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  1. Can you soar your CT?

    You do get help from the relative wind. I was soaring my old Challenger and the failure to restart was because I didn't have the choke toggle on the panel hooked up. I was deploying the chokes and hand propping but couldn't do that from the air. So in that case the need for choke did prevent the restart.
  2. Can you soar your CT?

    Of course you can, on the right day in the right place. Here is a place that I soar mine, it takes a 10kt NE day. I can't go far but I can go back and forth forever
  3. Can you soar your CT?

    I have landed out once due to a failure to restart but that was not my CT. The game is to deadstick it on the runway and not have to land out or use the starter. This ridge is 5,000' above our field and within 25 miles. The same lift that I soar will exist along the crest on the way home too. CTs are easy restarts but they do become cold starts quickly.
  4. Can you soar your CT?

    Both, it makes a far bigger impression if off.
  5. Can you soar your CT?

    Both, it makes a far bigger impression if off.
  6. Can you soar your CT?

    Jeremy finished his crossing at Gem Lake
  7. Can you soar your CT?

    Okay, Here Jeremy is flying to Mammoth while I shoot my camera. He has Tioga, Mono, Parker and Donohue Passes to choose from. Any of which will make us feel like a bug when we 'pass' thru.
  8. Amelia Earhart Peak

    Amelia Earhart Peak 11,974'
  9. Kneeboard generator

  10. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    I figured a 'Genius' might not be but should a least be 'smart' enough to not overcharge. Why can't today's smart charger stop charging?
  11. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    Mine did the same so I threw it away and got a new genius charger and its happy with the exhaust .
  12. Metal shavings in my float bowls

    The FD part is the whole air box, washer it is.
  13. Metal shavings in my float bowls

    The bushing in the carb heat flap is broken and repair involves cutting and welding. Guess this part wasn't supposed to wear out. I don't even use carb heat.
  14. Metal shavings in my float bowls

    Right thanks, Guess we are getting a new bushing from FD instead. The washer fix would provide 2 surfaces both with a grove to permit install over the rod. Jeremy's concerned about being legal and tested ...
  15. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Thanks @FlyingMonkey and @Runtoeat for painting the picture for me where tailstrikes (and bent gear that Roger talks about) come from. The scenario is the pilot (prolly lacking target sight picture close enough to the runway) bleeds of the speed (which happens rapidly in a CT) at 5 feet above the runway. This happens without controlling or permitting sink and the result is damage. This scenario seems to be motivation for fast landings including for 'beginners'. Now I understand. Is speed the right fix? I think the right fix is to bleed off the speed differently. If you allow sink as you bleed off speed this won't / can't happen. If you blow it you get a bounce and your judgement improves next time. CTs loose energy so fast that float gets lost in the golf swing and if it doesn't, if you have a float phase then subtract a knot. Holding it off at 5' will result in damage but why would you? The funny thing about adding speed to fix is you can enter with the additional speed and still hold it off at 5' and that's why its a funny fix (to me).
  16. Metal shavings in my float bowls

    What's the thinking on the original bushing? Its totally failed and not getting replaced with your fix.
  17. Metal shavings in my float bowls

    I passed it along to Jeremy but he said mine was to far gone for epoxy.
  18. landing tail draggers

    Perhaps the Europa becomes more of a handful because of its relatively high stall speed. This last season Kevin did a gear up take-off.
  19. landing tail draggers

    in the mono-gear Europa its always a 2 point. Landing on the main is like balancing on a beach ball.
  20. So which is it? 'Full Stall' or 'Minimum Speed'? Is there a stall? Is minimum speed achieved? Who determines minimum speed? How is minimum speed set?
  21. landing tail draggers

    I would prefer the 3 point, most designs permit it.
  22. Special Day

    Warms the heart
  23. 'Full Stall' vs 'Minimum Speed'

    we go back too far not to be okay with each other. so I'm going to use our relationship here to demo my point a bit I ask the question and Rog takes the bait: Question: Roger's answers: my answers: See the opposite mind sets? See what I learned? Isn't this difference related to our inability to see landings the same? There has to be a reason why 9 times out of 10 we talk past each other
  24. 'Full Stall' vs 'Minimum Speed'

    Dick, Especially in recent years one camp has at times silenced the other. Mostly a matter of a big group not agreeing with a minority and the minority point can get lost in that back and forth. Its usually along those lines where I might see a new thread / a new take helpful as in this case. What I find so noteworthy at this point it that the average LS pilot can't demonstrate a min speed landing not because he isn't a good stick but because he doesn't know what the phrase means exactly. Very much like the full stall phrase that will take a valuable discussion and take it into the weeds in a heartbeat. My guess is you know the meaning of each but most don't I don't think I am talking about landings now but more why talking about landings gets sidetracked.
  25. 'Full Stall' vs 'Minimum Speed'

    In the begginning it was my job to post, be mr LSA and build and audience. 11 years ago obtaining ranking in Google wasn't a given and we had a strategy. Prolly wasn't needed by the time of the re-launch by current Roger. Even at the re-launch I was given admin status to help manage content from an SEO standpoint. Again, no longer needed but old habits die hard I guess. I do try and use some judgement. One thing for sure is in these current times no matter how I go about anything the pushback will come in waves. Whatever. I get it I'm seeing somethings as being helpful not lumped together, especially when they touch on a point of general confusion. That's my aim.