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  1. Doesn't this lead to parking your airplane with the ignition key in the plane? Are you relying on the door lock for theft protection?
  2. The design intent is to keep you from flying without opening the valve. You are not supposed to be able to close the valve with key still in.
  3. How old is the battery? Maybe you are cranking at a slower RPM then you used to but its not obvious to your ear.
  4. I think you likely overfilled it. The amount required includes the amount you failed to drain. Flying a couple of times without problem doesn't guarantee that you were not overfilled.
  5. My last CTSW had neg 12 and my new CTSW is neg six. New is almost 10kts faster. Neg 12 does increase stall for sure.
  6. I believe its a binnacle A binnacle is a waist-high case or stand on the deck of a ship, generally mounted in front of the helmsman, in which navigational instruments are placed for easy and quick reference as well as to protect the delicate instruments.
  7. welcome to my world. nothing to see here below 18,000'
  8. When standing on my tailgate pumping fuel at 15gpm I have to be careful to not remove the nozzle while still pumping. Only did it once or twice.
  9. I have this little toggle too, have been pondering what it switched, was guessing aux input
  10. Octane loss and phase separation are the things to be aware of
  11. 1st line of defense is to purchase in rough accordance with your plans. Don't just fill it as a matter of routine.
  12. Not a compromise but the best of all solutions. Standing on my tailgate and filling at 15 gpm from a comfortable position confirms it.
  13. 100LL isn't great. Over time lead will accumulate and oil change frequency needs to increase. It does work. Mixing is not an issue.
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