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  1. Ed Cesnalis

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Its a big subject Dick and one it pays to be up on. I wasn't up to speed and had my bird over-insured and ran the risk of a repair as a result. Now that we are past that risk with all bids indicating a total loss I stand to make a windfall. My bird was a very early 06 and I ended up with an orphaned panel / AP as well as the old series motor. On top of that my bird was beat up and needed a few other expensive upgrades. Somehow one of my life's worst days ended up being one of the best. Policy's are contracts and the wording in yours matters. Mine said 70% so with $80k of coverage a total loss is when low bid on repair >= $56,000. The definition you read when googleing is 'when the repair plus the salvage bids exceed the policy limit its a total loss.' Because the limit is agreed upon when you purchase the policy you are then dependent on luck. Not only will too much coverage force an unwanted repair too little coverage will force an unwanted total loss. It wasn't typical to include the 70% and carriers could opt to repair at bad economic periods even above 70% if salvage bids are low.
  2. Ed Cesnalis

    E-scooter for the last mile

    These things are addicting. The e-scooter purchase has now led to an e-bike purchase
  3. I prefer a 12 year old CTSW though. This says a lot about Flight Design products (or me)
  4. Ed Cesnalis

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Lone Mountain Aviation in Las Vegas and Airtime in Tulsa both do major repairs on CTs. Policy says it totals at 70% and you are correct on the end result.
  5. Well, I want to have my plane delivered and the nice guy doing that asked about flying into Mammoth. I noticed I made it out to be no big deal because he's coming from the SE. It made me look at my airport photos and made me react with 'OMG'
  6. Ed Cesnalis

    Yet another WTB CTLS post

    Jeremy has moved to Byron, CA When I did my panel like this Dynon's units were still primative.
  7. Ed Cesnalis

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    I talked to the FAA, not sure it was required. We are going to have a conversation about the incident, my decision making and ongoing education. I am anxious to have the conversation. Good things result when I interact with the FAA. I saw an old incident report that I was unaware of where my primary instructor had the same accident decades ago in a Cessna 172. I do find it ironic that I'm the guy that nosed over from a sideloaded nose gear because this is the result I'm always arguing about and trying to avoid on my landing rollouts. I was taxiing to 27 with a gusty tailwind. The gusts were crosswind from the south but a rouge quartering tailwind gust (from the north east?) challenged my directional control and accelerated me when I needed to be slowing. I regained directional control with a blast of power but never got my nosewheel up. Ultimately the nosegear failed under side load and I nosed over. I talked to others about gusts from the north when winds are southerly here and it happens but only aloft not on the ground so my rouge gust isn't so easily explained. Perhaps it was a southerly gust but it pushed my prop and not my tail. All in all this is very humbling.
  8. Ed Cesnalis

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    In this case Dick that would be the wrong take-away. My take is its possible to get a bad result anywhere anytime. Stuff happens. I still hope to see your smilin face here someday.
  9. Ed Cesnalis

    ADS-B out 2020 best solution?

    This group has been around for almost 15 years so we know what to expect. To get along well just don't be political (unless you lean left you then may express yourself a bit without recourse) and have thin skin. There will always be someone with opposing view and many take things personally. The up/down voting is there and using it is reasonable and shouldn't result in name calling. Expecting much from the mods will only lead to disappointment. Post about your landing gear in the Avionics forum and no-one will care enough to move it.
  10. Ed Cesnalis

    Not getting rid of me so easily

    it does, another CTSW. I still prefer low wings and want more speed but the CTSW checks more boxes than anything else.
  11. Ed Cesnalis

    Not getting rid of me so easily

    good to hear Duane, With an April break from mountain flying I am turning my attention to editing. This metamorphic rock that's always shadowed in Convict Canyon is my nemisis.
  12. Ed Cesnalis

    Not getting rid of me so easily

    I was very fortunate. One of my worst days somehow turned into one of my best??? The mission to replace my beloved but somewhat beat to death CTSW is going well. Expecting to be back in the air in 3-4 weeks.
  13. Ed Cesnalis

    Humphreys close up for Mike

    With Wahoo in the foreground you can see the entrances to the 2 couloirs 'Kindergarten' and 'The Checkered Demon'. When I asked my now deceased hero / friend , Walter Rosenthaul if he has ice climbed the demon he laughed and told me he doesn't climb things that he skis.
  14. Ed Cesnalis

    ADS-B out 2020 best solution?

    If money is no object I will simply upgrade my transponder to GARMIN GTX345 PANEL MOUNT ALL-IN-ONE ADS-B TRANSPONDER
  15. Ed Cesnalis

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    It wasn't conventional wisdom but Rotax that cut the numbers in half. I remember there was a document and I thought it was a big reduction.