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  1. I was solo this morning with only a me, my camera and 50lbs of fuel to slow my climb. Climbing Pine Creek Canyon out of Mammoth can't be done in my CT with a passenger without orbiting for altitude but today solo I did it indicating 90kts. Photo is of the top of the Sierra Nevada west of Bishop, CA where I found ice for the back country ice skaters.
  2. Who has taken the 15 day LSRMR class and impression?

    I would probably pay the FBO and tell them you hope it can be a learning experience and within 3 years they could be doing them without your participation. Make videos of Rotax specific stuff. Get them what info and support they need to avoid an unfortunate result.
  3. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Your read it wrong Roger Doug isn't advocating more regs. He said "if"
  4. Fuel usage

    what did it say?
  5. Fuel usage

    Dick, Its not bait so much as evolution. I've landed with an empty wing more times than I can count so I know it is reasonable to use left, right or both just like my Cessna. I'm routinely climbing to 13,000' and above so keeping it light or minimum fuel helps. I have unported my remaining wing when maneuvering near steep terrain at 13,000 and it was exhilarating. In a heartbeat I was knife-edged and descending 2,000 fpm to make the terrain a non-issue while I sorted it out. It just occurred to me that we have this expectation of both sides dropping in unison from top to bottom but that's not how the design works. Both sides have a minimum flow they are not tuned to match. I started feeling silly flying around just a bit crooked because I expect matching flow rates and I was making sure I was getting matching flow rates. It doesn't take much 'lee side chop' to make my sight tubes un-readable and my fuel unmanageable anyway. Under 2 hours of fuel I'm clueless if there's both chop and low light and just resort to basic math like I used to do with other models. I was recently unable to confirm any fuel at all so I just flew with my nose in the wind and when I landed all the fuel was there.
  6. Fuel usage

    I find very little downside to letting one tank go dry while the other still has an hour left. It is simpler to worry about flying with my nose in the wind then to worry about even fuel usage as well. 90+% of the time I fill only one wing with gas because its easier.
  7. Fuel usage

    Your slip/skid ball is a little off. You can't see your nose its easy to be fooled. Check your ball against your sight tube in flight, with rudder in put find the middle between the fuel going up and down and use that for an adjustment for a centered ball. Manage your fuel in flight with rudder trim, fuel follows the ball, you can correct the burn by adjusting the ball position a slight amount.
  8. ICON Fatal Accident

    You sure there's no difference in feel? I just read that Roy was flying 5' of the water so to make my point lets use a 20kt wind and a 75kt airspeed. I have to wonder if the downwind wingtip 5' of the water with at 55kt water surface speed wouldn't feel a bit different than the same thing with a 95kt WSS? What about ground water surface effect?
  9. ICON Fatal Accident

    At minimum altitude the visual begins to have a lot of impact. A downwind turn can feel like there is a lot of acceleration and the upwind the opposite.
  10. ICON Fatal Accident

    The only thing remarkable in the video or tweet is the high energy impact. This says nothing about the design its not supposed to survive such an event. The evidenced is incriminating if you want it to be or explained away easily.
  11. ICON Fatal Accident

    The word showboating continues to be used with this story but what I see and what that word implies might be 2 different things. I see someone maneuvering in an aimless somewhat pointless kind of way. I see nothing pretty or fun or precise or even complete. Light sport 'showboating' in my mind involves a more impressive display of the plane and pilot's abilities. ----------------------------------------- An Icon5 can be safely flown in a manner consistent with their marketing. Adequate skills, judgement and margin all looked to be lacking in Roy's flying.
  12. ICON Fatal Accident

    Maneuvering at low altitude ending in a high energy impact. Icon marketing sells both cool and easy even for a novice while offering BS low alt certifications. I don't know at this point whether I want to blame the mentality of the marketing or the judgement of the pilot using inadequate margins apparent in the final moments.
  13. ICON Fatal Accident

  14. New CTs arriving from Germany

    I think the 80hp 912 is a good platform for a turbo upgrade. I've seen one long ago.
  15. New CTs arriving from Germany

    I would be interested in a CTSW with a turbo Rotax.