in place. Still no heat. The latest thing I did was buy a small smoke machine and blew smoke into the intake. I found a massive amount of leaks around the heat shield that goes around the muffler. I sealed that with RTV and still the heat is not acceptable. Even when using the smoke I can't get the smoke to come through the heat diffusers in any great amount. The valve is working properly. The heating system just does not work. I have seen where others have said they can fly in a tshirt but I think they have CTSW's.
  5. Can you provide a picture of the correct way to rethread
  6. Al Downs

    CT incident Lorraine, Ohio 11/4/18

    We have just shy of 5000 hours on CTLS's for training and yes legs have been damaged but overall they seem to hold up pretty well with the students. 3 legs replaced in these 5000 hours
  7. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    Bad news. The place I had making these has doubled the price so I got a price from someone else it was more than 3 times the cost of the first run. It puts them in the not worth the cost category. I will see if I can get a better price but for now I will not be doing them. Sorry
  8. Al Downs

    No fuel crossfeed.

    Still confused. I know the fuel system works but it is scary for the students when one tank is empty. Yesterday I drained all of the fuel out of the plane. Refilled the left tank and the fuel did not flow into the right tank. I raised the left wing about 6 inches and the fuel flowed. I then fill both tanks to 16 gallons each. The plane then flew for a while and when it came in there was 15.5 in the left tank and 3 in the right tank. Can anyone explain this?
  9. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    $160 plus shipping
  10. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    I have decided to make 6 of these that will be ready in late January. If more are needed I will make more but right now only three have indicated they want one. Make sure if you want one that you post on this thread and I will make what is needed. They are $160 plus shipping
  11. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    will do
  12. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    I believe it is. I do know that there can be a slight difference to some set ups. The only thing that was a little different was that the left side needed to be trimmed a little for one that I sold last run. Not a big deal. I think it needed to increase the clearance for the heat diffuser.
  13. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    This is how it works
  14. Al Downs

    Passenger Foot Rest

    We need to get to about 10 to make it happen. So far we are at two. I have attached some pictures for those that may not be familiar with them. Contact me with any questions. foot rest.docx
  15. It has a sliding buckle from the factory but they don't hold.