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  1. Tip, Did you attend this one at Ridge CC?
  2. Wingtip Repair

    It would be very beneficial if he were a participant on this forum.
  3. Wing Inspection

    Perhaps using alternative hose clamps and/or special tools could make changing those tubes (without pulling the wings) a lot more palatable. How much experimentation has been done with that?
  4. 2007 CTSW $67,500

    Nice looking airplane. For the equipment and hours, I'd say that is a good price. Lower hours and better equipment would command a better asking price. Other influences are the time left before rubber change and BRS maintenance.
  5. CTSW fuel dipstick - where to purchase?

    Did you paint it flat black for better fuel level clarity?
  6. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Where's the sign-up sheet for 2018?
  7. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    Good advice Dick. I should have done that. Instead, I just used more weight. I was able to get my Mnsters balance though, thanks to my excellent Mark Parnes balancer (as per Roger's suggestion!). I'm going with Wilkerson's next time around, but in the meantime, I will keep your suggestion front and center. Thank you.
  9. Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    I did that and it did not work. I am convinced Wilkerson is a much better option for the larger sizes.
  10. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Great pic's ya'll. Wish I was there.
  11. ELT Replacement WARNING

    Just as a point of interest, when Phil Lockwood ships an Air Cam, to remote places in the world, it is equipped with an Airtex 345 ELT. I figured, if it's good enough for one of those Air Cam's, it's certainly good enough for me and my CT. So far . . . very satisfied. Hoping I never need it!
  12. AMERIKING ELT Problem

    LOA is available at FD.
  13. Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    Wilkerson Aircraft Tires. These tires are balanced a lot better than Desser's. Review the site for details. My next set of tires will be from these guys. http://www.wilkersonaircrafttires.com/index.html
  14. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Me too. That "Navajo Omelette" is awesome. Stood up this year . . . by tropical southeastern weather. That Gulf turned into a thunderstorm engine. Bummed indeed.
  15. Another innovative uAvionix ADS-B product

    In Foreflight's latest release, they announced new support for uAvionix EchoUAT. So now, using Foreflight, you can see wx and traffic, via EchoUAT, on your iPad. It just keeps getting better and better.
  16. Low fuel pressure warning during climb

    Good info. Thanks Corey.
  17. 3 Steps to determine Vx Best angle of climb.

    For those interested and inclined:
  18. 3 Steps to determine Vx Best angle of climb.

    Ed, What did you mean by “faster Vx?”
  19. That's true. I should have said "just before critical AOA is reached."
  20. Wouldn't that be at the critical AOA?
  21. They do exist, I have flown several, but they are expensive pieces of equipment.
  22. Vertical speed, as measured by feet per minute.
  23. Hobbs vs Tach time

    Dynon Skyview's can be edited to agree with external Hobbs meters. That withstanding, they won't stay that way though. Depending on what triggers Hobbs running, there will be some drift between the two.
  24. 2018 CT’s

    Correct. And they work just fine. That withstanding, the 10 inch displays are better, especially for older eyes. Unfortunately, my panel did not have the real estate to support the 10 inch Skyviews, otherwise I would have installed them.
  25. Ed, Here's a few questions for ya'. No tricks intended. When your aircraft is at approx. 1300 lbs., what is Vx airspeed at -6° flaps? What is it at 0° flaps? What is it at 15° flaps?