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  1. Wonder if the air bags would have any positive effect on insurance rates.
  2. If both pilots are technically proficient . . . It should work just fine. 😃
  3. Remember, VFR cruising altitudes are only applicable in the US and Canada, when the cruise altitude is more than 3,000 feet above the surface (AGL) and less than 18,000 feet MSL.
  4. Almost looks three dimensional.😃
  5. Nope, for Flight Design CT airplanes, Duane is correct. Skyview has a fuel transducer (the Red Cube) in the fuel line, which counts fuel flow. But the tanks are void of any actual measuring device, except the visual sight tubes. Once Skyview fuel computer is calibrated, fuel consumption/range/endurance is calculated, based upon onboard fuel quantity, which is entered by the pilot before each flight. It works great!
  6. Concur, Ed. That was the point I was subtly trying to make.😃
  7. In this photo, it appears the flaps are in the 0° position.
  8. Concur. The killer is speed . . . both vertical and forward. The slower, the better. In most of the cases, the safety cell absorbs much of the shock and does a good job of protecting occupants.
  9. Quoted from the SCFLIER Forum, 23 minutes ago, Mel said: ”The required angle will depend on the length of the extension wrench. To be perfectly accurate, measure the distance from the handle to the torque wrench point of rotation and make the distance from the handle to the adjusting bolt the same. And like I said, his method will get you real close until your extension wrench gets longer.”
  10. I wouldn't exactly call it impressive. IMHO. a good pilot will continue to fly the airplane, regardless, until it comes to rest at the surface. Unless he is wearing a parachute, it’s seems to be the best option. During any emergency . . . continue to fly the airplane!
  11. Just for the record, I made no assumptions of the sort. If BRS is installed correctly, there is no need for losing “faith,” any more than losing “faith” in a properly installed engine.
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