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  1. Bob737

    CTSW fuel cap O-ring binding

    Thank you both for the suggestions. I was wondering why after having the plane for seven years this O-ring rolling has just begun. I thought the old rings just stretched but the new ones from Lockwood are doing the same. I have tried the engine oil from the dip stick but it does not last. I will try so white lithium grease.
  2. I noticed the O ring binding in the threads as I unscrew the fuel cap. I purchased a new set of O rings from Lockwood Aviation and the same thing is happening. Is there a lubricant than I can use that’s safe with the fuel to prevent the O-ring from rolling on the threads as I open the tank.
  3. Bob737

    Need a new door seal 2007 CTSW

    I need to replace the door seal on my 2006 CTSW. I remember seeing this topic a while back. It appears that I have the two part rubber seal that tears apart with time and wear. Does anyone know of a one piece seal. If so, please provide the supplier and part number. I was given McMaster-Carr 1120A411 by FDUSA but that appears to be the two part seal. Thanks!
  4. Hi Bob, Welcome to the CT Flier Forum group. Everyone is very helpful with ANY question you may have.

    Gary KTFP in South Texas

  5. Welcome aboard Bob! Glad to have you and glad to hear your enjoying your CT!

  6. Hi all! I'm a new member and new owner of N381CT. I'm based at KPIE. Already enjoying my new CTSW!