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  1. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Does anybody know if there is a fleetwide LOA for the 3-bladed and/or 2-bladed prop? I like that stainless steel protective leading edge on them.
  2. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Ed, Why did you replace your Neuform prop with the Warpdrive? Did you ever consider the Sensenich?
  3. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Nice catch, Andy.
  4. Kennel Storage?

  5. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    From what I understand, the Sling 2 and Ran's S-21 Outbound are no different. The RV-12 does require some fiberglass layup (canopy support structure), but the Sling does not, as it uses a preformed slider style canopy.
  6. Looks like the new RV-12 kit will include the Rorax 912is, a new fuel tank, better/lighter battery and electric flaps. From what I understand, Van's is not planning on a retrofit for airplanes under current construction or already flying.
  7. Kennel Storage?

    That's not a bad idea. It would serve 2 additional purposes. Muffle some of the engine noise and provide better ventilation for Fido.
  8. Are you sure you didn't mean CTLS there?
  9. If I didn't know better, I'd say you prefer the aluminum over the composite leg. Any truth in that?
  10. That was excellent Tom. Thank you.
  11. Tom, It is my understanding, that the gear legs come undrilled, is that correct? If so, how do you go about match drilling from the old leg? How much labor do you estimate in replacing one main gear leg?
  12. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Cannot remember the exact numbers, but the usable load was impressive.
  13. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Any traveling tips on installing that, Eric? Did you position the GPS receiver on the glare shield? That is my preferred location.
  14. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Just learned at SnF, the Ran's S-21 Outbound is available with the Rotax 915. That S-21 was sweet!
  15. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Valid concern there. There are better options for the CTSW.
  16. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Thank you very much John, for the honest self assessment. The only way I would ever consider an endeavor like that, would be if there was a quick build option (to save time) and it was builder assisted project. Only then would I attempt it. To each his own, eh?
  17. Removing Dynon HS 34

    I think that is awesome. Max utilization of real estate. What's more . . . the most bang for the buck.
  18. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    It transmits on 978 Mhz (20 watts nominal), but receives on both 978 Mhz and 1090 Mhz.
  19. Anyone have the SkyguardTWX ADSB IN/OUT?

    Before you "pull the trigger," have you considered the uAvionix echoUAT + SkyFYX-EXT? Here's the link . . . . https://www.uavionix.com/products/echo-uat/
  20. Steep Turns

    Tom, with all due respect, that only applies to mortals.
  21. iFly 740b Install

    Is that a rastorized map or VFR Sectional, displayed on the iFly?
  22. Rotax Power

    Can we assume both of these were CTLS's?
  23. iFly 740b Install

    Meanwhile . . . what about the iFly 740b install?
  24. iFly 740b Install

    That sounds narcissistic. And stop being so condescending. I have plenty of experience in mountain flying, unless you consider flying around Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker and the Cascades Range otherwise. And I don't mean at 35,000 feet.
  25. iFly 740b Install

    One peek out the window is worth 10,000 peeks at synthetic vision. There is good reason why they call it synthyetic.