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  1. 30° flaperon landings - can be fun - or not

    Excuse me for jumping into this topic. Recently I had some lessons in the Lockheed Super Constellation which is based in Zürich/Switzerland. At high angle of attack this bird develops more drag, than all the six engines are able to overcome. If you would flare this animal, it wont be able to do a go around. I tried it in their training simulator.....and crashed! My lesson learned: Different birds require different techniques when it comes to landing. In Germany we have a lot of short runways (~1000ft). Our acres are much smaller in size than in your country and our roads/highways are crowded and curvy. For an emergency landing you definitely want to be able to do landings at stall speed to have as less energy as possible at touchdown. This is why I teach it similar to Tom. The students learn to land at 15° with the stick all the way back. If they conquer this, I teach them to do the same at 30° and 40°. Later in their career, I have no problem if they do landings with a little more energy in the system as Roger prefers. But they need to be able to do stall landings if necessary. In an simulated emergency I only accept landings at 40° with the stick all the way back (exception: heavy wind with gusts) A good and safe 2018 to all of you, regardless your landing technique :-) Markus
  2. The perfect Rotax Oil Filter wrench

    Hi Roger, is there a possibility to ship one to me (Germany)?? If you have drawings, I could laser cut one by myself. Markus
  3. If you want, I can give you sources and partnumbers for the potentiometer and/or the relais.
  4. I suppose this was Frank? Good guy.
  5. New panel insert

    I found a comment at a kitchen builder forum saying: Link: https://inspiredkitchendesign.com/did-you-know-ikea-wall-panels-for-your-backsplash/ It is discontinued in Germany as well. Sorry
  6. New panel insert

    I found it at Amazon FASTBO at Amazon
  7. Let's talk about grounds. Again.

    Hi Corey, this reminds me to the same experience i had with a 2007 CTSW. Your story is exactly the same I had with the D-120. Even the breakoutboxes are similar. I fighted for years against the grounding ghost. Everytime I thought I fixed it, the symptoms came back. Sometimes after months. I have a video of the situation here: EMS D120 Fluctuating values After all, I learned that there is a Achilles heel with the Dynon sensor system. It is the 5V stabilized circuit. It is one 5V power source, which supports all sensors. If one of the sensors or the sensor cables do a shortcut, the 5V goes down somehow and this leads to fluctuating displays of all values. At the very end, I found a defective cable (the oil-pressure-sensor-cable) which was internally broken and created a short. Since that repair. The problems are all gone.
  8. Turbo CT over the Alps!

    At the same trip: Threesixty over Siena/Italy:
  9. Turbo CT over the Alps!

    I was in the area at August, 25th. Unfortunately not in a CT but in a Bristell. This time my sweetpea enjoyed the trip. Mostly she doesn't like to pass the mountains and closes her eyes, when the rocks/clouds/birds/flies come closer Ausflug-Toskana 2017.kmz
  10. Rotax Radiator Cap

    Tip: Check for the Motorbike Yamaha RD 350. It has the same cap. Recently I bought this one: https://www.moto-deluxe.de/verschleissteile/motorteile/kuehler/4915/kuehlerdeckel-kuehlwasser-kuehler-deckel-fuer-rieju-mrt
  11. Another fuel tube question?

    Hi fellows, there is much said about fuel transferring from one side to the other and I agree with all of you. There is only one thing unmentioned in the discussion: The air vent tubes on top of the filler caps have a little hat, which is cut at an specific angle. This is to steal a little air pressure from the outside air and to pressurize the tank a little bit in flight. If the two vent tubes are not aligned, one pressurizes its tank a little bit more than the other which induces unintended fuel flow. On one of our club CTSWs, which had always the tendency to move fuel from one side to the other, I found, that the cut angles of the vent tube hats were different. We then compared the filler caps of two CTSWs and found, that the cut angles are all different. After filing the hats to have all the same angle and to align them correct to the wind, the tendency to transfer fuel has gone away. Maybe this helps you.
  12. light or heavy gear

    It is the heavier enforced strut.
  13. Where to get an engine frame?

    FlightDesign-USA had a frame on stock and so it was easy to decide to order it there. Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen in Woodstock for their support! btw: This is the animal requested. It differs from the Rotax-frame significantly.
  14. Where to get an engine frame?

    Hi Anticept, thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately the Rotax frame does not fit to the CTSW. I falled into the same trap and ordered the frame from Rotax. But this frame looks different than the CTSW-frame and does not (nearly) fit the T-Frame. In the meantime I got an answer from customer care. They want to have a prepayment of 50% and they tell me, that it will take apoprox. 4 weeks to produce/deliver. I doubt, this is trustworthy and fear to pay the prepayment only for waiting endlessly... Today I am going to ask FlightDesign-USA if they have this part on stock and are willing to send me one. Markus
  15. Hi guys, as you might know, I am a german user and believe it or not, I have difficulties in getting spare parts. One of our CTSWs had a hard landing and now, the engine frames and the front wheel assembly are bent. I got the big engine frame and the front wheel assembly from our local dealer. But the small engine frame (KA5010200) is not available here. Do you have an idea, whom to ask for this part? I already sent a mail to customercare. But I doubt, that I will get response in time. Let's see what happens. Greetz Markus