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  1. Yes. Note: In aggressive slips, airspeed indicator my not be accurate. When removing the slip, be prepared for speed increase. Personally, I do not continue a slip all the way to the bottom of the approach, as speed increases, it can result in floating during the landing. If the slip is required that far into the approach, it is better to go-around and start another stabilized approach. Of course, the whole point is to get down, descend and intercept a normal approach angle, or clear obstacles which are in the path of the final approach end.
  2. WmInce

    New exhaust

    That's why Dynon is still around. They recently have expanded their reach to certified aircraft. They build good stuff at affordable prices. And their tech support is outstanding.
  3. WmInce

    New exhaust

    And that, my friend, is why more and more owners (including myself) have chosen the E-LSA path. It's all about hassle and cost. Of course, keeping things safe is of utmost importance.
  4. WmInce

    New exhaust

    I am also interested.
  5. Thanks Corey. As usual, great information and pictures from you.
  6. Concur with that, Tom. That is exactly what I experience on a regular basis. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Wonder how this will impact delivery dates for the F2.
  8. Mayor DeBlasio didn't help matters by keeping the schools open as long as he did. What was he thinkin'?
  9. Good information, thanks guys.
  10. Thanks, Dick . . . good information and pics! . . 😀
  11. Just pretend it's an Ercoupe! . .
  12. Thanks for that clarification, Tom.
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