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  1. Duane Jefts

    Twenty minute flight to 14,400'

    Snow does not look white in the first couple photo's. Are you using a a filter or are atmospheric conditions doing this?
  2. Duane Jefts

    Fuel Vapor - low fuel pressure

    Unless you have a fuel injected engine. Fuel pump quits in a CTLSi - engine quits - unless second fuel pump is on.
  3. Duane Jefts

    Baggage space CTLS

    Plastic garbage bags work really well and don't add much to the weight.
  4. Duane Jefts

    Stolen Q400 recreation

    I would think they did a toxicology report. Hard to explain his behavior since they did not find anything definitive in their post accident report. Thanks for posting.
  5. Duane Jefts

    90F in Tucson today

    Still got in 18 holes of golf.
  6. Duane Jefts

    90F in Tucson today

    You can still mow the lawn - right after you shovel the snow!
  7. Duane Jefts

    Altimeter Check

    Service Ceiling | Definition of Service Ceiling by Merriam ... www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/service ceiling Service ceiling definition is - the altitude at which under standard air conditions a particular aircraft can no longer rise at a rate greater than a small designated rate (such as 100 feet per minute). Some of the planes I have flown show the service ceiling at the altitude at which you can no longer maintain a climb rate of 300fpm. I imagine each plane has a different definition but it is usually based on the max altitude that you can maintain some predetermined climb rate.
  8. Duane Jefts

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    The 10 inch skyview is really good. To convert to ADS-B it is only a different antenna - $600 from Dynon. The skyview systems I have seen have a Dynon autopilot operated from the screen soft keys. Also map updates are free as opposed to Garmin equipment where you have to pay for a subscription. The skyview system shows TFR's and weather among many other things. I highly recommend the skyview system.
  9. Duane Jefts

    Copper State Fly-In

    Roger Lee and I plan on being there Friday morning around 0840 for breakfast and a look about. Would be good to see you again.
  10. Duane Jefts

    Copper State Fly-In

    Anyone besides myself going to Copper State Fly-In at Buckeye Airport, AZ? It's Feb 7,8, & 9 and the airport is just west of Phoenix. https://www.copperstate.org/flying-in/ Hope to see you there.
  11. Duane Jefts

    3 Sierra Nevada Images from my CTSW

    Just excellent.
  12. Duane Jefts

    Approximate cost of various Mx items

    That's a lot of money to make it cute!
  13. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Also took pictures of the Arizona Memorial and Punchbowl National Cemetery. Two places I recommend everyone visit. The Arizona is still leaking oil after all these years.
  14. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Flew over them and they looked like they were being used but I don't know the condition. The beach looked nice so even a tent would be good. There was lots of folks on that beach. I did take a picture of Waikiki Beach and there were many folks there as well.
  15. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Kalaeloa will always be Barbers Point to me as I was stationed there in the late 60's and the Coast Guard station is still there. My brother Larry and his son Jonathan have hangar's there. I believe there is one other CT in the Islands based in Kona on the Island of Hawaii. I'm not sure why some airports don't have the ICAO identifier. It must be the IATA code identification system - international vs local designations. Picture of Barbers point Coast Guard Air Station from last week.