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  1. The whole reason for alternating even and odd is to prevent head on mid airs. When your five degrees off north or south it doesn't work so well.
  2. Some of my best photo shoots are within 5 miles but above 13,000'. There's virtually no danger that I won't get back and being extremely light gives me good climb rates right up to target altitude. I even lost my engine once but that was from slipping along a very long 13,000' high ridge to keep my wing out of the shot. I got it back very quickly and landed under power.
  3. Steep is preferable to being behind the power curve, save that till your past the obstacles.
  4. That's a pretty big downside. Interesting to note that I'm pointed down but you are probably sinking faster.
  5. I think you might be right. I do like to have my nose down and my flaps loaded up. You can see my ASI well enough to see top of white arc until round out then bottom of white arc by touchdown. So my speed must be 55 minimum
  6. I guess I have been infected by: Best File 'Converter Browser Hijacker' and it showed up here first
  7. Very kind comments @Mike Koerner and @WmInce This morning I edited Humphreys next door neighbor, Mt Emerson. It's Piute Crags is the most colorful thing on the Bishop skyline.
  8. Or am I the only one seeing this. I now have videos poping up and new links on the page at random trying to sell file converters. I hope its not the new model, so annoying.
  9. You can't even see my yard yet or its fence. Snow on my property is still 4' deep.
  10. It possible. The could require agreement to qualify for purchase.
  11. Going forward with Dynons I will have the fuel management features. Having fuel levels for both tanks I might want to keep them balanced so my gauges would be correct on quantity and location.
  12. Andy, Find a spot in one of your videos where you have 30 degrees and a closed throttle. Looks to me like that's what your doing on final?? Notice the horizon in your windscreen and use it to access pitch attitude and then compare to mine. I"m coasting in with 30 and until I begin rounding out there is no horizon. Do you see I end up much more nose down? Maybe you have power in?
  13. I'm about to ferry a CTSW from Albuquerque to Mammoth and I'm not sure how to bring some entertainment, like music. I will have my tablet but like to devote it to Garmin Pilot. The CTSW does have a 496 and one option would be to activate it's XM but I prolly just want to load up my phone and play it through the intercom???? Does that take a common wire?
  14. Looks like the safety egg did its job once again?
  15. composite airplanes meet untimely ends
  16. looks like where I grew up (western PA) great images
  17. My home town aerial photo collection.
  18. This looks like a pretty nice prop upgrade for me. Does anyone have any comments on this prop. I know Roger thinks its a performance upgrade over my Warp with a big nick in 1 blade. Its sure an astetic upgrade.
  19. Eco mode is based on MAP and a flatter pitch would give you more MAP @ 5500 so no it would work the other way. You wouldn't stay in ECO mode at higher Rs instead you would leave it at lower Rs
  20. That isn't 99 percent power (you do not have access to 99% in cruise and you probably don't even have it in climb. what is the best power at 5,800?) instead its 99% throttle. 99% throttle is something you do have access to. ==================== Edit Best power available at 5,500 is ~92%
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