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  1. Hi Ed,

    I do have them. They are $26 each plus $7 for shipping for two.

    Total $59

    I would need your shipping info. 

    You can pay on PayPal on my website.   lsamechanic.com

    It is the orangish tab at the bottom of the page that says "Donate".

  2. Has this become permissible without a certificate?
  3. Transition training in Florence OR
  4. Dynon Servos with upgraded torque are in and wired. Aera 760 almost fits if mounted horizontally so we are going with it almost in the panel. GDL 50 is getting mounted and wired. EchoUAT is being installed with a glareshield mounted gps and antenna Dynon AP74 replaced the TruTrak head Hard part is done, rest is cake according to the shop doing the install.
  5. The shop doing the install has been rescheduling for too long. I'm hoping they start tomorrow
  6. That is the right color so yes or at least maybe. I never got that much to where I could pour off the gas and it could remain like that. Hmmmmm
  7. I buy clear gas (93 octane unleaded and no ethanol). I get a layer, heavier than gas that I see at my collator if I don't sample it for several days. I don't know what it is. Any ideas?
  8. Yaquina Head is at Newport, Oregon
  9. 6 years ago I got into the Spray Foam Insulation business with Chinese equipment instead of the American stuff that is the industry standard. The equipment was a good choice in this case.
  10. Darrell, (or anyone) any tips on how to remove the old ones?
  11. Good job on these. I'll take one of each please
  12. I have all the parts and the shop is ready for me next week. I'm also getting a EchoUAT with gps glare shield mounted; my GDL 50 is getting mounted and wired; my Aera 760 is replacing my 496. I'm doing it without cutting the panel and instead using an Airgizmo 496 cover and a ball mount and bare wire kit to put the 760 on an arm above the 496 with an extension so it gets a foot closer to me than the panel location. Visually it will hide the 496 and carb heat / cabin heat controls and a take-off check list.
  13. No story other than a complete rainbow waiting for me this morning so I moved my airplane into the shot
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