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  1. robthart

    Rotax TBO Confusion

    I realize this topic gets beaten to death every couple of months with no definitive answer. It came up with our airplane recently and this was the response from an FAA source when taken to the Ankeny FSDO in Des Moines: Robert, In response to your question, “…are we in violation of any FAA regulation by continuing operation beyond TBO in this Light Sport aircraft…,” the answer is yes. Per a 2015 FAA legal interpretation, Keller: The aircraft would not be airworthy if operated beyond TBO or outside the manufacturer's specified life limits. Section 21.181(a)(3)(ii) states that "a special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category is effective as long as the aircraft conforms to its original configuration, except for those alterations performed in accordance with an applicable consensus standard and authorized by the aircraft's manufacturer or a person acceptable to the FAA." An aircraft that is operated after components have exceeded life limits specified in the manufacturer's maintenance manual or other procedures developed by a person acceptable to the FAA would not comply with § 21.181. Option 2: Aircraft previously issued a special airworthiness certificate in the light-sport category under § 21.190 may be eligible for an experimental certificate for operating an LSA under § 21.191(i)(3). These aircraft have previously been flight tested and are not required to have additional flight testing unless they have subsequent alterations to the aircraft that were not approved in writing by the LSA manufacturer and recorded in the aircraft records. I hope this helps. Give us a call if you have any questions. Best regards, Patrick T. Blaskovich Principal Maintenance Inspector DSM FSDO/CE-01 3753 S.E. Convenience Blvd. Ankeny, IA 50021 515-289-4835 (Direct) 515-289-3840 (Office) He also made it clear that 'TBO' referred to the hours of and/or time in service of the engine of an LSA, as stated by the manufacturer, and attached the included files as reference. F8130-6 AW Cert.pdf keller - (2015) legal interpretation.pdf FAA Order 8130.pdf
  2. robthart

    DYNON Maintenance / False CHT/EGT readings

    Thanx guys! Roger, I'll ask our most knowledgeable guy on the to system give u a call. It's a bummer that our regular Rotax guys couldn't end this, feel it's almost an Avionics specialty.
  3. Can anybody recommend/ furnish contact info for a solid DYNON LSA Tech anywhere near Des Moines IA? Recurring problem (for years) with sporadic false readings & alarms on club owned 2008 CTSL. Discussed at length here in forum 2015 & are sure it's some type of 'ground' issue but cannot fix it. It will need expertise beyond our capabilities, will ferry it a reasonable distance.
  4. robthart

    Sporadic High EGT Readings

    It has been my experience (this has happened to most of our pilots over time) that it begins with random spikes into the yellow/red zone 'til the alarm finally triggers... hard to pin down a 'steady' temp, as when it happens it jumps around (including drops back to green). Want to thank all for ideas, we've been dealing with this for quite some time and recall there's been two sensor changes now with no joy. Most are comfortable it is false alarm & not an engine issue, but very uncomfortable to passengers (& pilot too) when a red light & buzzer goes off! All of your thoughts will be passed on, thx!
  5. robthart

    Sporadic High EGT Readings

    Additionally, don't know if makes difference however have run Avgas exclusively (with 25 hr oil changes)
  6. robthart

    Sporadic High EGT Readings

    Yes, weld & EGT alarm same side... have not checked jets, looking for recommendations to pass on to mechanic, thx!
  7. robthart

    Sporadic High EGT Readings

    A vexing problem; Club 2008 CT (1,400 hrs) has on several past occasions gone into spurts where (right) EGT alarm has sporadically triggered. Sometimes just landing & restart has resolved, have recently replaced all sensors & was fine for about 30 hrs, but happened the other day again. Don't know if related, however about 100(+) hrs ago also developed a fine crack in right side exhaust manifold, resolved by certified weld. Just had 100hr & annual with no probs detected. Any ideas?
  8. You are fairly close to Lake Okoboji where I spend some summer time with family... can't tell from your website if you rent any light sport?
  9. Reference the Badlands, nearest paved with cross wind runways is Rapid City (does get windy out there). Wall Dug is closest, but only one runway, and Rapid would give access to rental car to visit the Badlands up close & personal. Be aware going into Rapid, there is an AFB only a few miles away with a similar layout. Also be aware of pretty active MOA's in the area, and recommend coming & going at pretty high altitude if flight following desired (effective radar coverage is pretty sparse at lower altitudes in that area). Beautiful country!
  10. robthart

    Right High CHT Alarm Issues

    Thx aldowns, will do as suggested. Really seems with all other temps normal must be sensor problem, was little concerned ref the exhaust pipe break having some significance to problem. Ever hear of that happening?
  11. robthart

    Right High CHT Alarm Issues

    Have had issues over the years with 'false alarms,' usually due to sensor problems (darn glass panels!). Curious if anybody experienced something similar to this. Our 2008 CT suffered a clean break (in-flight) of the right rear exhaust pipe in late Nov '14. Was repaired by certified weld. Lately had experienced a series of 'Right CHT High Temp' alarms on one occasion, stopped after maint ofcr checked and tightened sensor connections. Several flights later taken on 200 nm x-country, fine on outgoing, but on return flight noticed right CHT creeping into yellow zone early in flight. Reduced speed under 5000 rpm as precaution, but continued as oil temps in green (200 - 205 degrees), and right EGT was consistently 40 degrees cooler than left EGT. 40 nm out from base, as soon as I keyed mike to call approach the right CHT alarm triggered, continued intermittently for rest of flight but seemed to be especially when mike keyed. Eventually alarm triggered continuously in pattern, through landing, and even during idle taxiing to hangar. Plane has recently come out of annual (after the exhaust pipe break), everything checked OK. Does this appear to be clearly only sensor issue?
  12. robthart

    Parts service for CT's

    I hope someone actually affiliated with Flight Design reads this blog. I'm a member in an active flying club that collectively owns a CTLS. With seven to ten members at any given time, our (only) plane gets a lot of use, and as several are receiving primary flight training it sometimes gets a little rough and things get broken. We have had our plane down three times over the last two years, for at least four weeks at a time, with the vast majority of that time spent waiting on parts to arrive from someplace in Europe! We have currently been down five weeks, with an expectation of three more, waiting on something as simple as a motor mount! The last incident involved over four weeks to get a wheel assembly. My point is, FD is allegedly a leader in the LSA market... they make a fine product and I love to fly their airplane. You would think that they would therefore expend some resources to support what must surely be a large portion of their market... by stocking an adequate line of parts for their aircraft here in the US.
  13. robthart

    Pending Incident becomes a non Issue

    This I not the 1st time this has happened, our CTLS lost cap and receiver last year in the same way (posted on this blog with pic's by robthart 1 August 2012), This really should be addressed by FD!
  14. robthart

    Fuel Filler Assembly Lost in Flight

    FD fedexed the replacement parts & advised local FBO was authorized for this type of repair, plane back up in less than a week.
  15. robthart

    Fuel Filler Assembly Lost in Flight

    Based at Ankeny KIKV 'neighbor,' he was returning from Chicago area so fortunately had good quantity aboard. Landed with 3 gallons, no hint of problem enroute, only way of truly monitoring something like this would be the sight tubes (but how many of us really include that in our usual scan?).