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  1. LS Bruce

    Sinking Floats

    Marvel Schebler MS80-430 Floats If you, like me, have a collection of sunken Bing carb floats, this alternative may be something to consider: https://msacarbs.com/news/rotax_bing_float/
  2. Dilute with water 50/50. Works great on my plane . Seems safe. https://simplegreen.com/industrial/products/extreme-aircraft-precision-cleaner/
  3. LS Bruce


    Note under the accessory tab, you can just buy the o-rings for $11.65. A little grease and new o-rings and adjusting the nut will make it work like new.
  4. LS Bruce

    Removing Dynon HS 34

    Agree. It fits nicely above.
  5. LS Bruce

    New panel insert

    Or you could use real aluminum! 24" X 24" X .050 6061-t6 for $13. Trace it, cut it, drill it, buff it with steel wool. or smaller parts, 12" X 12" X .063 2024-t3 $7 ! https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/mepages/alumsheet_6061t6.php https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/mepages/alumsheet_2024t3.php
  6. LS Bruce

    Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    I'm on my third set of these tires. I've noticed they are very poorly balanced. I've usually had to line up 8-13 tape weights (1/4oz). Also, they seem to be very soft. They wear out quickly and will flat spot easy. I wish there was some other choice, but they seem to be the only maker of the 400-6 size.
  7. LS Bruce

    TruTrak Digiflight II VS Calibration

    A few years ago I sent my Trutrak in for a new screen. I wrote down all my settings beforehand. They updated my motherboard and screen and reloaded all my parameters. I double checked, and they all matched. I simply plugged it back in the panel and the plane (autopilot) flew great with no adjusting anything. Your result may vary, but it was plug and play for me.
  8. This Duffle fit the CTLS just right. I've used it for years. Light weight, good price. http://www.overstock.com/Luggage-Bags/A.Saks-Expandable-Carry-on-Duffle/3440007/product.html
  9. LS Bruce

    2015 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In

    Reservations made. Bruce and Kathy and CTLS will be returning this year. River raft trip also!
  10. LS Bruce

    Failed ignition modules

    I just received my modules last week from Leading Edge (LEAF). Rotax #881-280 is for the kit of two modules and the power connector pins. Still $994 for the pair. They had 12 kits 2 weeks ago. They work as you may have read. Engine starts nice, no kick back, runs kinda crappy for about 5 seconds or so. Then smooths out and runs great!
  11. LS Bruce

    912 vs. 914 (mechanically)

    Has no one ever bought a CTLS 914t? Seems to be offered as an option, pictures and everything. http://flightdesignusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/CTLS_2013.pdf http://www.flightdesign.com/index.php?page=home&n=175&y=2010
  12. LS Bruce

    Possible ADD-B solution

    If I had the 330ES mode S Transponder, I'd be shopping for a older, but certified, gps. All you need is the location data stream to feed the 330ES. Like an old King or Bendix unit. It doesn't even need a display. Hide it somewhere a let it stream. You are done for 2020!
  13. LS Bruce

    Possible ADD-B solution

    Dick, I chose the SkyGuard transmitter for my plane. It works great! It locks on to ground stations at 500ft AGL here in semi-flatland Ohio. The FAA is nice enough (for now) to allow me to be part of the ADS-B system and feed my GDL-39 receiver full traffic data. SkyGuard has a few challenges to be 2020 compliant. As written now, the FAA mandates no portable units, no portable antennas, pressure altitude transmitted, certified gps source. The SkyGuard has issues with all these. I talked at length with the FAA in Oshkosh to make sure I wasn't doing anything illegal! The expert in ADS-B compliance showed me transmission data from my last 10 flights! Yikes... Big brother is watching! They will allow non-compliant transmitters for now... So, maybe the FAA will change these mandates by 2020, but not likely. The FAA really does need to know your gps position for mission critical sequencing. More likely my box will be a door stop in 2020. But, $200/year ($975/5) is cheap to get full traffic data till 2020.
  14. LS Bruce

    CTLS Main Gear Toe in?

    Any good tricks on measuring the toe?
  15. LS Bruce

    Possible ADD-B solution

    Just to be clear... The NavWorks system IS 2020 compliant. ($2400+antennas) The SkyGuard system is NOT, and probably never will be, 2020 compliant. (But only $975!) But, click on the links and read up!