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  1. WmInce

    market analysis

    Concur. Actually . . . not a bad little airplane to begin with.
  2. Both items have been SOLD. Thank you for your interest.
  3. WmInce

    market analysis

    That might just be the ticket.
  4. WmInce

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Concur . . . . you guys definitely made the right call. Well done! Disappointed Andy and I could not make the trip. That make 3 years in a row. During this time of year, the Gulf of Mexico turns into a constant “storm generator.” We have been bitten multiple times with poor weather emanating from the Gulf. During Hurricane Patricia, it took us a week to finally get home, to Georgia and Florida. It’s a great trip . . . when you’ve got the weather.
  5. WmInce

    market analysis

    Is the aiming point adjustable?
  6. WmInce

    market analysis

    Thank you for the prompt reply. That light looks like it came off of an MD-80. It’s gotta’ be good!
  7. WmInce

    market analysis

    Any particular reason why it was mounted on the left side? Is that a permanent design, or can it be easily removed? Nice light . . . but may produce considerable drag.
  8. Hey Tip, Originally wanted, at least 1, 10-inch Skyview, but installer said we didn’t have the real estate to accomodate it. So, I settled for dual 7-inch Skyviews instead. They have worked out just fine. I also have the backup batteries for each display, Autopilot Knob Panel and Skyview VHF radio. Knob Panel was a worthwhile improvement. The radio is awesome. Whole setup is great. Makes flying a little more fun. New aluminum panels (color Mouse Gray) were also installed. I think they look good. Thanks to Andy, my new panel backup is a Garmin 496, a slight upgrade over the 396. Thanks again Andy! Before anyone asks . . . yes, I have multiple LOA’s for all of it. ADS-B-out to go. Since the uAvionix debacle, now I’m thinking Garmin GDL-82.
  9. Flight Design original equipment (2006 CTSW). Instrument faces and glass look new, 47 hours total on each, before being replaced with twin Dynon Skyviews. Sold as pair - $400 + 2nd-day FedEx shippiing. Separately; ASI - $250, Altimeter - $150 + 2nd-day FedEx shipping each. Ship to continental US only. No overseas sales. If interested, please post here or send me a private forum message.
  10. WmInce

    Oil overheating

    From here . . . I'd say you have plenty!😁
  11. Would be nice if 'night' was added.
  12. Cocur . . . that is what I experience. Goof Off is great stuff. Some claim it is nothing more than lighter fluid.
  13. WmInce

    Hanging with the Peeps

    Great picture . . of folks having fun together. Looking forward to seeing you at Page.
  14. WmInce

    Flaps for Landing

    Concur totally.