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  1. If your looking for inches better performance on takeoff, start off with flaps zero and place to desired position/airspeed when you want (small lead time) to get airborne. That gives you less drag during acceleration and the plane just "pops" off the ground.
  2. In the search menu on this site look for “Alaska 2014” by Duane Jefts”. That thread covers a several week journey from Tucson, AZ to Pt Barrow AK and back and many points in between. The CT is a most capable airplane as you will see.
  3. Congrats on “joining the club”. I plan on flying to Kalispell in a couple weeks from Tucson, AZ. If it works I would be happy to stop by for a chat.
  4. BRS landing in the water - I’m unlatching the doors and holding them closed until impact.
  5. Complicated question with many possible answers. Would need weather conditions as well as sea Condition to make a judgment Call. If the wind conditions over the water are 40 kts And you landed into the wind then you can theoretically touchdown at zero ground speed. Under the same conditions if you pull the chute, Then you would hit the water at 40 kts Ground speed, or water speed if you prefer. In my Coast Guard career I have seen a number of airplanes land in the ocean.In a tricycle gear like a CT you can expect to be upside down in your seatbelt and that is not an easy position to get out of unless you have your seatbelt cutter handy. There are a lot more considerations but I will leave you with this information for now.
  6. Thanks Todd. I will bring someone TBA. No on Bryce, Yes on Page. And it’s a CTLSi or perhaps a C-172 But probably the CT.
  7. Is it too early to post list of attendees?
  8. Excellent post. Hopefully it will help others get past your learning curve more easily.
  9. Could be 713.....,it’s close
  10. I blinked and missed it the first time I viewed the video.
  11. Light Sport does not tell the controller what he needs to know. FDCT does.
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