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  1. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Also took pictures of the Arizona Memorial and Punchbowl National Cemetery. Two places I recommend everyone visit. The Arizona is still leaking oil after all these years.
  2. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Flew over them and they looked like they were being used but I don't know the condition. The beach looked nice so even a tent would be good. There was lots of folks on that beach. I did take a picture of Waikiki Beach and there were many folks there as well.
  3. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Kalaeloa will always be Barbers Point to me as I was stationed there in the late 60's and the Coast Guard station is still there. My brother Larry and his son Jonathan have hangar's there. I believe there is one other CT in the Islands based in Kona on the Island of Hawaii. I'm not sure why some airports don't have the ICAO identifier. It must be the IATA code identification system - international vs local designations. Picture of Barbers point Coast Guard Air Station from last week.
  4. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Flew from Barbers Point on Oahu to North shore Molokai, then North shore Maui, then over to the big Island and on down to Kona. Light winds and few white caps on the Ocean today. It was easy to see the whales. Flight was made in the famous CTLS 413F. The gathering consisted of Larry Jefts, Darryl Swenson, Carol Merrifield and Duane Jefts all of which made the Page Fly In this last October. The weather was perfect.
  5. Duane Jefts

    Kona, Hawaii fly in

    Short notice but 3 members will attend the CT fly in at the Kona, Hawaii airport tomorrow Jan 16 at around noon. For those of you that can not make it I will post a situation report. Safe flying.
  6. Duane Jefts

    uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

    You need to go into the menu and change the approptriate port setting to 2020 and then go into the transponder menu and change it to 2020. Mine was on port 5. The choice will be on the screen. Don't try this in the Hangar, you need a GPS signal for it to find the appropriate settings. Not very difficult.
  7. Duane Jefts

    Unequal fuel usage

    I would not only look at the fuel cap but the fuel cap assembly. Sometimes the epoxy erodes around that assembly and fuel leaks out and that could create a low pressure on that side pulling fuel from the opposite wing. That assembly is only glued in. I had the whole assembly depart the aircraft and it emptied all the fuel from the opposite wing due to the low pressure over the wing pulling it out. Kind of a far reach I know but it is worth a look.
  8. Duane Jefts

    Unequal fuel usage

    If the left fuel cap assembly is leaking then it would draw all the fuel out of the right wing first. I assume there is no fuel seepage on the left wing?
  9. Duane Jefts

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=220332 So sad. I looked at both approaches into the airport and I think I saw big power lines at one end. That might have been the problem.
  10. Duane Jefts

    My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

    1966 for me. I guess that shows my age.
  11. Duane Jefts

    I take it we DON"T have the dates for the 2019 Page Fly-In.

    There was some discussion of moving it up a week or so in Oct. It's normally around the 12th of Oct plus or minus a little.
  12. Duane Jefts

    Page Fly-In 2019 - check out this place...Bar 10 Ranch

    Sounds good to me. Wonder if they are open in Oct.
  13. Duane Jefts

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    Your supposed to know what I mean, not what I say or write. At least that is what my wife says.
  14. Duane Jefts

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    Would recommend putting Page 2012 on your list. It's an annual fly in at Page, AZ and the scenery and friendship is as good as it gets.
  15. Duane Jefts

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Law enforcement can fly at 1500 pounds so I know it must OK up to that weight.