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  1. Check the Bowlus tape, at the wing root, where it meets the fuselage. The tape may have to be reapplied. If the tape does not make a good seal, it can result in noise (as you have), due to the "reed effect," as high speed wind vibrates loose ends of tape.
  2. Congratulations! Have fun and learn on . . .
  3. I view the BRS as part of my life insurance coverage.
  4. Legally possible . . . but highly unlikely.
  5. Congratulations Garrett, on going E-LSA. GNX 375 is a great choice. Asking prices for replaced units?
  6. That's an excellent idea. They seem to do a fairly good job.😎
  7. Not necessarily. Ideally, an owner should have made a copy of the settings file, after any firmware upgrade. That file could be reloaded after a repair or replacement. If that did not happen after firmware upgrading, then . . if the owner can access the settings page (buttons 7 and 8 simultaneously), he/she can copy the current settings file. If the settings page is not accessible, then Dynon may be able to copy the settings file at their shop, then reload that file to the repaired/replaced unit. That is not guaranteed, but they have more powerful software tools to deal with anomalies. When Dynon does perform a repair, every attempt is made to preserve settings and data on the unit. That has been my experience whenever I sent a unit to them.
  8. "crapple" works . . . and works very well. The iPad was revolutionary for GA. Additionally, major airline operators traded their Surface tablets for iPad's. Go figure. YMMV.
  9. Same goes for Tom and Corey. Thank you. We are lucky to have all those guys help our flying community.
  10. If that is truly the case, perhaps it's time to move on. An attack on the forum itself . . is uncalled for.
  11. Again . . . dynamite pictures, Ed. Postcard quality for sure.
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