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  1. Just for the record . . . I DID make the trip to see you last October. The Roswell aliens had influence on Andy's turn back. I never did trust those Roswell aliens.👽👽 Oh yeah . . . welcome back, Roger!😃
  2. Roger, as per your video demo (thank you!), where should the throttle control be set . . to relieve the tension on the carb cables?
  3. Thanks Roger. And thanksTom, for the good CTLS add-on tip. Glad Bill got it fixed.
  4. That looks like a pretty nice installation. I like G3X. That withstanding, I have dual Skyview SV-700's (7 inch).
  5. Tom, Steering rods? Please explain further.
  6. Congratulations Bill! Have fun.😃
  7. CRC spray silicone is sold at your local Ace Aviation Supply. Most of them, but not all, also carry spray cans of Inox . . . same shelf.
  8. This thread has become very interesting.
  9. Thanks for posting that picture. Those larger chunks of debris resemble the material which lines the fuel tank. Could that be possible? Debris may have been in that valve for a long time. If that's the case, Mr. Funnel would Have been of no help. would be nice to know the composition and origin of the debris pictured. Again . . . good catch!
  10. 5606 for brake fluid service . . . Inox for rod-end bearings and general purpose. I use Inox in spray can and small plastic tube.
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