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  1. battery went low, too low to start. no spike or Alternator issues.
  2. puls/rev mine are now set to 2 causing the 50% reading. thanks
  3. Thank you, thank you I see I am reading 44% or prop rpm.
  4. Yes. It is one of the 3 settings that I lost. The other two where number of CHT to 2 and number of egt to 2.
  5. My tach now shows prop RPM or 50% RPM something in that range. My EMS lost its configuration settings and the tach starting reading values near 50%. I updated the 3 Rotax specific settings but my tach still reads near 50%. Anyone know what might be happening here?
  6. I agree so in most conditions I arrive abeam with flap speed and chop the power and deploy flaps on downwind / abeam. At 40 degrees I want close to calm winds and with speed under 50kts the pattern is tight without a slip. At 30 degrees and 55kts its still kinda tight. I often slip too.
  7. I have not found the drain. I just put a third new battery in and now that it is installed my smart 5amp Genius tender never gets to maintenance mode (still flashing green 100%). Prior to installing the same charger did get all the way to maintenance mode (solid green 100%) With the batt master on and D100 I see a -1 or -2 amp discharge going on and I assume this is at least partly the D100. IF I turn off all the breakers 1 at a time nothing happens except when I get to the D100 breaker. Can someone please tell me how to locate the drain? I do have a new ADSb out radio installed that I never interface with.
  8. The current owner finally changed the engine to normalize oil temps and even that didn't work. I never considered the Warp Drive because the condition didn't exist in the first year.
  9. Some CTs have marginal cooling. They will run cooler in the hot weather without the thermostat and make tape a better option.
  10. You can't begin with 34.5" @ WOT and then adjust prop pitch because it will change your manifold pressure. Begin with WOT. Now adjust prop to get maximum manifold pressure without exceeding 5,500 RPM. More simply with WOT just adjust prop till you get as close to 5,500 as you can without exceeding and you are at best speed.
  11. Not at all. As I said just above I'm already pitched for it and my lowly 912 climbs too steeply to see much at sea level unless I'm fully loaded. I already can realize 128kts and that's in the 60hp range. Bump that 32 hp!
  12. Rog, Here in Florence, elevation 50' I still have my prop optimized for best speed at 11,500 DA. (WOT @ 5,500 @ 11,500DA). I like it there because of the still great performance down low ( I do throttle back for cruise ) and I get 128kts TAS up high. The same prop and the 914 would only give ,me much better performance at altitude with no penalty over what I now have. In flight adjustable would be better but I would still get to cruise at 145kts above 11,500. All cruise above 7,500 would improve some. It would be a lovely upgrade IMHO
  13. When I got to cruise in the 914 powered Europa I always said it would translate to 140kts in my CT. I find 140k TAS believable and expected with more speed available higher up.
  14. Right it's about a TAS where airframe harmonics might initiate flutter and it could be below Vne @ IAS / CAS 15 years ago there were many things in the POH that weren't consistent or presented well. Using TAS for Vne just cover's another base.
  15. TAS is a good choice for Vne assuming flutter is a consideration.
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