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  1. Just got off the phone with Tad Olmstead (T.O.M.I. Aircraft Services, Deland, Florida). He advised me he was no longer in business and does not perform aviation services any more. Said his business could not withstand the COVID lockdown and he had to fold up.
  2. Major thread drift here. Wasn't this about the F2?
  3. Wonder what the guts of that little box looks like.
  4. Corey, Glad to hear you are getting back into the saddle. Your contributions to this forum are priceless. You bring a lot of experience and solution. Thank you.
  5. Thanks, Andy. Good report. I especially like the protective metal strips on the leading edges. Spinner looks like less drag.
  6. For the money, you can't beat MATCO. Has given me 7+ years of trouble free, excellent, braking performance. Was the first upgrade I had done to my CT.
  7. The two statements above seem like a paradox. I have to disagree there. Regardless of the wind, the airspeed indicator will not lie to you. What's more, the airplane does not care about the surface wind condition . . . it only cares about the relative wind coming off the nose. Disregarding airspeed (eyes only out front and flying by the seat of the pants) is setting oneself up for an unanticipated and unwanted event. Indicated airspeed should never be disregarded during landing or takeoff.
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