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  1. Heater control Removal

    Not too difficult but you may need to find all the parts first if you aren't careful taking it apart.
  2. Heater control Removal

    You can try some penetrating fluid. If they are glued it would require a little heat. Be careful if you are going to try with a pliers on the shaft an the knob. They do damage quite easily.
  3. Heater control Removal

    The knobs unscrew from the shaft.
  4. Fuel filter

    Does anyone have a source for the inline fuel filter that is behind the instruments and right before the shut off valve. I think they are replaceable and not serviceable, is that correct?
  5. Has anyone figured out why the straps do not hold tight without tying in a knot. Is it the buckle not being sharp enough to bite into the strap or is it because the straps are old and getting hard. Tying in a knot works but it is a real pain when trying to adjust it.
  6. Soft Start

    I recently discovered that all four of our CTLS had soft start on them but none of them were hooked up. I don't know why they came that way new but we now have them wired up. How was this discovered? Well one was having some starting problems and in the process we found that soft start was not wired. This is a 2010. We then checked the other 3 and none were wired. They are now. These 3 are 2008 and 2009. As for the starting problem, well not so good. Tried everything and decided the sprage clutch was the problem. Pulled the engine and sent to Leading Edge. Yep clutch was bad but there was now so much damage it was not economical to repair. Time for a new engine. Only 2805 hours. Ran good with excellent compression, just had starting issues. Lots of spare parts now. Might be a good idea to check and see if your soft start is wired in before damage occurs. Easy to tell if it is working because when starting and at idle the engine will start at around 1600 rpm and after 5-10 seconds it will jump to about 1800 rpm without touching the throttle. If it does not increase rpm then your soft start if installed is not wired in. The recent increase in price for the new motor brings it to almost $20,000.
  7. Soft Start

    I agree also. It does not damage the engine but it does damage the sprag clutch. It is expensive to do the repair and I don't think it is worth sticking the money into the engine at 2800 hours.
  8. Fuel filter

    Roger is the ELT just checked for operation and batteries? Is there also a test that needs to be done by an aviation shop with special equipment?
  9. Ignition modules

    Is there a way to test the ignition modules. I replaced both but highly doubt they would both go bad at the same time.
  10. Fuel filter

  11. Removing Dynon HS 34

    Found out that if you have a Garmin SL 30 and want to remove the HS34 it is not so easy. So I am going to relocate the HS34 and keep it. Simple to change from a Garmin 496 to the 696
  12. Removing Dynon HS 34

    When I switch from the Garmin 496 to the 696 I will also be removing the HS34 HSI EXPANSION MODULE. Can I just remove it and ts wiring?
  13. Flat tires

    I have had a couple of flats and came up with a way to jack up the wheel when I am alone. I am now carrying my fix in the floor compartment all the time. There are a couple of pictures attached. I made it from 3/4 square tube and welded a 9/16 bolt on the tip. It works very well. I insert the pin in hole on the back side of the wheel and rest one leg against the ground. I can then can lift one wing and the stand will rotate down and I can set the plane down. This leaves the tire elevated above the ground so I can remove and repair or replace the tire. When the tire is replaced, I simply roll the plane forward and the stand rotates putting the tire back on the ground. This one weighs about 3 pounds. My next version will be aluminum to save some weight. I also carry two allen wrenches for removing wheel pant screws but I will depend on the other tools needed being on location as they are common tools found in most hangars.
  14. I made it when I had the small tires. Now with the tundra tires I have added an inch or so to raise it a little higher so the tire clears the ground. Put in the hole in the back of the wheel then go to the wing tip and lift until it swings down. The plane will sit with the tire in the air. If you modify it and angle the legs in toward the center it is then very easy to grab one leg and push the plane to get the tire back on the ground after the repair.
  15. Go to this link. I posted it a few years ago. It works great for the LS not sure on the SW. Wheel jack
  16. Garmin 496 to 696

    I am removing a 496 and replacing with a 696. Does anyone know if that is a direct swap? I will change the mounting panel and move the carb heat and cabin heat controls but what about the GPS wiring? Is it identical or will it require some changes. And what about the the Dynon set up and auto pilot. Trying to get any needed parts and information so it is easily done at one time and I don't need to wait for parts or information to complete the job.
  17. Foot rest

    I don't have any now. I will keep your info and let know if I will be making them. If anybody else wants one let me know and I will make some. I need interest in about 10 in order to get them done at a reasonable cost.
  18. Foot rest

    I have one foot rest left. When that one goes I can make more if there is a demand but it will take a couple of weeks. If you are interested let me know. They are $160.
  19. Current list of flight training centers

    Racine Sport Flyers 2825 Golf Ave Racine, WI 53404 Racine Sport Flyers Al Downs 414-758-0759 3 CTLS
  20. Garmin 496 to 696

    Ordered a bare wire kit from Spruce. Garmin says it will have all I need.
  21. Garmin 496 to 696

    Garmin told me a wiring harness was needed. Does you guy disagree?
  22. Garmin 496 to 696

    Talked to Garmin this morning.To wire it up you will need a Bare Wire Kit part # 010-11206-15. Available at Aircraft Spruce or Sportys. $27.00. You may have one that came with the unit. You will also need the MRA from Flight Design and factory relocation bezel for the Carb and Cabin heat controls. Also from Flight Design. A replacement panel mount and the bracket for mounting the 696. Scan of MRA attached. mra.pdf
  23. Garmin 496 to 696

    Looks like it time to give Garmin a call. I will post what I find out.
  24. FAA response to mandatory maintenance intervals

    I spoke to Edsel Ford in Oklahoma and that is his view but nothing in writing yet. It has been sent for legal interpertation.
  25. Garmin 496 to 696

    Not really. I have a spare 696 and three other planes have them in so I want them all to be the same