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  1. 500 fpm @85kts . very very dependent on both weight and prop pitch
  2. I really appreciate the 760 for the most part. Moving up from a 496 I can now see and interreact without pause on one hand and the ADSb traffic and weather are included with the traffic being well integrated. It works perfectly with the D100 and AP74. I now have the AP do most of my flying often including gps approaches. The downside is the fact that I still use a tablet and Garmin Pilot in flight. The vertical profile with integrated layers depicts cloud layers I have to pernitrate. Widgets and other aspects of a tablet display like Garmin Pilot should be included and well as a vertical profile. I just bought a simple ball mount the screwed into the portion of my panel that the 496 was docked in. 2 or 3 little parts from Garmin and Ram Mount allowed us to mount over the panel instead of inside with no mods.
  3. This is one of the couple of passes in the Sierra that always scare me away as approach
  4. Yes unplugged but connected to the plane. Just a short time went down to 7.1v
  5. Again, my new PC310 deep discharged, very rapidly. My tender was unplugged and the discharge happened. Is it the charger? Could my CT being doing this? Twice in a short period of time.
  6. Jim, You made me think. It isn't important for the pilot to realize that he is operating with one carb and it's throttle is stuck wide open. What the pilot needs to know is that he has normal operations with WOT only and landing is problematic when throttled back. That's all any pilot needs to know to see a deadstock landing is called for.
  7. I will admit I love mine. I fly with my tablet as well for the vertical profile mostly. I love the Dynon AP74 as well
  8. I'm suprised it's not offered in 3-axis. I suspect an upgrade to 3 axis would be easy. My CTSW could use some rudder especially when I set the AP to do tight turns
  9. It doesn't fit inside. It easily fits just outside using the little ball mount
  10. Adding the AP74 and moving to the D100 for AP controller was a very nice choice. The AP input makes it easy. Mounting the 760 without cutting a new panel is easy. It's not Sky View but I have all the same functions just fewer split screens and I only see Syn Vis and ADSb traffic and weather on the 760.
  11. Dynon should make some more of these
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