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  1. CTLS vs CTSW

    The effort to comply with the 39kt stall speed is likely the reason for the light wing loading.
  2. CTLS vs CTSW

    If the wing loading at gross is similar it stands to reason that the SW will more often be more heavily loaded due to more empty seats in the Skyhawk. In the other direction I always flew the Skyhawk with full tanks but seldom do that with the CT, giving some of the advantage back to the Skyhawk. I have owned both and give the edge to the Skyhawk but much prefer flying the CT even in turbulence.
  3. CTLS vs CTSW

    Tom's right, its wing loading not weight. With the same useful load the CT could be better than the Skyhawk. The CTs shortwings help it miss out on some bumps as well.
  4. Loose Throttle Control

    Dick, that was back during the first CT website. Pretty sure 1 did the trick. It has never slipped since.
  5. CTLS vs CTSW

    ah, when its time for 4-wheel performance you bring out the sedan! no wonder I was confused thanks for setting me strait I go for the sports car for fun.
  6. Loose Throttle Control

    I believe its just like my CTSW and needs a belleville washer.
  7. CTLS vs CTSW

    Tom, not a lot. The first post seemed one sided so I was making the point that the SW has its benefits, I really do prefer it.
  8. CTLS vs CTSW

    Seems your impression is that the LS has features you can list that the SW lacks. 1. SW is more fun to fly, I can make it do what I want it to do, it reacts to my inputs. 2. SW (mine) has a 601lb useful load, it weighs 719 empty. I have over 1,000 landings at the #1 field for 'hard to land light planes' at. My SW gear is like new. Its a bit hard for me to imagine what it would take to bend them I certainly have been gusted to a rapid drop a number of times. Its not that you can't realize a wing drop in wind shear that could bend this gear its just too easy to soften said contact with opposite rudder.
  9. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

    As I said, powder snow is fun, ice is more interesting.
  10. I get to land before they plow the runway in the mornings and powder snow landings are a treat. Yesterday it was ice and a 12kt / 70° crosswind. I kept it pointed down the runway but could not counter the drift. Good thing I landed on the upwind side it gave me the room to drift that I needed.
  11. Control Lock

    My plane was sitting in Lee Vining on Mono Lake with the stick held back by the seat belt. It was like that for many hours in 80kt winds, flying while tied down. An area of plexi got blasted with pumice and no other harm done. Now that she is 12 years old the plexi looks 'good for its age'.
  12. Ah, I bet there is a window like between 8,000 and 10,000' where your MP could be in the green?
  13. White trim tape

    On the white planes I think they use bowlus tape
  14. This is a photo of Mammoth Lakes California taken this morning from about 11,000' The SW flow is 40kts from left to right. Notice the smooth contours of the clouds on the left but after colliding with Mammoth Mountain in the center the flow on the right is now disturbed and no longer smooth. The air here is smooth in places and turbulent in others as this visual shows.
  15. Why in the world would you not use it? I fly behind a 914 in a friends plane and we cruise up to 16,000' at a normalize 100hp. pushing 160kts true. You could get within 10kts of that in the P2008 if you did the same.