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  1. Excellent post and good information. Thanks Tom.
  2. Corey, Concur with all said above. Hope the medical issue is resolved and you can live a more comfortable lifestyle going forward. I want to personally thank you for your contributions to this membership and especially all those phone calls from me, helping me with various issues I had with my airplane. You certainly have been a valuable resource to this forum and I want to wish you the best going forward. I have no doubt you will be successful in your new endeavor and want to wish you the best. Take good care, Corey.
  3. Flight Design can provide those.
  4. Good catch, Tip! Thanks for giving us a heads up.
  5. Congratulations, Darrell. You are off on the right foot and have a very capable cross country machine. Under those landing conditions, you were smart to do a go-around and try it again. That says a lot about you. Good job and well done! Welcome to the forum as a new owner.😎
  6. Excellent. Thank you all for posting and the pics.
  7. Pics . . . prices . . . and source? . .
  8. Tip, Tried to PM you this evening, but got an alert back . . saying you cannot receive private messages. By the way, that new center panel looks great.
  9. Check the Bowlus tape, at the wing root, where it meets the fuselage. The tape may have to be reapplied. If the tape does not make a good seal, it can result in noise (as you have), due to the "reed effect," as high speed wind vibrates loose ends of tape.
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