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  1. WOT @ best range would be over 15,000' in my CT
  2. I don't hesitate to slip with flaps. Slipping without flaps is more useful when conditions are volatile because I can accomplish the steep descent without giving up a lot of speed. I would rather encounter negative sheer with more speed than flaps allow.
  3. We do have better data than a comparison of reported cases / deaths to get an overstated death rate. Rate of growth or decline of deaths Rate of growth or decline of hospitalizations We can use these, with hospitalizations being a more early signal. EDIT Even the rate of increase of new cases is a comparison that could be useful. Governor Cuomo just announced a decrease in the rate of growth in New York new cases.
  4. I want to get financing for my new to me used CTSW. Can you guys recommend a good broker to call?
  5. I have a habit of taking off at 15 and cleaning up to zero and -6 in ground effect and then climbing out at a higher speed.
  6. One of the tricks I learned eventually to judge my round out height was to envision my hangar door at the runway threshold and to envision me flying through it before I began to lift the nose. There are often hangers nearby that I could glance at to see the height so I could envision it correctly.
  7. Half Dome is known the world round. Clarence King is a Sierra Gem that is not so famous but a pretty face as well.
  8. slipping is too much bank for the radius and skidding is too little bank. I think we are talking about skidding here either left or right not skid vs slip.
  9. I have always struggled to move flaperon trim and far less on pitch but it can be too stiff at times. Rudder always moves easily. I don't really know why. I just accepted it and lived with it.
  10. The best flight ever happens when that 50kt wind aloft is on your tail and the sheer is smooth. The worst flight ever happens when that 50kt tail wind sucks you into the Owens Valley and you cruise for over an hour in moderate turbulence.
  11. I heard about your presence as well. Hit me up some day and we'll fly in the Sierra.
  12. ten minutes flight time to this location, my back yard
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