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  1. Duane Jefts

    CTLSi Electrical System Questions

    I like to think of Lane A and Lane B as Computer A and B. With sufficient altitude you can select Lane A only (with the starter switch) and see if your getting a charge on the meter, then switch the starter switch to Lane B and see if the engine keeps running and check the meter again to see if you are charging. That should answer your charging question. Shedding battery load? Turn everything off and pull breakers as necessary after making your radio call. Bottom line - land as soon as possible. Also we need to do lunch sometime. drjefts@juno.com
  2. Duane Jefts

    Convict Canyon - CT heaven - or hell

    Spectacular pictures as usual Ed.
  3. Duane Jefts

    Exhaust noise

    If the A20's are pluged in they are powered provided all is in working order with the plane and the plugs. They are supposed to work and they do in Larry's CTLSi. I would check that they are plugged into the correct side and check the audio panel for proper set up. If there is another set of headset's, one might try them also to eliminate a bad headset. As I recall one of the buttons on the audio panel needs to be pushed in to operate.
  4. Duane Jefts

    Exhaust noise

    The CTLSi, if he is using the 6pin "Lemo" plug provides powers to the noise canceling headset. No batteries required.
  5. Duane Jefts

    Glide Ratio

    How about the most viewed?
  6. Duane Jefts

    Glide Ratio

    I think the primary thing that affects your glide in an emergency, is your ability to de clutter your mind and calmly make immediate and decisive decisions and - Oh Yes - fly the plane. This can be practiced to the point that if it happens, your confidence/experience level makes the glide and landing a routine experience. Like US Air landing in the Hudson River. We used to practice that scenario annually at TWA and American.
  7. Duane Jefts

    Camping via CT?

    Flew all over Alaska for a month with Camping/Survival gear. I recommend very light backpacks and I packed most everything in plastic garbage bags. They are very light and conforms to the baggage compartment. You can even put them in the baggage comp first (empty) and then put your stuff in, then tie them closed and tie down. I would keep all your emergency/survival equipment behind the seats. Easy to reach when you are hanging from a tree.
  8. Duane Jefts

    Dynon Autopilot "hunting" in azmuth

    Bill, right after Walt put the topic on the forum, I called him and gave him my history with the same problem. I fixed it in flight by adjusting the sensitivity on the autopilot servo's. Walt has all my input. Have not heard back so maybe it is a non issue with him now.
  9. Andy, I am in town and was out to SUS yesterday helping a friend with his new 182 learn his plane.


    Would love to have breakfast.  I'm in Lake St Louis, where are you?  We could find somewhere in the middle.

  10. Duane Jefts

    2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    xm weather is OK but I prefer Dynon. Bigger screen for display and overlay and very easy to use. Also no additional subscription cost involved. That being said, when I go on long trips, I activate XM weather. Kenny Rogers is very easy listening as well.
  11. Duane Jefts

    2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    All Dynon is probably cheaper than having the Garmin 796 plus no update costs. I like it.
  12. Duane Jefts

    New Pilot - Jumping Left on Takeoff

    Yup, More right rudder.
  13. Duane Jefts

    Low Fuel Pressure

    Not really sure if this helps but Larry's CTLSi has operated out of Arizona in really hot conditions and high altitudes and has had zero problems. The difference may be solved with fuel injection? Thoughts?
  14. If you want the fuel to stay where you put it, just build a little ramp lift for the low side. Should not take much.
  15. Duane Jefts

    Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Fly on Tuesday but what year John?