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  1. Ed Cesnalis

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    That was helpful. There is a $2-3,000 premium upgrading my transponder over the GDL-82. Guess I'll save the money.
  2. Ed Cesnalis

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    GDL-82 is an out only solution, what are you spending on the 'in' side?
  3. I want to simply purchase a new Garmin GTX 345 with WAAS and Bluetooth, add a shark fin and sell my existing Mode S on Ebay. This should cost me around $4,000 parts after selling the xponder. How much of a premium would I be paying to go this route?
  4. The other traffic uses higher altitudes. The majority of Mammoth's traffic crosses the Sierra at 17,000'. I'm often down in the canyons below the rim where real traffic is 3-5,000 above the canyon rims.
  5. He moved from Tracy to Byron which is 2 minutes more flight time for me. I had to 'show' Jeremy how much fun it is to cross the sierra and work in Mammoth
  6. I'm using 2 mirrorless camera bodies by Sony. They have full frame sensors, models A7Rii and A7Riii. I have 6 prime lenses, 4 of which are by Zeiss/Battis and they are 18mm, 25mm, 85mm and 135mm full frame lenses. I have a very good 55mm by Sony too. That and a 2006 FD CTSW a few from this morning:
  7. but first, what model camera / lens are you using?
  8. Ed Cesnalis

    An actual video - Ken Burns effect! fun! lots to learn

    Its blowing snow. I got a bloody nose shooting this.
  9. Half of the above are rejects now, here are the new versions.
  10. Ed Cesnalis

    T Coupler

    That's not good, does it work?
  11. Ed Cesnalis

    Wheel Fairings Weight

    underlying wheels are ugly, keep them covered
  12. Ed Cesnalis

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    I think around 5,150
  13. Ed Cesnalis

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    I agree
  14. Ed Cesnalis

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    So weight dependent. My Ct weights 719lbs, I weight 157, minimum fuel weigs 18lbs. At that weight I get 1,500fpm @ 8,000' Other configurations I can't get 500