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  1. Mike Koerner


    Very nice Ken. I flew through there once, but I didn't get to see all those pretty buildings. I was too worried about the helicopters.
  2. David, Thanks for the description and photos! Tom, Thanks for explaining these pushrods. Dick, I hope I don't have your problems. It's not flutter in the control system I see, just the tab vibirating and the hinge pins wearing. Andy, If my rod ends are lose, I think I'd go the 53 Euro route, like David, rather than try to glue them together (and no, you can't weld aluminum to steel, or a thick part to a thin part either).
  3. My CT2k tab hinges have a lot of play as well. I damp the oscillations with tape, but I'm worried that the pin in the outer piano hinge might wear through someday. How did you position the new hinges for riveting? And why does the pushrod have an extension riveted on to it? Why didn't they just use the right length rod in the first place?
  4. I guess I don't know what it's supposed to look like in September. It just seems awfully dry. Here's shot I took in March of 2014, also from a CT, and from about the same spot as the third photo in your most recent post:
  5. Wow does that look dark. That's supposed to be Eliot Glacier on the north-east side. It looks like some of the ice is still there but it's not white. Is that ash from fires? If so, it's going to absorb a lot more solar heating than the normally sparkling white stuff. That's going to be a problem. Do you have a photo of the climbing route on the west side?
  6. Corey, I doubt that you would change to Nord-locks if you realized how expensive they are. Aircraft Spruce sells a single 5/16" Nord-Lock washer, including the top and bottom pieces, for 70 cents. That is not a very big washer. By way of comparison, they sell AN washers that size for 5 cents each. Contrary to your video, I've found that split washers and star washers work pretty darn good even in automotive applications which accrue a lot more vibration cycles than our little airplanes.
  7. What concerns me here is the vibration. How bad is it? We pay a high price to have two carbs for redundancy. That price includes initial aircraft cost, added aircraft weight and field service costs associated with balancing the carbs. And in providing dual carbs, Rotax has departed from standard aviation design. But unlike dual ignition systems, which keep all the cylinders operating pretty darn well in the event of a single failure; the carbs cut the boxer in half, right and left. In the event of a carb failure, one side of the engine is punching... against nothing. (Maybe the cylinders should have been divided fore and aft). If one side can get you home, or at least keep you out of the trees, then the price we pay is probably worthwhile. And congratulations to Rotax. But if it is vibrating so bad that its going to rip the engine off the mounts, what's the point? How bad does it vibrate? It sounds like this pilot probably had only one side of the engine operating throughout the landing side of six patterns (6-12 minutes total?). And it looks like the engine stayed put to the end. Does anyone now how long we can expect our engines to continue operating, and remain in place, on one carb?
  8. Very pretty ! 2:48 - 3:46: Skellig Michael - the Star Wars Isle
  9. Mine went out April 16, 7.5 weeks ago. It's not back yet. Mike Koerner
  10. Talked to Anni Brogan at Mico AeroDynamics today and learned the the narrow and wide spaces between the vgs both contribute to the vortices to hold the boundary layer and there is no specific labeling for direction. I guess it's one way and the other way😄. Thanks for your observation. 



  11. To my eye, I would call the pattern shown on top of the cabin divergent and the underside of the stabalator convergent. Mike Koerner
  12. Another very nice piece of work, sir. Thanks! Mike Koerner
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