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  1. WmInce

    Airplane Taxes

    We can agree on that. Same goes for California. People have a choice to avoid those states. However, if the whole nation moves toward that demise, what is a person to do? Move to another country?
  2. WmInce

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Don’t despair, Tom . . . the FAA is getting there.
  3. WmInce

    3 Sierra Nevada Images from my CTSW

    Ed, If you did have an engine failure (in those pictures) and was not within gliding distance of the airport, what would your BRS strategy be?
  4. WmInce

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    By the way Andy, my new empty weight for my CTSW is 744 lbs. Not too shabby, eh? For payload, it’s hard to beat the CTSW. And I also like the twin baggage compartments with 55 lbs capacity each.
  5. WmInce

    Airplane Taxes

    That is a post which surely invites a political response. I do have a suggestion for you, but to keep from starting a spit storm, I shall refrain.😎
  6. WmInce

    Airplane Taxes

    Same here in Florida. But it is my understanding, if an airplane upgrade is undertaken, those initial taxes will apply to a new purchase.
  7. WmInce

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    I heard it first hand, recently, from a well established light sport manufacturer (not Flight Design), that the new FAA light sport rules WILL NOT even have a weight limitation. He said other limitations are going to be changed but it is a work in progress and not to expect anything soon.
  8. WmInce

    No fuel crossfeed.

    Mine always equalize when the airplane sits overnight.
  9. Replacement of gear legs.
  10. Any tips on doing that work, Tom?
  11. WmInce

    Charlie Tango got published

    Congratulations Ed! I figured one day we would see you and your photos in print. i feel honored that you have shared some of the best ones with the CT group first. Always a treat to see your next ones. Thank you.
  12. WmInce

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    Hold on. Recommend you send it to Tucson. Roger has a guy there that does stellar work on those pipes and also muffler, if applicable. Andy’s repairs were done by him. I cannot find his card, but Roger can put you in touch with him.
  13. Hi Dick,

    If you don’t mind me asking, which insurance outfit is your CTSW insured with?

    Mine is due for renewal in December and I am thinking about switching brokers.

    Right now, I use Gloria Dublin at Alexander Aviation Associates. But I have a sneaky suspicion I could do better. I just turned 70 last May, so I expect a bump. Hopefully not too big though.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Take care and happy landings.


  14. WmInce


    Thank you for sharing. My renewal is due in December.
  15. WmInce

    Replacement screws/bolts

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