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  1. WmInce

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Congratulations! You are gonna' love it.
  2. WmInce

    A couple questions

    Is that food grade? . .
  3. WmInce

    LSA rules changing??

    Tom, Can you be a little more specific with some reasons why? Additionally, it is my understanding, that if gear is damaged due to a hard landing, the LS is more prone to have airfame damage where the gear connects vs. the same for the CTSW. Would you concur with that?
  4. WmInce

    LSA rules changing??

    Like my gramma used to say . . . "wish in one hand . . spit in the other . . guess which one fills up the fastest! . . 😀 I actually cleaned that up a little. She was a real character . . a ship welder durinng WW2 and drove an "Indian" motorcycle. God rest her soul.
  5. WmInce

    LSA rules changing??

    Good point Adam, but for the money, I'd prefer the 180 hp Titan 340. I.e. Rans S-21 Outbound.
  6. WmInce

    headset hanger

    You're kidding . . . right? . . 😀
  7. WmInce

    ADS-B problem

    First thing I would do is . . . thoroughly check all ground points.
  8. WmInce

    Fuel caps

    Roger, any way you could post a link to those for us? Many of us are interested.
  9. WmInce

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    Beautiful job on that door. When are you going to begin shipping? . .
  10. WmInce

    Fuel starvation

    So does the occasional glance at the wingtips, ensuring that they are approximately the same distance above the port and starboard horizons.
  11. WmInce

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    John-Olav and Tim, i will be attending Page fly-in only, Arrviving on the 16th, departing on 21st. CTSW/N663CT. See you there!
  12. WmInce

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    New Page Clarion GM is Isabel Santacruz. She is our new point of contact for the "CT Group." Illisa M. Tso has "left the building."
  13. WmInce

    Fuel starvation

  14. WmInce

    market analysis

    In your PDF link, you claimed, "I have a 'real' pilot’s license, not just a sports license." Just what is that supposed to mean? Your insult to the Sport Pilot community does not rate a passing grade here . . . "Professor."
  15. For me personally, without a hangar, that's a deal breaker for a CT. JMO.
  16. WmInce

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Did you order 3 Skyview HDX's (2x10"+1x7")?
  17. WmInce

    Another oil temp question?

    This forum is a great resource for light sport pilots and anyone who owns a CT (or any other light sport airplane). Before I actually purchased my CT, I lurked on here for almost a year, gathering information about flying characteristics and mechanical considerations. Thanks to Andy Walker and Roger Lee, I ended up with a great little airplane (CTSW), at a very fair price. I just turned 70 and I am still learning and enjoying the journey. Thanks to everybody who contributes.
  18. WmInce

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Congratulations AG! Enjoy your CT and share your aviation experiences with us.😀
  19. WmInce

    Convict Canyon - CT heaven - or hell

    Breathtaking. Post card quality for sure. Some of your best, Ed.
  20. WmInce

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    Great! Please keep us posted.
  21. WmInce

    Another oil temp question?

    Plenty of data to support all these assertions in the archives. A wealth of information.
  22. WmInce

    I’m going Elsa and need direction please!

    What is your basis for that assertion?
  23. WmInce

    Fuel starvation

    Read with tongue-in-cheek. Sounds like a background narrative to a newspaper article. Be careful out there, Ed.
  24. WmInce

    Fuel starvation

    Just my personal minimums, but when my site tubes are one third from the bottom, it's time for me to land and refuel. That withstanding, my butt has a shorter range than my CTSW. It is a great and simple little airplane, with excellent capability.
  25. WmInce

    Purchasing Replacement Parts for CTSW

    Same application, but I use oversize fender washers. They spread out the load coverage, on both sides of the outboard side of the fairing.