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  1. Ingenious. Good job, Roger.
  2. Different spinner also. Is that spinner aluminum or composite? Looks more streamlined.
  3. Not for long. It's coming.
  4. Technically, that is part of the surface. What's more important . . . by viewing those distant mountains . . . does it help you stay right side up? Sometimes, solid undercast below you isn't absolutely horizontal to the earth's "surface," so it is useless to be referenced as an attitude source.
  5. Thanks for clarifying that distinction, Jim.
  6. Incorrect. Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 61.315 What are the privileges and limits of my sport pilot certificate? (c) You may not act as pilot in command of a light-sport aircraft: (13) Without visual reference to the surface.
  7. No problem here, John. Your points are well taken. I agree with your assertion on the risk of climbing out at 51 kts. Personally, I don't do it. I use flaps 15°, 60 kts., until 500 agl.
  8. Just for clarity . . . the only point I'm trying to point out is this. In the CTSW, 51 kts. is not the correct Vx (best angle of climb), as published in the AOI. Again, here is the reference . . . CTSW Aircraft Operating Instructions (AOI), pages 6-1 and 8-4, lists 66 kts. for Vx at flaps 0°.
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