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  1. Jet, WIth respect to your last sentence... I think you need to re-read what Tom said 4 posts earlier. It has nothing to do with the FAA. They can't approve a mod to a SLSA aircraft. Mike Koerner
  2. Monkey, Your bell won't chime. It's upside down with the clapper leaning against the inside. What you describe is called a bathtub curve. Mike Koerner
  3. Animosity, I'm confused. You said your problem was with the lead on "Cyl 3T". That sounds like the top plug on the right rear cylinder (the aircraft's right and the aircraft's rear). Eddie said his problem was with a boot on the left front, which is cylinder 2, without saying top or bottom. It doesn't sound like you're talking about the same cable. Mike Koerner
  4. Whatever the reason for the original selection (see photo in original post) they seem to have changed to a tricycle gear now. Perhaps a ventral fin can be added to protect the tail pusher from over rotation? Even with the added weight of such a fin and the nose gear, this is a better, safer design. And it will be easier to certify for commercial passenger flights. Too bad about the fire. Mike Koerner
  5. Thanks for the information Poco! I've added Cal Black to my listing of convenient airports. It's a particularly convenient spot coming out of LA. Hurricane is a bit too close. I've used Marble Canyon on several occasions, but lugging fuel across the street takes extra time. ditto for Valle and Montrose (which is a bit too far anyway). Cal Black has been listed as having auto fuel for some time, but when I called six miles out a few years back the radio response was, "We don't have any fuel", so I had given up on them. Two questions: 1) Is the auto fuel pump the self-serve pump I see at the sound end of the tiedown area in your photo, or is it out of a truck and require an attendant? 2) Is there any food available at the airport? Mike Koerner
  6. That worked! Thanks Tom. Thanks Darrell. Mike Koerner
  7. Frank Pankow attended the 2009 Page fly-in in a Aviat Husky, N8PZ. Does anyone know how I might get in contact with him, a current email address or phone number for example? Mike Koerner
  8. Andre, I hate to add to your problems, but I don't think flying a CT with fuel in only one wing is a good idea. There is not enough dihedral in the wing to feed reliably. You may experience premature fuel starvation if though it seems like you are flying coordinated. Mike Koerner
  9. I agree, that is a great trip. I went through northbound a couple months ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have the great visibility you had - no point posting my pictures. I saw one other fixed-wing near the north end and at least a dozen helicopters near the south end. That part was a bit unnerving and they were not maintaining strict radio protocol - jerking around with each other on the radio. People who want to make this trip probably should get it done before something happens and the opportunity is lost. Mike Koerner
  10. Thank's grass... I think there's already a collection of parts down my right leg from past projects.
  11. Grass, Those look real nice! Can you give a make and model? Mike Koerner
  12. Nice Job BM. With respect to the stuck throttle incident; a couple of times I've accidentally left the "choke" on after starting the engine and flown off with it still on. It has no effect on engine performance once the throttle has been advanced off of idle - it's not really a choke in the conventional sense. So, I don't notice it's on until I try to land. It adds several hundred rpm to the engine idle speed and with the longer wing on the CT2K this makes it impossible to land. I usually figure out what's going on about halfway down the runway after a horrifyingly long landing flair; then punch the power, pull the choke and go-around. 3500 rpm sounds too fast to attribute the problem to the choke, but it's the best I could come up with anyway. Mike Koerner
  13. Good to have you back Ed. And a wonderful movie too! There's a tree off your left wing 27 seconds in that's begging for someone to show with a 20" Stihl. Mike Koerner
  14. Yeah, we sure as heck did depend on you. You were one of the three on this forum that knew what they were taliking about. Thanks for taking the time to address our questions. I'm glad you have somthing else you enjoy. We should all be so lucky. Mike Koerner
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