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  1. BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    One other thing I would like to mention. Due to my extraordinary circumstances, BRS shipped my parachute back to me 2 days after they received it. They usually return a repack in less than 2 weeks. But for my special needs, they went above and beyond. I really appreciate that. Excellent service from BRS. Point of contact is: Derek Kuefler BRS Aerospace Inc. – www.brsaerospace.com 380 Airport Rd · South St. Paul, MN 55075 · USA Phone: 651-294-3275 / 651-457-7491
  2. BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    It is my recent understanding, BRS will not sell parts (BRS 1350) for a rocket which has timed out, at 12 years. The whole rocket, as Roger posted with the photo, must be replaced. The BRS tech, Derek, indicated that due to hardware improvements and incompatibility issues, that is the only way they will sell the kits. Another issue was liability. They would rather just have the entire rocket unit replaced, rather than piecing a unit together (bastardizing), as a serious BRS safety device. I do not believe there is a monetary motive for that position (YMMV). If the parachute repack is done concurrently with rocket replacement, the current combined cost is $1980 (excluding shipping). The parachute and rocket are shipped separately. For my particular situation, shipping for each was $150, one way. The rocket is shipped by ground only (as an explosive). I requested FedEx 2nd Day Air for shipping the parachute (at approx. 35 lbs.). If the parachute repack and rocket are not purchased at the same time, the combined cost is approximately $400 more. You get a price break for replacing both at the same time.
  3. I am really glad to see things are coming together for you and your CT, Buckaroo. Looking forward to reading your posts in the coming months, while you learn more about the 912ULS and your CTSW. Maybe you'll be teaching us on some things!
  4. Alternator light

    Thanks Corey . . . very helpful.
  5. Fuel usage

    You've been saying that for years and I find it is still one of the best pieces of advice a new CT owner can scour from this site.
  6. ICON Fatal Accident

    I am not worried about getting run over by ants . . . it's the elephants that concern me.
  7. ICON Fatal Accident

    With your eyes closed, you'll never know the difference.
  8. Lumbar Support

    Concur 100%. I bought two of those for my CTSW, 2 years ago, and frankly, mcould not do without them. For my airplane and back . . . they are a must . . . especially for cross country flights.
  9. ICON Fatal Accident

    My gut feeling is, it's a combination of both. The former seems to support the latter. Cool little device . . . as long as it's right side up. All I know is . . . I don't want one.
  10. Jimmy Stewart's 310 in Veteran's Day Parade

    Cool. I have a close friend that just donated one of those to a ministry.
  11. ICON Fatal Accident

    Thanks for posting that, Ed.
  12. ELSA to SLSA

    Seems to be working out pretty well for you, eh?
  13. ELSA to SLSA

    That's a thorough and well thought out answer. You make a strong case for going E-LSA. Good job, Andy.
  14. ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Maybe a good trade-in on a nice CTSW. Purely a practical decision.