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  1. I own both of these wrenches and have used them on the Rotax oil filter. Very simply . . . they are perfect. Both are very high quality, stout, with excellent fit and finish. ------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007KPWBXC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 ------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Q88QCAA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 http://www.bigbikeparts.com/templates/product.aspx?ProductGuid=4-203&GroupGuid=30#4-203Gallery%5Bpp_gal%5D/0/
  2. Parachute Recommendation

    +2 . . . concur with Andy.
  3. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    That's good to know. . . . thanks.
  4. Metal shavings in my float bowls

    Excellent, Roger.
  5. Special Day

    Congratulations to your son, Eric. Well done.
  6. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    Thanks guys.😃
  7. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    My conditions are similiar. i also prefer to connect the charger directly to the battery terminals. I think it provides a more solid connection. This requires me to remove the top cowling, but I am okay with that.
  8. No where in his post does Adam say or imply "it's OK" to ignore limits. His post merely gives recognition of the airplane capability, which we are all aware of.
  9. I knew that would not go unchallenged. We all knew that, including Adam. You have a much better way with words than the alter ego.
  10. 'Full Stall' vs 'Minimum Speed'

    I see nothing remarkable about reinventing the wheel.
  11. Adam, Does the Rotax have the Sport upgrade?
  12. Production uAvionix Skybeacon UAT transmitter

    Or the uAvionix echoUAT?
  13. 'Full Stall' vs 'Minimum Speed'

    That reminds me of someone who used to post frequently here. Stir the pot . . . then bug out.
  14. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Right on! . . .
  15. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Nah . . . we're the same . . . your're a numbers guy. . . . By the way, that's not much different than anything I have flown.
  16. CTSW - landing mishaps

    I like that, but you certainly should be a "numbers guy," until over the thresold or at least when the runway is made. Concur?
  17. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Concur mostly. But regarding the 5-7 knots, it can be taught, just to be patient and let that speed "bleed off," untl that sight picture appears normal (good landing attitude) and a normal landing finish takes place. As proficiency increases, the 5-7 knots above stall should disappear, but inthe meantime, I see nothing wrong with starting out that way. I think most CFI's teach it that way.
  18. CTSW - landing mishaps

  19. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Yes. "Sight picture" is just that . . . what the pilot sees in front of him/her. But realistically, during the landing phase, there are so many other parameters taking place, sight picture is the least of my concern. If all of those other parameters are managed well, that "sight picture" will look just fine and pretty consistant.
  20. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Sight picture (what you see out front) is more about approach angle and closure rate. Pitch attitude can change within the sight picture and is dependent on speed, power and flap setting. During the landing, sight picture is not static, but is continuously changing.
  21. CTSW - landing mishaps

    So you think this discussion is some kind of contest?
  22. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Roger, You are making way, way, way too much sense there. You are absolutely correct.
  23. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Concur. There is no reason to over complicate the obvious. The information on how to land an airplane is out there. I have found that nothing works better than practice, practice and more practice. Contrary to some opinions here and elsewhere, one size does not fit all. These are entertaining discussions, but it boils down to one thing . . . "pilot technique." And pilot technique is a never ending debate.
  24. CT2K advice required

    There seems to be a slight misunderstanding, regarding my reference to sight picture. The "tailbone dragging" was of the human kind . . . not "tailCONE dragging" of the airplane. . . .