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  1. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    Its not just light sport but. Anyone in the eastern sierra has the same issue no matter what they fly. General Aviation is in decline and this is the result for many of us. There used to be a time where I could choose between local repair / maintenance facilities.
  2. Steve Fossett's Crash site

    Coming from Smith Valley, NV Fossett's first view of the Ritter Range Vicinity was this one at Thousand Island Lake.
  3. Steve Fossett's Crash site

    Fred, I have returned to the scene of this crime in my airplane many times and the open questions haunt me. Working backwards this photo is the scene Fossett flew through, from right to left about 1 minute before he crashed. It was in this scene that he was getting in too deep. Its a pretty place but not so much on a 'bumpy' day.
  4. Steve Fossett's Crash site

    I have not posted a complete picture of Minaret Lake but got one this morning. Minaret is the Lake with the reflection. It was a turbulent day and the terrain behind was providing the mechanical turbulence. When low in this area its easy to get the sun backlit and be unable to see the terrain.
  5. Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    My Aero Classics are 6x600 and I have never switched. I think they look right, to hell with anything else Funny thing is my current set has lasted as long as 3 sets used to last me. Not sure why at all. Have to blame improved landings and minimum speed I guess. (All the talking about landings that we have done has sharpened my focus plus flying 3 days a week keeps me on top of what is left of my game)
  6. Landing at 12,000'

    We take them off once a year for that purpose. If you don't do a practice descent once in a while you won't be able to control your speed when the time comes. Also keep tools on board to remove a gear leg to use is ice ax / brake . We mask up the window and don't care about the paint.
  7. Landing at 12,000'

    In my youth I could walk out of the Sierra in a matter of hours from any point. It could be interesting as an old man.
  8. Landing at 12,000'

    It was 40' deep at this spot in April Here's a shot from that time a year from 20 miles farther north. The highest peak is named 'Matterhorn' and the light up one to the right is called 'Dragtooth'
  9. Landing at 12,000'

    This is Dana Plateau at the east end of Yosemite National Park
  10. Landing at 12,000'

    Here's an interesting plateau at 12,000' elevation. I wonder how many aircraft have operated here?
  11. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    October was a good pick for the Page fly-in. I insisted on it being late enough in the year to avoid the high SW temps and we have been seeing great weather year after year. Unless you have to commute from the east where apparently they have their good weather in the spring.
  12. Another innovative uAvionix ADS-B product

    @FredG Our wingtips may be fiberglass but our planes are carbon fiber.
  13. Another innovative uAvionix ADS-B product

    It uses the ground wire and power that is already there right?
  14. 3 Steps to determine Vx Best angle of climb.

    your belief numbers look very good to me. I relate Vy and best glide speeds and Vx and minimum sink speeds. I'm guessing min sink is determined like Vx and is possible that any given flap setting wins but not a given.