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  1. Do any of the planes have Skyview and where to get details
  2. airlock after fuel drain

    Jacques. That was funny regarding operating "down under"
  3. Vbrs

    How did you go that fast? Were you descending?
  4. 31 Jan 2015 Greenfield, IA Museum Chili Fly-In

    I am planning to come. Working to get it to fit in my schedule. Sounds interesting
  5. FD CTSW Fatal Crash

    Before I soloed, one winter morning I took off with my CFI and experienced exactly the same begining with the plane sliding back and forth ,right to left to right. I did not seem to have any control. Thankfully my CFI recognized a stall and pushed forward and solved the problem. Apparently i was climbing too steeply and I like to think I learned the lesson. That stall was so different then the intentional stalls at altitude because the stick really seemed to do nothing except forward for the CFI. And it all happened so fast. The CFI saved our lives that day. The accident on July 5 sounds like a plain old stall. Perhaps he was still trimmed for landing or he tried to force the plane to fly too soon Those are my thoughts/speculations. I'm sure glad the CFI was there to save me. It was a good experience for me and since then have been very careful not to force it too soon or takeoff too steeply
  6. Areoshell oil for rotax has a retest date. What is that and is the oil not good? Where, how, and who retests the oil. It seems to get shipped with no regard for the retest date. Can someone explain My a&up is not clear about what we are supposed to do. Also,does anyone have any thoughts or opinions regarding replacing the oil drain plug with a spring loaded drain plug oil changes can be done a lot easier?
  7. Best Drop-In Replacement Landing Light Bulb

    I installed the 11.5w bulb on the link Roger gave above and it appears to be brighter than the original and does not affect the electrical system. It also allows air to flow thru the fins and keep cool. I'm happy with it and it drops right in bob
  8. Landing Light & Lens

    Well I need a landing light for my SW. I was spoiled by Chanuk's 3 mode LED but since it failed I need a new light. Can someone direct me to the best LED out there that will fit the SW? I will be looking forward to recommendations. Bob
  9. autopilot installation

    I have 2007 SW w Dynon display and trutrac I am thinking about changing to Dynon Skywatch w ads-b and the works. The equipment works great but I like the extras. Maybe some of my equipment will be for sale but I have not decided what to do or when.
  10. autopilot installation

  11. Voltage Regulator Failure Mode (deja vu)

    I have had problems with wildly fluctuating current,ie, the amps can go from +10 to -10 and everything in between with high and low current alarms 2 to 3 times in 5 minutes. We checked the ground connections, the shunt, the ground post , changed the battery, and the voltage regulator rectifier, and tightened bolts all over. I notice my battery voltage may start at 13.4 (it is on a charger all the time) but goes up and down to 11.5 as this amp fluctuation occurs, albeit not quite so wildly. Nothing appears loose but it sure acts like something is loose. Looking for suggestions.
  12. 2012 Iowa CT Fly-In

    I would like to see an Iowa fly-in. There are three CTs in Ankeny KIKV and I believe we would want to participate schedules permitting. There are alot of posible venues e.g. Okoboji (a clear water lake), Ankeny, Newton Racetrack, and others. Cant wait to hear about others ideas and plans.