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  1. "...at least given current numbers" Mike Koerner
  2. Animosity, I just realized you are only a 3-hour flight away from Tom. You can take your plane down to him and have some of these issues addressed by one of the most knowledgeable CT mechanics in the country. Mike Koerner
  3. I came up close behind a Cessna Citation once and had to ask the controller if I could deviate to the side to avoid the jet blast. He said that was fine... as long as I stayed within the marked boundaries of the taxiway. Mike Koerner
  4. The most important thing is probably to make sure the adhesive on both Velcro strips adheres well. Read the instructions, but I think wiping both the inner surface of the wing and the battery down with an alcohol wipe would help. Also, both surfaces need to be flat to get a large area of contact. Finally, 3M makes an industrial grade of Velcro called Dual-Lock that has a more powerful adhesive and a stronger locking mechanism. Instead of hooks and loops, both sides have little balls on stems which interlock when pushed together. Mike Koerner
  5. J, I'll take up on that. mkoerner at cox dot net
  6. It might also be helpful to identify which photos go with which aircraft. The bondo under the pilot's door looks to be the wingless aircraft but I'm not sure about the photo of the seats. Mike Koerner
  7. John, Here's a collection of information from a couple years ago, some of which may be of some value. Most of us have flown either the CT2k (note: no dash or space and lower case "K") or CTSW. Few have flown both. So... let us know your thoughts on how they compare. Mike Koerner
  8. Stinker, I see 4 epoxy repair areas with what look like curved inserts in the trailing edge spar. But you say you didn't get the "big ribs" in the kit photo. Did you have to make them? Were there holes in the trailing edge spar at these locations before the repair or did you have to cut the spar away in these areas? If it had holes, that's not much of a spar. I see 10 "small ribs" in the kit photo but I see what looks like 14 braces between the trailing edge spar and the lower skin. Did you make the extras? Thanks, Mike Koerner
  9. The antiseptic properties of Tom's Scrubbing Bubbles offers additional benefits... if you're the type of guy that likes to lick bugs off his prop after a long flight. Mike Koerner
  10. The new uAvionix tailBeaconX does not use the transponder-decoding system based on power bus voltage perturbations which lead to Garmin's patent infringement lawsuit. Instead it gets the transponder code from an existing EFIS or from a separate control head they sell. So... either uAvionix has some other reason for not using the power decoder in this product or their agreement with Garmin included that they not use it in any new products. Mike Koerner
  11. But... this has nothing to do with trim or even wind gusts. Trim affects the loads on the controls and their nominal positions in straight and level flight. Gusts cause momentary distrubances, but the average position of the ball will be unchanged. Coordination in a turn is a result of control inputs. If I understand your description correctly, you need a little more inside (left) rudder in the turn ("step on the ball"). I'm not sure why you experienced this sliping turn on a windy day when you did not in calm conditions. More common, I think, is for Pilots to use too much rudder on the downwind to base turn in windy conditions, in an attempting to follow the same ground path as on a calm day. They try to rudder their way around the turn to sharpen the corner. This, of course, is the dangerous condition; a skidding turn with the ball to the outside (the right side during a left turn). Mike Koerner * * Not a CFI.
  12. But... Vne is based on calibrated airspeed, not ground speed. So the wind does not matter. Mike Koerner * * Not a CFI
  13. Jet, WIth respect to your last sentence... I think you need to re-read what Tom said 4 posts earlier. It has nothing to do with the FAA. They can't approve a mod to a SLSA aircraft. Mike Koerner
  14. Monkey, Your bell won't chime. It's upside down with the clapper leaning against the inside. What you describe is called a bathtub curve. Mike Koerner
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