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  1. WmInce

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    uAvionix Ping Buddy, $150. Works just fine so far.
  2. WmInce

    BRS Webinar

    Ballistic Parachute analysis. https://youtu.be/zT58pzY41wA
  3. With the Skybeacon, line of sight reception is limited to about 50%. I think that’s quite a lot. Tailbeacon would expand that considerably.
  4. WmInce

    Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B installed this week

    Additionally, the shop that did my install (Saint Aviation - X35) was plumb full of aircraft getting ADS-B upgrade. They only had 2 GDL-82’s left on the shelf. The rush is on folks.
  5. Gorgeous! By the way, is Jeremy McGregor still operating out of Tracy, Ca.?
  6. Speaking of which . . . what equipment are you using, Ed?
  7. WmInce

    Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B installed this week

    Just had the GDL-82 (ADS-B out) successfully installed in my 2006 CTSW. My airplane is E-LSA, so an LOA from Flight Design was not required. My transponder is the original Bendix-King KT76A (Mode C). Installation is straight forward, i.a.w. the GDL 82 TSO Installation Manual. The GDL-82 box is fastened to a fabricated aluminum pad, which is then inverted and fastened (4 flush-mounted, black screws) sideways, to the underside of the roof of the ”mushroom.” That location was selected due to limited space behind my instrument panel (Skyview components and backup batteries!) and it fosters easy access to the unit for servicing and software upgrading. At that location, the unit is “right there,” for easy access. The power and ground connections are piggybacked on to the transponder circuit breaker. I was told that is normal practice for this installation, as he had done quite a few before, with success. The external GPS antenna sits atop the mushroom, adjacent to the Skyview GPS antenna and is fastened with velco. It makes a very nice installation and is going nowhere. Drilling another hole on top of the airplane was not necessary. Besides that, again, it makes removal and servicing a piece of cake. Additionally, I had the “anonymous switch and fail light” installed on the lower face of the left panel. *Note: Make sure the co-axial cable connections (6) are properly assembled and all cables are securely fastened at the connection points. If the connections are not good and screwed on snug, it may cause an ATC interrogation failure of the transponder, as the L Band antenna (on the belly) will not respond with a satisfactory signal back to ATC. Ask me how I know this. 😡 Airborne performance test good, incentive code received, I should be getting my $500 rebate check in about 6-8 weeks. I am now 2020 compliant! Besides seeing all traffic and weather now, I also can view the location of the ADS-B towers I am communicating with. Cool! . . . 😃
  8. WmInce

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    Ed, What RPM are you turning, at rotation, when departing your home airport?
  9. Awesome pics, Ed. . . 😎
  10. WmInce

    Tecnam P2008

    Concur with Andy. Same here with my 2006. If prop is pitched right, performance is still quite good . . . for an LSA.
  11. WmInce

    Play in Aileron

    Good information guys. Thank you Tom and Roger.
  12. WmInce

    Battery and jumping it

    Excellent post Jacques. Thank you.
  13. WmInce

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

  14. WmInce

    Boeing Buys Foreflight

  15. WmInce

    Clacking Brakes on taxi and landing

    Just to take it a step further . . . I mark the beginning and ending edge of the weights (bookends) with a Sharpie. That way, if a weight is accidentally thrown, the Sharpie mark makes it very obvious.
  16. WmInce

    Cool Dynon Feature...

  17. WmInce

    Clacking Brakes on taxi and landing

    Great advice on the Marc Parnes balancer and Roger’s instructions. It worked like a charm. Thanks again, Roger! . . 😃
  18. WmInce

    strobe lights CTSW

    Thank you for the report on that. Not too many comments on the forum regarding the effectiveness of the newer light. I hope a few others will provide some feedback, on real world experience, with the larger LED landing light.
  19. WmInce

    New CTSW Owner

    Welcome to the forum Matt. Lots of good information here.
  20. WmInce

    strobe lights CTSW

    Thank you for the reply. The new CT Super Sport (CTSW) has the bigger LED landing light, found on the CTLS. According to Duane, it is very adequate for night takeoffs and landings.