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  1. Low Fuel Pressure

    Not really sure if this helps but Larry's CTLSi has operated out of Arizona in really hot conditions and high altitudes and has had zero problems. The difference may be solved with fuel injection? Thoughts?
  2. If you want the fuel to stay where you put it, just build a little ramp lift for the low side. Should not take much.
  3. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Fly on Tuesday but what year John?
  4. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

    Let's see now ?? Landing on ice to get to your vacation home!! My idea of getting to a vacation home is landing on a beach or lake that is not frozen. Seriously, sounds like a lot of fun landing on the backwater. Enjoy your winter get away. I used to live in Mich so Tucson is my idea of a winter get away.
  5. CTLS vs CTSW

    I fly a CTLSi and a C-172 all the time. I compare them as a sports car vs grandma's station wagon. Both handle turbulence well but the Cessna may not feel as "rough" as the CT. The CT is clearly more fun to fly, goes faster, uses far less fuel, has better visibility, has longer legs, easier to hangar, way better panel, and the cute factor is way up there. The CT does not carry 4 people.
  6. Landing on ice - 70° crosswind

    I always thought landing on ice was a lot of fun. I taught it as the "hocky puck" theory. Does not matter which way you are pointed, you are going to "slide" in the direction of your energy at touchdown. Brakes won't work and rudder won't work, only positive thrust will get you back on track. This should stimulate some discussion.
  7. FAA Alaska Cameras

    There are Flight Service Stations (FSS) at many of the remote airports in Alaska and they can bring those cameras right up on their display. Anyone flying to Alaska should definitely stop in at the nearest FSS as they have a wealth of local knowledge and give excellent weather briefings.
  8. New wide angle lens and Yosemite flight - yesterday

    Ed, do you have a photo window to shoot out of or are these just through the plexiglass? Beautiful as usual!
  9. Night flying, IFR

    Call Rotax. I don't listen to "some posts". The CTLSi I fly is set up for night. I have a landing light, I presume is for seeing at night. I fly at night with no difficulty. That's all I know.
  10. Cold start... again

    Two or three hampsters in a cage under the cowling should do the trick.
  11. Seeking information

    Dick and John - your comments are spot on. I think FD has been up to their ears in the swamp and have not had the time or energy to come on out and join us. Perhaps they will in the next year or so.
  12. Seeking information

    From Tucson Arizona to Point Barrow Alaska and back. Overflew Canada. Check out Alaska 2014 on this website. You can't go wrong with a CTLS.
  13. I prefer the touch screen 796 over the 696 but after flying a 696 for 80 hours to Alaska and back, I got used to it. Don't give up on it yet Todd, it is very adequate "after a while".
  14. Light sport NI43RS skyrunner crash feb 2018

    They could have had a lot longer "runway" if they would not have started in the middle of the field. Runway behind you does not a good takeoff make.
  15. Ballistic Recovery System

    The JATO mod might require a LOA but would be handy when trying to clear the Rockies on the next Page trip.
  16. Playing in the wind

    At that speed, a few fuel stops would have to be in order for what is normally a 1 hour flight plus or minus a little. I know 173LM is good for at least 5.5 hours as that is what it took to fly from Friday Harbor Washington to Ketchikan, AK.
  17. Parachute Recommendation

    When you pull the handle and the chute deploys, you will know it right away. I would keep pulling until you feel the shock.
  18. landing tail draggers

    So - now is the time to build the Hangar in the banana patch?
  19. Special Day

    That's great Eric. Proud parents.
  20. Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    Nice looking airplane. I would stick with the 912i. In a light sport it does all the work necessary at whatever altitude airport and density altitude operations plus it starts really easy, get's great fuel mileage for those long trips and has no instances of "rubber in the carbs".
  21. 30° flaperon landings - can be fun - or not

    For you newbees reading this post, I would like to add a comment. BOTH Roger and Ed are precisely correct. Their differences, as I see it, is based on skill level of the pilot. For those new and occasional pilots, maintaining a skill level landing with 30 flaps is probably not going to happen. In this case, fewer flaps and a (little) extra speed might be easier on the plane. Something I don't really see discussed is level of proficiency. When I was operations officer of VT-28 (Navy advanced training squadron), If one of my instructor pilots had not flown with a student in the past two weeks, he was required to fly with another instructor to bring his scan and proficiency level back to an acceptable level. Yes, you can lose your "edge" after only two weeks. For someone like Ed that flies often, 30 flap proficiency is easy. For Joe pilot that flies once every one, two, or three weeks, 30 flap proficiency will not be there for him. Everyone should fly within their abilities and level of proficiency and I suspect that will be different for each pilot.
  22. Passenger foot rest

    Todd, I have one in Tucson. Let's get together for breakfast someplace and you can measure away.
  23. Mystery Device

    It's called a header tank and holds 1.6 gal, 1.3 of which is useful. There is a big red light on the dash and when that's all the fuel you have left, the big red light comes on and you streak for the nearest runway.
  24. Broken Left Door Widow

    Gorilla tape should provide a temporary repair.
  25. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Put me in a corner, I did it!