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  1. Parallel to the longitudinal axis??
  2. True but variable. If you change RPM to throttle setting then it applies no matter how you are pitched.
  3. 5,500 for continous. When you set to higher you cannot cruise continuous at best speed.
  4. I slip a lot, I always hit the numbers at home and I need to use a slip to do that because my judgement from abeam isn't that good, usually short. Slips are useful for another reason not yet discussed. I slip at higher speeds so I keep my margin from stall and my clean configuration so I can abort and escape quickly and not near stall, not in flap range. The mountains I frequent are really big and relatively speaking higher CT speeds are still quite slow. Shear is a big concern so I always keep my speed up. Often I need a steep descent so I slip it at a higher speed in a clean config. tl;dr; slips are useful for steep descents at higher speeds above flap speeds
  5. These KR's by Ken Rand of Huntington Beach were constructed like surf boards. I spent a lot of time shaping foam. Many of them got early Volkswagen motors. Engine failure likely wasn't a Rotax.
  6. I think its a matter of existing sport pilots were trained to lower max gross and/or lower max speeds. Theoretically they don't necessarily have the training to step up.
  7. Maybe, at least part of it. Somehow its both pitot and static
  8. 2 flights in a row, same pattern. departure - can't get indicated climb speed, have to climb at less than 60kts IAS cruise / climb - IAS soon degrades to zero cruise IAS returns and looks normal cruise / descent / landing - IAS goes to 200kts or higher. Taxi back indicating 100kts. 2 days in a row, same pattern.
  9. Okay, I'll let you know if I do (do better)
  10. Aerospace just quoted my 2007 CTSW @ $60k hull value for $2,000. Keep in mind they just paid me $80,000 for totaling my last one. Not bad, maybe I'll take it.
  11. Given the different control resistance it could be perception. I now don't need to trim much which seems to amount to less feedback from the plane to me.
  12. Still flaps 30 and still full stall. I'm now more patient in moving my stick back to the aft stop because rapid sink lives there now.
  13. true dat. Still a CTSW but a different plane to land, it runs out of energy and goes into rapid sink at a higher speed. Performance increase is meaningful. Warp to Sensinitch is a big upgrade.
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