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  1. Post a picture please. Cradle not required but nice. A simple usb cord to computer and ‘photo type’ connector on the other end, to the 796,will work. I would still call the previous owner for the rest of your 796 related stuff.
  2. I would call garmin on the SD card thing. I just updated mine today and I just plugged it into my laptop and downloaded the new updates. You need to have Garmin Desktop installed but once on the "Fly Garmin" website it takes you through all the necessary steps.
  3. Not difficult. Just make sure you turn the 3mm hex head a quarter turn and pull the 796 out from the right side first.
  4. $199 if you want North America which includes Canada and Mexico.
  5. As per Ed, yes they do. You should have gotten a plug in "cradel" for the 796 from the owner. When updating it can take a long time so you will want it in that cradle. If you did not get one, you should call the previous owner. Go to the "fly garmin" web site and you can see the updating expenses. Sounds like yours may be way out of date and needs a software update for the operating system as well. That may be free. You may also be able to update using the removable SD card. You will see that after taking the unit out of the dash.
  6. All airplanes may not be the same. On mine, midway up on the 796 to the right is a 3 mm hex screw you need to turn out approximately a quarter or turn one way or the other and that should release the 796. However, you need to grab the right side of the 796 and pull that out first. It may be difficult if it is in tight so you might have to pry a little bit but it Has to come out right side first. The left side has an antenna wire attached.
  7. If you call aircraft spruce and talk to Brian, he will know the part number. Roger Lee got them and installed them for me. They are like a clip.
  8. N79202’s fuel lever does not interfere with ignition key and vice versa. Perhaps all fuel injected planes are not like this one, but for this one it is correct.
  9. Unless you have. CTLSi. In that plane the ignition key and the fuel lever are separate.
  10. Check your generators, if both still working with Lane B light on then you have an indication problem with Lane B. There are four electrical connector's on top of your fuel injected motor. one is for lane A and one is for lane B. Aircraft Spruce sells a connector you can put over Lane A & B connections to hold them together and your problem should go away. Another solution is to take safety wire and wire those four connections tightly together. This will fix the problem.
  11. The dynon's do not have a fuel gauge. The skyview does have the ability to program takeoff fuel and then compute the fuel burn but that is only a computation. The system has nothing in the tank to measure what is actually there. You can have a leak or missing fuel cap and you will only know it by watching the fuel sight tubes.
  12. There was some discussion some time ago about checking that the parachute cords were attached in the right place. Apparently some were not looped through the connector pin. If you search this site you may be able to find those discussions.
  13. Relieved here in Tucson. Must have periodic pictures of the mountains.
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