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  1. The plane should come with a strap that fits over the rear fuselage that you attach the tie down too.
  2. Starting to look like a “power flow” system to me. Has anyone contacted them? Would probably be expensive if they got involved.
  3. If you click on “my spot track” on one of my posts - that should work.
  4. Perhaps this https://maps.findmespot.com/Track#panel-history
  5. You were talking longest, in time, post. I was asking about what was the -most viewed- post.
  6. No! If you have 10 inch sky view and dynon transponder “261” then all you need to do is add the 2020 antenna. I suspect you may not have the sky view and dynon transponder or the former owner would not have added a tail beacon ads. Still not good for IFR training without additional was GPS.
  7. It is my experience that that is an antenna receptical only. It should be a small brass colored plug in.
  8. One way to see if your 696 is hooked to an antenna is pull the unit out of the dash and see if an antenna is plugged in to the little brass looking hole on the top left side of the unit as you are looking at it. Nothing plugged in then no antenna hooked up.
  9. Later model CTLSi but lights have to be on outside for the interior lights to work as well as the interior dimming switch.
  10. I love the xm weather and it’s nice to listen to Kenny Rogers along the way. I think I have an antenna if you are interested I will look for it.
  11. I have a 3+ and a seven black that you can control remotely.
  12. Very good John. I would add, (to consider) using no flaps on takeoff. With no flaps you have better aileron control and less lifting potential on the upwind wing in a crosswind, especially with gusty winds. If you really like flaps 15 for takeoff then you could accelerate with flaps zero and upon reaching flying speed, have your co-pilot lower the flaps to 15. This will “pop” you off the runway. Also with zero flaps on takeoff you will be going faster so you will have more positive rudder and aileron control. Think about it, there must be a reason the POH recommends no flap landings with higher crosswinds. DO NOT forget about the effects of Density altitude on your takeoff. Bottom line - if you don’t feel comfortable, wait for better conditions. Safe flying everyone.
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