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  1. x2 Time for a prop pitch adjustment.
  2. Actually, there is little difference in landing performance (CTSW) with flaps 30° vs. flaps 40°. There is certainly a difference in energy dissipation during the roundout.
  3. AG, Did it have Garmin or Dynon? Probably G3X, eh?
  4. Thanks Adam. Have you checked out the Sling TSI? I think it's a great airplane.
  5. Hey Adam, Long time . . no see. Hope all is well. How is that Tecnam treating you these days?
  6. Jim, that may be the best equipped CT in the world, including the CTLS's. With heated pitot tube, you should be set for real IFR flying, if your experimental operating limits permit it. I was wondering if you ever installed the new mushroom. This satisfies my curiosity. Congratulations.
  7. Thanks for the pic, Madhatter!
  8. Would love to see that new G3X panel. Any possibility of some photos?😎
  9. Great. That withstanding . . . we've gotta' have the sync!😃
  10. That's almost as bad as Garmin.
  11. Concur. 2006, CTSW . . . it doesn't take much to effect a good bank. The autopilot is thankful for that also. Keeping the little rascal in trim is key to flying it well. This little airplane will definitely teach you to be a better dancer. Small, but timely corrections.
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