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  1. I blinked and missed it the first time I viewed the video.
  2. Light Sport does not tell the controller what he needs to know. FDCT does.
  3. When Air Traffic Control ask for your type aircraft - tell them FDCT. That’s what they have in their system.
  4. Looks like a Garmin 696 in the middle. Go to menus and tools in 696 and look for xm radio menue and if you have a subscription and an antenna - I think GXM40 or GXM42 on the antenna, you should be good. The xm subscription is tied to your antenna. There is a switch on your audio panel that may have to be switched. On the menue, I think the XM selection was on the lower part of the page in the center.
  5. Not sure of the modules and the connections but my vision auto pilot does fly a LPV GPS Approach right on down to minimums. Trutrac hooked to two G-5s and GTN650. I do need an AIRINC switch to get The autopilot to fly the ILS glide slope. That will be the next install.
  6. Welcome to the forum and welcome to the wonderful world of Flight Design flying.
  7. Push and hold soft key one on the Dynon for 3 seconds or so. That should turn the sky view on and off. I assume your talking about a Dynon 1000.
  8. Congrats on your 2013 CTLSi. You will discover longer range and fuel savings, especially at altitude. I have been flying a 2013i since 2013. Been to point Barrow, AK and back and did not have to land in Canada (overfly along the coast was easy). You are going to love it.
  9. One simple check you should do is check the “G” meter. Most folks don’t think about resetting after hard landing.
  10. Was that airplane modification approved by the manufacture and FD USA? Since it uses engine heat does Rotax have to sign off on it too?
  11. I see a lot of CTs come through Rogers shop in Tucson that have been maintained by A&Ps. It’s amazing at how many discrepancies they have. I thinking having real CT maintenance folks names in the logbook is important. Also pre buy done by a CT maint guy might save a lot of heartache in the long run.
  12. Great response Roger and Tom. I keep the one behind the passenger seat and have an additional one in the pilots foot compartment. Both seem easy to reach to me unless flying solo in the right seat, then not so much.
  13. Eric Swisher of Copper City, has replaced at least one. He might be a good source as well as Flight Design.
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