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  1. 2FlyAgain

    ELSA to SLSA

    During a conversation with Mr. Edsel Ford at the FAA office in Oklahoma City today, I learned that it is now possible to convert an experimental light sport (ELSA) aircraft back to a special light sport aircraft (SLSA). The relevant information can be found in FAA Order 8130.2J, Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft. See the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Category. More specifically, see Chapter 9 section 4 that describes "Changing From Experimental to Special LSA Category". One has to verify that the aircraft was not "altered without the manufacturers approval" and meet some other requirements. Of course, all safety directives must have been complied with. But, the good news is that going experimental is no longer a one-way street so to speak.
  2. 2FlyAgain

    12 year mandatory overhaul

    First, my thanks to those that responded to my recent post. It was my turn to talk to Mr. Edsel Ford at the FAA office in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, I was not taking notes as fast as he was talking. So, any errors here are my fault. In short, he acknowledged that there is unfortunately a FAA legal opinion that appears to support the notion that Rotax can require the overhaul. He stated a clarification would likely confirm that Rotax can not require an overhaul at a specified time. The relevant phrasing that I do have notes for is that Rotax can require that procedures in the maintenance manual be followed. A distinction was made between a procedure (perhaps an oil change) and a timeline (12 years). A timeline is not a procedure and therefore can not be dictated by Rotax. He also reminded me that the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) prevents the FAA from delegating any rule-making responsibility. Unfortunately, I failed to ask when we might expect a clarification because he had some other news that I found more relevant to my situation. I will start a new thread for the ELSA to SLSA discussion.
  3. 2FlyAgain

    12 year mandatory overhaul

    I am dealing with a FD service center about the issue of the 12 year overhaul applying to my aircraft. I have read two previous threads regarding this issue (posted below). In the the 2013 "Willette letter", the FAA acknowledges the possibility of having an alternative maintenance program that they would find acceptable. In my reading, it does not state that such a program exists. Merely, that the possibility for such a program exists. The mechanic is telling me that "no alternative method for on-condition maintenance" has been accepted by FAA. The Rotax on-condition program mention in a previous thread is from Canada, not the FAA. Also, it is my understanding from taking the Rotax two-day service course that Rotax and the ROAN are two separate entities. So, I am doubtful that the ROAN program counts as Rotax saying "on-condition" is allowed in a form that would be acceptable to the FAA. The letter presented at the beginning of the "FAA response" thread appears to be the last written word from the FAA on this subject. In subsequent threads, there is discussion of someone from the FAA saying that on-condition would be allowed. But, the clarifying letter from the FAA has yet to appear after two years of waiting. My questions are: 1) Have I missed the clarifying letter from the FAA? 2) Has the FAA "accepted" an on-condition program for maintenance beyond 12 years or 1,500 hours? If so, where is the documentation? And no, it is not my idea of fun having the forum revisit this subject. But with an aircraft at the FD service center, the issue is real and not theoretical. Thanks to all who contribute to making this such a useful and great forum...!
  4. 2FlyAgain

    CTLS cowl cam locks

    Corey and Roger, Thanks guys!! As always your expertise and willingness to share it is most appreciated. --Mark
  5. 2FlyAgain

    CTLS cowl cam locks

    I have a worn out receptacle. How does one go about getting that repaired? Thanks in advance.
  6. 2FlyAgain

    Carb Debris (a new source...)

    I am correct about the origin... The piece was between the frame for the filter and the airframe. It did not get "past the filter" in the obvious sense. It may have been caught between the filter and its frame. Getting past the filter as the filter was being put in place. It may have been dangling just under the filter for a couple of years and eventually broke loose. I am open other reasonable explanations... That is just my best guess.
  7. 2FlyAgain

    Poor idle after run-up

    I found the source of the problem and started a new thread so that people would find it more easily in the future... See the thread titled "Carb Debris (A new source...)"
  8. 2FlyAgain

    Carb Debris (a new source...)

    I previously described my rough engine after run-up in another thread. Opening up the carbs to check them revealed an unexpected source of debris (see attached photos). I believe that Dean Vogel at Lockwood would joke that this is big enough to have a "part number". The debris is believed to be a piece of the rubber(?) molding from between the airframe and the air intake scoop. If if one looks inside at the air filter, the material seems to "disappear" at the back of the air filter (right, copilot's side). This piece was found in the carburetor. According to the mechanic who pulled it, gash in the tubing was where it was caught in the butterfly valve. If I had been watching him pull it, I doubt that I would have believed. I am still dumbfounded. It has been awhile since the air filter was last changed. But perhaps the molding was damaged during the last replacement and eventually the piece broke loose. Beyond that speculation, I have no idea why it appeared recently. The aircraft is a 2005 CTSW that has seen cold winters and hot summers in the great plains. Not surprisingly, the engine seems to run much better now. Although, I have not yet had a chance to actually fly the plane. I am not a mechanic, so please correct me if my terms are not accurate.
  9. 2FlyAgain

    I'm off to Fast Eddie land

    CT...if you are still listening. It was you and Fast Eddie's constant reminders about landing at the slowest possible speed that reminded me to work on my landings with 30 degree flaps. Someone on the forum suggested that people should not more degrees of flaps when landing than they have hours in the airplane. Which I agree with from my experience. But, that also does suggest that one should continue to learn new things as they gain that experience. And you and Fast Eddie's reminders helped me do that. I rather suspect that there is little that we agree on politically. However, should you not return, I will miss your aviation contributions to this forum.
  10. 2FlyAgain

    Poor idle after run-up

    Wow! That is a great troubleshooting guide. A sincere thank you for passing that site along to the forum...!!!
  11. 2FlyAgain

    Poor idle after run-up

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. These will help me get started with the mechanic.
  12. 2FlyAgain

    Poor idle after run-up

    I some times get a high fuel pressure warning on start up. In a recent case , it seemed that it was likely an electrical grounding issue. After retightening the ground bolts, the fuel pressure was better. But, then during run-up one of the ignition circuits dropped about 200 RPM and did not sound good. Normal drop is 110-130 on each side. As I taxied back to the hanger, the engine did not run well at idle RPM. A week later I started the engine again to reproduce the problem. The engine started normally. Again, there was a high fuel pressure indication ranging between 7-10 psi that seemed more stable. During run-up at both 3000 and 4000 RPM both ignition circuits gave similar drops of 120-150 RPM. The fuel pressure settled down to less than 6 PSI. Returning engine all the way to idle and it struggled to run. Note: I have had two mechanics with ROTAX experience try to set the idle down from 2100-2200 RPM with no luck in either case. Now suddenly the engine was idling at 1700 RPM or even less and struggling. I needed to crack the throttle during taxi back to the hangar. The fuel has been Shell 91 octane with no alcohol according to the pump. The carbs were rebuilt during the last five-year rubber change in 2012. After reviewing some threads on this forum, I can think of several possible issues (carb bowl debris, clogged fuel filter, ignition modules, etc.). My question for the forum members is in what order do I suggest that a local mechanic start the trouble shooting process? Thanks in advanceā€¦
  13. 2FlyAgain

    My own crash

    Good to hear that you are OK! I will leave the mechanical matters for those more knowledgeable than myself...
  14. 2FlyAgain

    Cam lock fasterner is stuck

    I didn't want to get "too convincing" until I had a better idea of why it might be stuck. Your suggestion makes sense. Since posting I have had some one suggest some WD40 as well. Thanks...!
  15. I have a 2005 CTSW. There were three cam lock fasteners that would regularly fall out. A couple of flights ago, I noticed after the flight that one of the three "loose" fasteners had popped up. Now that I think about it, I am surprised that it had not fallen out during flight. It was a little stiff but went back into place with a screwdriver. After the last flight, I noticed it had popped out again (see photo #1 below). This time, I could not get it to move. The location is on the top cowl, the pilot's side and closest to the bottom of the pilot's door. I can not turn it with a screwdriver and it will not push into the airframe either. It will wiggle just a little vertically from the perspective of photo #2. The other screws seem to be getting looser with age as well. Since I could not remove the cowl, I was unable to determine if there are washers in place as discussed in another thread. I tried searching the forum, but this seems to be a new issue here. As always, thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!