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  1. Door Lever Guide Plate

    I highly recommend avoiding that. I also highly recommend using this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NL4BL0K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 After using acetone to remove the old adhesive, I installed the above weather stripping on top of the original channel. Very easy to install . . . just peel and stick. Very clean and looks professional. Been on my airplane, almost 3 years and good as ever. Even now, it makes a tight seal when closed and has not shown any seperation. After a couple of weeks, it will form fit to door and frame.
  2. Door Lever Guide Plate

    That looks great. Well done! Thanks for posting those pics.
  3. Door Lever Guide Plate

    Good tip. Thanks Roger.
  4. Fuel Sight Tubes

    Really good tips, Tom. Thank you.
  5. Door Lever Guide Plate

    Very interested in this project.
  6. Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    For whatever reason, I got the feeling the video was more of a scripted production.
  7. Glide Ratio

    Congratulations, Bill. I had no idea you had been on here that long. Now . . I feel like a guy. . . .
  8. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Care to share with us on that?
  9. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Okay . . . difference noted! Correct this if I am wrong, but on a new CTLS, isn't the ELT antenna mounted on top, just aft of the VHF antenna? I seem to recall, there was a photo of that.
  10. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Tom, I agree with your thoughts on placement. If BRS is used, I plan on manually activating the ELT during descent. If for some reason the airplane overturns, the antenna is then pointed towards the sky. My replacement ELT is an Artex ELT 345. It is an excellent unit and reasonably priced. It is the standard ELT Phil Lockwood ships on all his AirCam's, worldwide. That's good enough for me. LOA from Flight Design was issued for the install. The antenna is a wire-whip type and pretty long. It is mounted on the bottom aft fuselage, same place where the old one was. It does stick down quite a bit, but not so low that it scrapes the ground, during landings, even in a high pitch attitude. However, when I am ground handling the airplane and lower the tail to an extreme, the antenna WILL make contact with the ground. Such an extreme lowering is not necessary, as it also threatens contact with the lower aft tail fairing. The end of the antenna has a rubber tip on it. After landings, with a high touchdown pitch attitude, I have inspected the rubber trip for scrapes and found non so far. YMMV.
  11. 100LL questions

    Flattery will get you nowhere.
  12. 100LL questions

    Not really. . .
  13. 100LL questions

    Anybody in particular?
  14. Looking forward to that. Have fun and enjoy those trails!
  15. Roger, Are you taking "The Pups" with you? 🐶🐶
  16. Oil Change instructions

    Corey, since the gearbox rotates at a slower rate than the engine (2.43:1), wouldn't that equate to 48.6 engine crankshaft revolutions?
  17. Oil Change instructions

  18. Oil Change instructions

    In the Rotax Line Maintenance Manual, Oil Change section, Step 8 says: "After carrying out the oil change, the engine should be cranked by hand in the direction of engine rotation (approx. 20 turns) to completely refill the entire oil circuit." --------------------------------------- Question . . . what is meant by "approx. 20 turns?" Engine rotation's or prop rotation's? Gear reduction ratio is 2.43:1 for the Rotax 912. Bottom line . . . how many propeller blades should we be pulling through, to achieve the "20 turns?" My guess is about 25 blades. (20÷2.43x3=24.69).
  19. Safety Belts - Revisted

    Latch and link. Super strong, no binding and can be quickly released. Couple that to enertia reel shoulder straps and you've got a real winner.
  20. Safety Belts - Revisted

    I used those those harness locks in the military. They worked extremely well . . . even upside down!
  21. Corey, Is that a 2-stage paint? Could you say you were satisfied with that paint?
  22. CT photos 2018

    Perched! . . .
  23. How much real difference is there, between the wing of a CTLS and a CTSW?
  24. At all flap settings and weights, there is a best rate and best angle climb speed. I would like to see those numbers (for CTSW).