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  1. Looking for CTLS

    My 2011 CTLS (delivered in Jan 2012) will be for sale within a month - taking delivery of a new CTLSi. Skyview with one touch screen, one regular screen, 696, and Tanis engine preheater. Tan interior. About 550 hours and warranty until Jan 2017. Let me know if interested.
  2. iPad Remount

    Sweet! Looks perfect. I use suction cup mount on window and always hit my head on the pokey things
  3. iPad Remount

    Sweet! Looks perfect. I use suction cup mount on window and always hit my head on the pokey things
  4. Latest RC plane!

    Wow - what engine you using? Really nice did you build?
  5. I am curious - VFR and VFR at night...why no IFR? Still need IFR ticket but can get with class 3 medical so what is the difference?
  6. The wait is almost over

    Except flying :-)
  7. The wait is almost over

    Beautiful plane Paul! Savor the moment...you don't get many better than this anticipation.
  8. Tanis pre-heater

    I have the Tanis and switchbox. Really makes a difference on cold mornings and although my hanger is flies to my house still nice not to go out on cold mornings to plug in.
  9. Gov shutdown closing general aviation

    The boneheads are worried if they inflict no pain we all will figure out was is really essential and what is not..hmmm not a lot essential. They use more people to stop people at moments than those who typically work there. Sad...
  10. Gov shutdown closing general aviation

    Not impacting flying but FAA is closed to plane transfers, etc. can't sell my old cirrus or buy a new cirrus. If we tied their pay to passing a budget which has not happened for years this crap would stop. I do realize the likelyhood of them linking their pay to their ability to execute is bupkis,
  11. First solo vs first alone

    wow....what kind of plane do you know?
  12. First solo vs first alone

    Congrats! It is something you will never forget. I was astonished how fast I got off the ground on my first solo flight. But as I was reading this it made me wonder....how many folks have issues on their first solo flight? I've never heard of any issue but have any of you heard of any issues? All my neighbors are pilots and they say the 300 hour mark is the "witching" hour - maybe that Competent Incompetentcy thing...
  13. CTSW or LS passenger footrest

    Only issue I have ever had with the footrest is that it interfered with the toe brakes... Seriously a great product, no issues for over a year.
  14. LSA chute failed to deploy during flight testing

    So if the pilot released it must have been a special setup since so much damage occurs. Interestingly the cirrus jet will have the chute in the nose.
  15. How often do you guys fly?

    Over half were for work...although I wouldn't say it was work :-)