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  1. Buying a new CTLS

    Thanks Ron . I read the forum almost every day, is a great way to know more about the CTLS .Looks like all owners are very happy with the airplanes and is a capable airplane for cross country . Will let you know when I buy the airplane maybe at Sun and Fun . Jesus V. Esteller RHI JVE, I just wanted to add my impressions to these guys who have had CT aircraft for many years more than me. I have owned my CTLS for 18 months and have never regretted the purchase. I use nothing by 91 octane except when beyond range of my fuel source. If I have to use 100LL I always add an additive called TCP which somehow captures the lead in the gas. I've heard that 100LL actually has about 11 times the lead of 91 octane. TCP isn't cheap. I paid $32 for a quart but you only use one ounce for 10 gallons of gas. Point is, you can go 50 hours between oil changes with 91 octane, only 25 hours with predominant use of 100LL. I also use nothing by Mobil1 4T oil. This is a motorcycle racing oil and has additives that regular Mobil1 does not. Anyway, Rotax likes it. Expect some transition time from a C172 to a CTLS. I've said on this forum before that I really felt comfortable after about 50 hours. It was a combination of transitioning from round guages to an integrated flat screen, and flying a plane that is much "slicker" than anything I had flown before aside from sailplanes. That is to say, airspeed management is somewhat more critical. I don't know how cold it gets in Raleigh but I had been told that if you are starting at 30 degrees or less, pre-heat the engine. It will start, of course, below that temperature but it's harder on the engine. Invest a few hundred bucks more on a Reiff engine pre-heater. This is a block of metal epoxied to the bottom of the engine and a small metal band that fits around the oil reservoir. Just plug it in via the oil access door and avoid unnecessary wear on your engine, and your engine oil will warm much faster after start-up. All this said, you will love the airplane. Read the December 2011 issue of the AOPA Pilot for very nice article on the CTLS. It's fun, fast, very economical and has a HUGE range. Please post some of your impressions after you make your purchase. One final thing, this website has some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people you can imagine with a great deal of experience with this aircraft. Use the resource. I've learned so much about my aircraft by reading these various posts. And, they are most kind about answering questions. Best of luck!!
  2. Buying a new CTLS

    For now looking for hangar at RDU later will try Lake Ridge , very close to home .
  3. Buying a new CTLS

    Thaks guys , great help . Another question , fuel tube indicator in the airplane tha demo have the tube all redish impossible to se fuel level is that because of av gas.
  4. Buying a new CTLS

    Partnerships are not for me , always what to buy new and for the first time have the chance. How maintain N293CT ? Anyone that you can recommend
  5. KRDU A&P for CTLS

    Thanks , will be using only 100 LL no MOGAS in Raleigh . What are isue of using only AV gas.
  6. Buying a new CTLS

    Thanks for the information , what do you usually pay for insurance and annual . I did try a demo but was calm day , like the aircraft , will you pay the extra money for the skyview , tundra tires and light weight battery
  7. Buying a new CTLS

    Hi guys , I am considering buying a new CTLS , will be moving from and old 172, how the CT compare to the Cessna in turbulence? In cross country are you able carry 2 small bags ? Will use only 100LL, any problem flying only in AV Gas ? Any help
  8. KRDU A&P for CTLS

    Hi guys , I am considering buying a new CTLS will be base at KRDU ( Raleigh NC) , my concerns is maintenance . Do you know any A&P in the area that work on the CTLS. Thanks