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  1. I use no water, Meguiars wash and wax with a microfiber after every flight. Bugs slide right off. Available at Walmart. https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/meguiars-ultimate-waterless-wash-wax-g3626-26-oz-spray
  2. LS Bruce

    Clacking Brakes on taxi and landing

    The Matco brakes on my CTLS were embarrassingly noisy. Using a dial indicator, I measured one rotor was not spinning true (face runout) by .008 no matter how I repositioned the bearings or rotor. Matco said the runout tolerance was .010 max. That is unacceptable! They suggested I shim behind the rotor to get it closer. I added a .008 shim behind one of the 3 bolts and .005 behind another, achieving .001 runout. That made an amazing difference! My clacking is nearly gone.
  3. LS Bruce

    ADS-B out / TailBeacon installed

    I installed the Freeflight Systems as recommended by Flight Design. It works great, passed FAA tests with flying colors. Got a $500 check from the FAA! http://flightdesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/NEWS-ADS-B-Solution-for-current-models-0416.pdf
  4. LS Bruce

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Hey Dick, it’s way too cold around the lake for me! My trusty CT migrates every October to Florida (7FL6) she returns in May. Yes, let’s do another CT fly in to Put-in-Bay island this summer.
  5. LS Bruce

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    I agree this is a very stiff tire! I had them on my CTLS mains for a few months. I finally took them off and changed back to the 6 ply. They were so stiff I felt every bump and crack transmit thru the gear legs. Nearly impossible to make a nice smooth landing. I tried them at various pressures from 35 to 22.
  6. LS Bruce

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Ok Roger, educate us. If the outer bearing races are fixed, as is normal, and one tightens the axle against the inner races without a spacer, the bearings will be easily overloaded and fail rapidly! So what are we missing? Does anyone have a assembly sectional drawing?
  7. LS Bruce

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    Hey Gary, Fly north for a half hour to my field, Spruce Creek fly-in, 7FL6. There is a great restaurant on the field "The Downwind". I'm usually available to talk about CT's and show you around a great fly in community. Then, if you are adventurous, keep going north another hour to our favorite flying place, Jekyll island 09J. The airport is very pilot friendly and will let you borrow bikes or Red bug electric car to go to lunch and explore the very cool island. May need to pack an overnight duffle as your wife will want to stay a night or two!
  8. LS Bruce

    Sinking Floats

    Marvel Schebler MS80-430 Floats If you, like me, have a collection of sunken Bing carb floats, this alternative may be something to consider: https://msacarbs.com/news/rotax_bing_float/
  9. Dilute with water 50/50. Works great on my plane . Seems safe. https://simplegreen.com/industrial/products/extreme-aircraft-precision-cleaner/
  10. LS Bruce


    Note under the accessory tab, you can just buy the o-rings for $11.65. A little grease and new o-rings and adjusting the nut will make it work like new.
  11. LS Bruce

    Removing Dynon HS 34

    Agree. It fits nicely above.
  12. LS Bruce

    New panel insert

    Or you could use real aluminum! 24" X 24" X .050 6061-t6 for $13. Trace it, cut it, drill it, buff it with steel wool. or smaller parts, 12" X 12" X .063 2024-t3 $7 ! https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/mepages/alumsheet_6061t6.php https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/mepages/alumsheet_2024t3.php
  13. LS Bruce

    Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    I'm on my third set of these tires. I've noticed they are very poorly balanced. I've usually had to line up 8-13 tape weights (1/4oz). Also, they seem to be very soft. They wear out quickly and will flat spot easy. I wish there was some other choice, but they seem to be the only maker of the 400-6 size.
  14. LS Bruce

    TruTrak Digiflight II VS Calibration

    A few years ago I sent my Trutrak in for a new screen. I wrote down all my settings beforehand. They updated my motherboard and screen and reloaded all my parameters. I double checked, and they all matched. I simply plugged it back in the panel and the plane (autopilot) flew great with no adjusting anything. Your result may vary, but it was plug and play for me.
  15. This Duffle fit the CTLS just right. I've used it for years. Light weight, good price. http://www.overstock.com/Luggage-Bags/A.Saks-Expandable-Carry-on-Duffle/3440007/product.html