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  1. Brucegoose

    Replacement Seat Belts

    Hi there Tom, Did you purchase them from Florida or Germany? Regards Bruce
  2. Brucegoose

    Rough Engine

    Where did Port(red) - left, and Starboard(green)- right go?
  3. Brucegoose

    130kts TAS :)

    so at 13000ft doing 130KT TAS what did your indicated show?
  4. Brucegoose

    Vapor Lock

    Interesting read Jacques, With ref. to Para 11, does the CTsw have a vapour return line?
  5. Brucegoose

    Oil temps back to new after all these years

    I went experimental and separated my oil cooler from the radiator and configured to the same as the Sling LSA built here in SA. In all weather conditions my temps are rock solid 185 to 203 deg F. I had to install coolant and oil thermostats as I had over cooling in winter with OAT of 40 deg F. Summer OAT's in the 100 deg plus not a problem. No rubbers to channel more air flow as the intake is a pocket and air is forced through the radiator. Happy flying to all. Regards Bruce
  6. Brucegoose

    Fun Questions

    Can anyone give any feedback on the HACman mixture control kit? Regards to all Bruce
  7. Brucegoose


    I built a Sling with a similar moulding and finished it with an American aerosol can product available here from RUST-OLEUM Corporation. They have a full range of similar coatings and colours. If you don't like the rough finish one can finish it off with their 2X ultra cover matte and is UV resistant. Regards Bruce
  8. Brucegoose

    Possible Trim Tab Flutter at 135kt

    The SB from FD when it first came out was reducing the VNE to 121kts. The POH lists all speeds in CAS which is "calculated" So up at 3000ft one should reduce the Vne by 3kts for every 1000ft above MSL to be safe. In this case MrMorden would have been 1kt off Vne.(CAS) I'm generally up at 7000ft and experienced flutter at about 140 indicated so I was way through. Urrrgh! I felt it in my feet and it felt as if the motor was moving up and down by a foot. scary!!! but I survived to tell the story and just ask please for all to fully understand Vne and why the POH is shown in CAS. Safe flying! Bruce
  9. Brucegoose

    Prolong Waterless Wash

    I have been making a similar product for years and have used it on my CT for five years, sells for $3.00 per Litre. I agree with all that is said and I also do a major detail with Meguires twice a year. Furthemore on your Plexiglass do not use any product containing solvents as it causes a white hazey appearance, and keep away from using any product on the inside containing silicone as it vapourises with heat and forms a blue effect on the inside of your windshield. Hi to all on the forum and thanks for all the great posts. Bruce
  10. Brucegoose

    Franz Oil Thermostat

    Why hav'nt you installed Chris?
  11. Brucegoose

    Oil Temp in a Climb

    Hey Ed, is that on the suction side?
  12. Brucegoose

    Symptoms of a dying fuel pump?

    Never had a cough, but others have when it's hot and high and vaporisation has been the cause! A back track and immediate take off with the lines flowing, everything has run smoothly. All I'm saying is to be aware of this, as it has been experienced often and it's something to be considered. Regards Bruce
  13. Brucegoose

    Symptoms of a dying fuel pump?

    I did not say the oil cap. I said the inspection "flap" where you check oil level. Where does the engine temp of plus minus 90 deg escape. It is held there under the closed cowl and can only flow out of the gap in the front where the prop is. Open the flap and feel the hot air flow! Heat rises! I was not talking about Cirrus I'm talking about CT and Rotax. The engine will not cool quickly, it will cool down naturally, conductive and connective, thus SLOWLY! and naturally drawing in air from the bottom and allowing it to flow out the inspection flap/ door. All fuel lines including the fuel pump under a closed cowl would be subjected to temps above 55deg c, thus vaporisation, especially if the OAT IS SITTING AT 30/35deg c. Apart from a difficult hot start, I'm sure one wouldn't like a coughing motor after take off. If the hot air is not allowed to escape then the ambient under the cowl will rise and cause vaporisation in the fuel lines. As I said, try it, it works! Bruce
  14. Brucegoose

    Symptoms of a dying fuel pump?

    My guess is the fuel is vaporising under the closed cowl, this happends at 55c. During summer I open the inspection flap after shut down to release any build up of heat under the closed cowl, and the vaporising problem went away. Try it, it may work for you. I also agree with what Roger says about this. Regards to all Bruce
  15. Brucegoose

    Greenvile TX, CTLS crash

    In an emergency landing do we open doors before touchdown or keep them closed? Regards to all. Bruce