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  1. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I had no idea
  2. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I din't I did replace my Warp with a Warp. The Warp was original equipment and was damaged by a mechanic and Roger sold me a cheap replacement. I've had Warps and similar before and don't see the need to move to such a fancy / expensive blade design if it doesn't perform a lot better.
  3. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Because your experimental I bet you could just bolt on a new Warp Drive for something like $650. My experience is the performance is good. You might hate the look.
  4. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    This makes me think that I demand a lot, every flight to 14,000' these days and I make top cruise speed numbers high of 125kts. My 2nd hand warp drive with a big chip in one blade looks pretty bullet proof like it could last 100 years. I think the construction is so simple that it lacks transitions to fail like Andy's here.
  5. That must make the nose wheel want to settle earlier? Keeping it up can be a really big deal
  6. When I first saw the CTLS gear legs I was pretty jealous but truth is I have no need for them. The CTSW legs are comfortable for all my landings.
  7. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Mine are fiberglass, I think they are. Might make all the difference
  8. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Are you sure the CTSW wingtip is carbon fiber?
  9. Tucson - San Francisco trip

    TUS BTY MMY SFO most direct route, that's why it saves miles You would cross the Sierra instead of going around, this point, Mammoth Pass is the highpoint and where I live, ski and work.
  10. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    My advice is to build two.
  11. Rolls in a CT?

    Yes I do but as you point out its far more common to see less than 1 than it is to see negative. The more dramatic canyon exits for instance can be negative.
  12. Jerrycan

    Here's one, use your car's power not the CT if you can. https://www.amazon.com/Fill-Rite-RD812NH-Portable-Transfer-Discharge/dp/B077BFR491/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1523869126&sr=8-9&keywords=12v+fuel+transfer+pump
  13. Rolls in a CT?

    I do experience negative Gs from time to time. Rotax doesn't know its doing a roll on that its negative.
  14. Rolls in a CT?

    My memory is fuzzy but I'm guessing something like an Italian air show catastrophic failure involving the tail.? My mind goes to failure at that point, lately I'm using big deflections resulting in g's but I apply it smoothly and don't think it adds up to a lot of force applied to the stab much like I can push the tail down on the ground to pivot pushing with a fingertip. Wind shear however, I've had one big slam and expect this could be a cause of failure if said big slam stressed the stab.
  15. Rolls in a CT?

  16. Steep Turns

    Our short winged CTs do turn steeply. I used to only yank (pull back) enough to maintain altitude through the turn. Lately I have been pulling back almost to the stop in order to accelerate the rate of turn and what a difference. I'm not sure what my resulting angle is but I'm thinking I could time a 360 and do the math? Next time I'm up solo I will time a 360, try it yourself.
  17. Steep Turns

    The first part of what you say rings true. I have always felt a sense of more lift than expected when I banked my CT right from day 1. The stall part stops making sense to me when you talk about the amount of back stick to keep the ball centered. Back stick is not to keep the ball centered but to keep the nose from dropping below the horizon as some of your vertical lift component gets replaced by horizontal. Rudder is the fixer that you use to keep the ball in the cage not stabilator.
  18. Tail tie down strap

    Mine came from Flight Design with the new airplane.
  19. Steep Turns

    Thanks for explaining, I was afraid I was missing something
  20. Steep Turns

    I have never insulted you Bill, why insult me?
  21. Tucson - San Francisco trip

    If you take a direct route you take 70nm off the trip each way. Goes right through Mammoth Lakes where I am based.
  22. Steep Turns

    good point on the stall speed increase but not sure what you are saying with the disastrous results. upset and stall / spin recoveries seem strait forward.
  23. Steve Fosset's Minaret Lake is now a common destination for me. I got familiar a little at a time and recently did a shoot there at 35kts. Whitney Russel Col pictured in the panorama below is a different story. I have been all thru this area a number of times now but I have never tansitioned the Col down below the summits of Whitney and Russell. Maybe next trip?
  24. Cost to replace/overhaul the engine.

    Are you going 'on condition' past TBO? Ad below puts a new motor at $20k with a 2,000 hr TBO so $10 / hour only gets you the motor, why not use $15? https://www.leadingedgeairfoils.com/rotax-engines-parts/new-rotax-engines/rotax-912uls-engine.html