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  1. Has anyone installed the Tail Beacon and got it to work and pass all of the tests? I got a letter from the FAA saying it does not pass.
  2. What is the inspection time and cost? I know I am sick of getting ripped off by FD. It is at least $1000 each time it comes due.
  3. It appears both the Skybeacon and TailBeacon do not work well on the CTLS. I have tried both and cannot get good flight reports.
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    Have you installed this in your plane? Does this work on the 696? do you need an additional antenna?
  5. Al Downs


    That is a good way to go. Not for me though, mine are flight school planes and there are 4. I would like a less expensive way and we would use Ipad for in
  6. Al Downs


    Well I have tried the UAvionix Sky Beacon and Tail Beacon on my CTLS. Neither one will work on the the composite wing or tail. It seems the reception is blocked by the design of the plane I have a Garmin 696, Garmin 327GTX and the Dynon D100 and 120. What is the best way to go or should I wait for Oshkosh? I have 4 CTLS's and a gyroplane to install them on.
  7. This is my fix for the large holes at the wing root. Easy to see the fuel tubes. Easy on and easy off. I have a few extra if interested. $10 each
  8. I have a tailbeacon installed on one of my planes. Waiting until after Uavionix Sun & Fun people get back on Monday to discuss with them.There seems to be a problem with the shadow of the elevator similar to the skybeacon caused by the winglets.
  9. What are you using now
  10. Share your thoughts When it comes time for the Nueform prop inspection it needs to be sent in. It takes at least 2 weeks and cost about $1000. Are some of the other makes just as good? I know the others do not cost that much for the needed inspections. A lot of the inspection cost could go towards a new prop.
  11. Not really sure what you mean. Are you talking about getting different wheels? If so I do have some of the gold wheels.
  12. What is a muffin fan? Is it possible to see a picture?
  13. Right. It will get real cold the other way
  14. I am not sure if they have had the vent open a little. Will try that on next flight
  15. CTLSi is quite a bit newer maybe there is something different. Mine are 2008,2009 and 2010. They are all cold and I have not been able to get heat in any of them
  16. Are you in a CTSW or CTLS? On my CTLS's this is what I have done and it is still freezing. Blocked all holes including the large ones behind the seats. New door gaskets and checked for leaks afterward. Retaped the wing with Bolus tape Aligned the intake and replace the rubber around it. Checked to make sure the heat door in the duct is opening and closing fully. Used a smoke machine to find any leaks in the system. Applied rtv to all the leaks around the muffler. There were a lot of leaks there. Checked all the duct hose for leaks. Adjusted the carb heat and heat valves in the air box behind the engine. They were not adjusted very well. Retested the system with the smoke machine. All leaks sealed and the cabin filled with smoke thru the defrost and floor vents. There are no drafts but it is still so cold on cold days that you can only take it for about an hour before you can't fell your feet. Flying with heavy coats, pants and gloves is not fun. Much better on sunny days but with no sun it is miserable.
  17. Do you have Marc or Matco brake system? The Marc s rattle and the Matco do not. If they are Marc it is nothing to worry about, that is just how they work.
  18. I need the coolant thermostat.
  19. Does anyone have a part # for the thermostat in a CTLS or a source?
  20. I have been asking about this for quite some time. It seems the only answers I get are from CTSW owners. I think their system must be different in some way because they claim it is warm. I have 4 CTLS and they are all the same. COLD Well we are in the process of replacing an engine (3300 hours) in one and I used a smoke machine to find the leaks. My heat shroud now looks line a giant piece of red RTV. It had all kinds of leaks. They are now sealed. Even then very little heat went into the cabin. I have checked it all. The valve for heat is working perfect, opening and closing as it should. I have all the draft holes in the cabin sealed and replaced and check all the door seals. With everything now sealed and using the smoke machine I found out the the valve in the Carb heat is not closing 100%. I don't know what the part is called. Couldn't find it any of the manuals. It is the cylindrical thing on top and behind the engine. When you pull the carb heat cable it is supposed to open and close the carb heat. My thinking is that the air flow will take the path of least resistance and therefore not much coming into the cabin. When making sure the carb heat is 100% off, U get tons of smoke into the cabin. Hopefully this is the fix. Engine should be done tomorrow and it we have clear skies I can test it. Single digit temps so it will be a good test.
  21. Have you tested it since the repair? I have 4 CTLS's and the problem is the same in all of them. I have blocked all of the places where air can come in an that did stop the breezes but still not heat. I have changed the rubber piece and made sure they are in place. Still no heat. The latest thing I did was buy a small smoke machine and blew smoke into the intake. I found a massive amount of leaks around the heat shield that goes around the muffler. I sealed that with RTV and still the heat is not acceptable. Even when using the smoke I can't get the smoke to come through the heat diffusers in any great amount. The valve is working properly. The heating system just does not work. I have seen where others have said they can fly in a t shirt but I think they have CTSW's. Does anyone have a warm CTLS?
  22. I never thought of that and it is easy to swap the fuel caps to see if it makes a difference. Thanks I will try tomorrow.
  23. Did you get the wheel parts you wanted? I have some things. I switched two planes over to matco so I didn't have to inventory so many different parts.
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