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  1. Matco Brakes locking up

    Thanks guys
  2. Matco Brakes locking up

    Hi Roger, Can you please tell me what model the brake kit was so I can find the support docs on the matco site Thanks, Pete
  3. Matco Brakes locking up

    Hi Roger , It is difficult to see with the new wheel spats on and as it has only done less than 30 landings so I wouldn't think the pads are worn or in need of replacing. Pete
  4. Matco Brakes locking up

    I have installed the Matco brakesa few years back now and am quite happy with their improved performance, especially their holding ability for run ups. A funny thing happened the last couple of times I have been ground handling the aircraft it pulls out OK but when I try to push it back it is like a ratchet with the wheels binding up like the park brake feature has failed to release. Has anyone experienced this particular issue? I am starting to suspect the check valve may be faulty or not opening properly - I would hate to have to pull it from the system but getting the aircraft back in the hangar is getting a bit of a chore when it locked up.
  5. New Style Fuel Pump

    Roger, You are correct about that mine is weeping already and I haven't even turned the prop- Thanks for the reply. Tom Thanks too - that gives me a couple of options to try. Pete
  6. New Style Fuel Pump

    I too am curious as to where everyone is placing the vent hose on these newer carbies so as not be in a high or low pressure situation whilst being still away from the exhaust ? Pete
  7. Fuel Pump Vent

    I am just in the process of installing the Rotax 5 year rubber kit on my CTsw and am a little disappointed that the thousand dollar kit doesn't include quite a few essential pieces- especially the FUEL LINES as well as the end hoses form the two alluminium pipes connecting the radiator or the sharp bend on the rear of the spider . I know that Rotax would say the Radiator mounting is a FD issue but the rear hose on the spider has to be a ROTAX design. Do they expect you to just cut off the old fuel lines and reattach to the New Fuel Pump? Where has everybody chosen to run the fuel filter vent line so as not to be in a high or low pressure area yet still allow safe ventilation ? Pete
  8. Flaps malfunctioning

    Thanks guys, I would have to agree with all of your comments, if I recall correctly the original switch which was separate from the Circuit/Relay Board didn't have the restriction and would most likely have traveled full circle, The newer unit has the Switch mounted directly to the Circuit/Relay Board with limited rotation - 5 notched positions and as stated will travel a little past the end stop in either direction on a momentary basis, Thanks Pete
  9. Flaps malfunctioning

    Hi Bill, Perhaps this works for the original board on the CTsw which a has the separate Switch and the Circuit Board mounted on the firewall but not for the replacement or upgrade version. The switch has just a small amount of travel past -12 and 40 before it comes up against a hard stop making it impossible to go 180 from the 15 position without risking damage to the switch/board assembly. Thanks Pete
  10. Flaps malfunctioning

    Thanks Guys , This is a replacement chip chip for my 2005 original which failed in 2009. So I did have to install and calibrate this one initially and fortunately I didn't have to reprogram it again. The Flashing of the 30/15/0/-12 etc was just the chip waiting for the Actuator to move and change the resistance in the pot to match the pre programmed value but since the Actuator was stuck at full flap the Chip just kept flashing away. "You can do manual up-down flap movement in an emergency. Rotate the knob 180 deg away from 15deg setting. The up (cw) for flap up, and down (ccw) for flap down. Do not exceed limit stops. See AOI manual, pg 7-2" Thanks Bill -This is something I was totally unaware of I will try it next time I go out - Sorry But I am not sure of your reference to AOI Manual pg7-2. By tripping or cycling the Upper Micro Switch the Actuator started moving again and found the 30 degree position and all was right again I pushed and tried to give the spring tab on the micro switch a little more of a bend to ensure it depresses fully and cycled the flaps many times without any repeat of the problem BUT it never faltered before on the ground in the hangar or in run ups. As I said it has been 3 years since I last flew my pride and joy and it is now time to sell her so I certainly don't want any problems for its new owner Especially when he is flying it from the East coast of Australia back to the West coast. Thanks Guys, Pete
  11. Flaps malfunctioning

    I just took my CTsw for a flight after being earth bound for the past 3 years and it performed almost flawlessly. In flight the Flaps lowered to full (40 indicated) but on trying to bring them back up they became stuck at 40 with any attempts to change or manually override them meeting with no success what so ever just the requested settings flashing in the window with no corresponding action. Has anyone else experienced this condition ? When back on the ground under no load and resetting the CB there was no movement either- I suspect I might have to reprogram the Flap module once dissassembled and the flaps returned to there neutral position.
  12. Mains for CTsw

    I am looking for a set Mains for a CTsw can anyone steer me in the right direction for spares ? pete
  13. Watch your hub

    Hi All, I am just doing some tidying up on my 2005 CTsw's 500 hourly when I noticed my prop has somehow developed a 1/2 ' long crack in the hub. I have contacted the Aussie agent (as useful as tits on a bull - I am still waiting on the spare set of main gear I ordered in August 2008) and Neuform direct to find a replacement component but haven't heard back from either which is so re assuring. So keep an eye on your hubs - just in case. Sorry- Not having any luck attaching photos at this stage Peter
  14. Neuform 2 Blade HUB

    Hi All, I am just doing some tidying up on my 2005 CTsw and just prior to reinstalling my prop have noticed it has somehow developed a 1/2 ' long crack in the hub. I have contacted the Aussie agent and Neuform direct to find a replacement component but haven't heard back from either so I am looking for a replacement hub for a 2 blade Neuform prop if anyone has one they would be willing to part with. Thanks, Peter
  15. Fuel Dip Sticks

    Hi Guys I had the same problem too and just ended up running the dipsticks under the sandblaster to give them that rough finish and it workds a treat easy to read and I don't have to worry about coatings or peeling paint. Pete