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  1. EGT false readings

    I recently had my oil pressure sender sender moved from the engine block to the firewall, changed from a VDO to a Honeywell with a 200 OLM resistor added, and did a Dynon firmware upgrade to the newest version. On the first flight after all of these changes done together, I noticed a wide difference between the 2 EGT read-outs on the Dynon 120 EMS. On engine start the Left EGT read 873 and the Right 345. Continuing during the hour flight the Left read as high as 1300 and the Right remained around 400. Now I don't know if it was a software issue or a probe issue. The mechanic had to do quite a bit of electrical pin changes to add the Honeywell, as well as the added resistor. Any ideas?
  2. Failed oil pressure sender

    Well the problem seems to be solved with the oil pressure sender. Needed a 200 OLM resistor, which was not part of any kit or install instructions. Just lots of phone calls to find out what was missing, giving a blank indication on the Dynon EMS. Seems to be working now, but it was very expensive.Wish I would have asked more questions earlier in the process
  3. Failed oil pressure sender

    Has anyone replaced the original Flight Design oil pressure sender, which I think is a Rotax VDO? Mine has failed, alarms for high pressure after having fluctuations for months on the EMS, with under 200 hours on the engine. It was suggested that it be replaced with a Honeywell on the firewall. The mechanic is having issues with the Honeywell now, despite changing the pin connections. Still no reading in the cockpit. He thinks it is a defective Honeywell sender. Any other ideas?