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  1. IFly 740b installed

    Nice install.
  2. Camping via CT?

    The S-21 can be configured tricycle gear also.
  3. Camping via CT?

    You definitely need to check out the Rans S-21 Outbound. I saw it at Sun n' Fun. Impressive. All kinds of engines available. I think it would be the perfect, 2-person, outback airplane for camping.
  4. Cute toon and interesting video. B-777 footage is from Moses Lake, Washington. That is where Boeing does their crosswind testing.
  5. Flaps and stab question.

    Is that food grade?
  6. This is a shout out for Jesse Saint, at Saint Aviation, Marion Co. Airport, Florida (X35). I highly recommend Jesse for Dynon Skyview installation and servicing. He is very sharp on Skyview and does a superb job, installing/replacing Dynon Skyview components and specializes in troubleshooting. Being way down here in Florida, Jesse was recommended to me by Dynon Customer Support. Jesse and his assistant, Philip, solved my Skyview anomaly in short order, which had puzzled myself, as well as the tech's up in Seattle. Thank goodness they referred me to him. Additionally, Jesse's hourly rate for labor was extremely reasonable, as compared with other outfits in Florida. I have used Saint Aviation several times now and could not be more pleased. Contact Information: Jesse Saint jesse@saintaviation.com Phone: 352-427-0285 Fax: 815-377-3694 10575 SW 147th Circle Dunnellon, FL 34432
  7. Fuel stain on wing

    So true. It almost instantaneously breaks down the fuel stain, so it can be absorbed by a paper towel. I follow it up with a water moistened paper towel, then hit the spot with spray Composiclean or Turtle Ice. Turtle Ice is great stuff. Good for the windscreen also.
  8. Low volts/high amps

  9. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Buckaroo, You need to meet us in Page, this October.
  10. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Are you sure Joe wasn't referring to aviation safety wire? Big, big difference in what Roger is recommending.
  11. Rumbling idle this morning?

    Buckaroo, Didn't Lockwood provide instructional pictures with your gauge set?
  12. Back of seat strap

    The seat back straps on my 2006 CTSW are solid as a rock. Make sure installation is correct. Here's why! It is very important to have those adjusted properly. If the seat "bottoms out," and slams against the aft bulkhead, due to the back strap being too loose, it can crack the seat itself, which probably would render the airplane in an unsafe condition. The integrity of each seat, is an inspection item, during the annual or 100 hour Condition Inspection.
  13. Excellent Duane, thanks for reaching out to Walt.
  14. Rumbling idle this morning?

    That's on the Rotax owners website. https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/videos-topmenu/elearning-videos/43-carb-synch17 You must be a member to view such videos. $30/year. Worth every penny.
  15. Final NTSB report: https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20160419X41829&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=FA