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  1. Dan Kent

    ADS-B, F-16 and Cessna 150

    Thanks Corey.
  2. Dan Kent

    ADS-B, F-16 and Cessna 150

    Would ground radar paint the F-16? If so then the Cessna would receive an uplink of their radar. I just don't know if it will show up on the radar. Do military aircraft have ADS-B (in and out)?
  3. Dan Kent

    ADS-B, F-16 and Cessna 150

    If the Cessna 150 had and ADS-B in and out installed (like a Dynon trains and ADS-B box) would the Cessna have seen the F-16? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dan Kent

    EGT Probe

    Rich and I have the same plane and my 4 have been fine, knock on wood. I have 275 TTE. I also have Dynon displays.
  5. Dan Kent

    Long Legs

    Impressive endurance and perseverance. I am a low time pilot and appreciate these post of other pilots going long distances in LSA's (which I also own). Thanks.
  6. Dan Kent

    Pipistrel deployed ballistic parachute succesfully

    FYI. The chute is purported to be a Galaxy which I have in my plane. Galaxy claims to deploy faster than the BRS as their rocket stays attached until lines are fully extended. Also the package may be larger as it is packed at a lower pressure and has a 10 year repack. I'm not implying that the outcome would have been any different, just pointing out that, even chutes have different (or claimed) differences.
  7. Dan Kent

    Impossible Turn Testing

    Another thought on the "turn" is that if your airport has multiple runways (or non parallel taxiways) is a turn to another runway if it is a shorter turn. At my airport there are 2 runways and a very experience pilot died (engine fire) in his experimental plane because he tried to turn 180 degrees when the other runway was a shorter turn. What's really sad is his daughter who was on the plane suggested the shorter turn and he chose the tougher turn. They were less than a mile from the end of the runway but it took 3 hrs for the rescuers to get through the trees.
  8. Dan Kent

    Possibly needing prop adjustment

    DUC claims there ground adjustable props display "constant speed effect". Maybe there is something to this claim. I spoke with someone that switched from a Woodcomp to a DUC and he claimed significant performance improvement. My plane came with the DUC. http://www.duc-helices.com/contenu.php?id_contenu=22&id_dossier=10〈=2#_Toc377570073
  9. Dan Kent

    Possibly needing prop adjustment

    Hey Rich, I was finally able to get out this morning. At WOT on takeoff rollout, I hit 5330 rpm (GS below 25 kts). At DA 3000' at WOT, I hit 5560 rpm. It took a minute or 2 to get there, but 5500 was hit right as the throttle was pushed forward. Hope this helps.
  10. Dan Kent

    Possibly needing prop adjustment

    Rich, The DUC manual says 24 degrees (using their gauge) (pg 8/26) for the 912 S. I believe this is the pitch that mine is at. I recall the 2 coinciding. When I took delivery of the plane WOT was ~ 5200 (my memory may not be correct). Anyway I asked some pitch to be taken out according to what Roger recommended, not specifically for me but just in general and it only took one adjustment to hit the 5500-5550.
  11. Dan Kent

    Possibly needing prop adjustment

    Rich, I checked and there is no entry. I think this is because this adjustment was made during the week I took delivery. The next time I go flying I'll do a WOT run up and record the RPM. I think it is around 5300-5350.
  12. Dan Kent

    Possibly needing prop adjustment

    Rich, I believe my prop is at 21 or 21.5 degrees (same plane, engine and prop). I get 5550 rpm at WOT @ DA 3500 to 4000. I would suggest you get Mark to adjust at SportAir. He has a gauge that is quite accurate.
  13. Dan Kent

    Low oil pressure again.

    You could go with a Kavlico 101693-000 from Dynon ($85). I believe your panel has a 5V source as the sensor has 3 wires. At least that's how it was when I got their fuel pressure sensor. Pg 20 of http://dynonavionics.com/downloads/order_form.pdf I believe Dave (S3flyer) had this installed and he doesn't have the SV system, so I think the 5V is available from non SV Dynon systems. If possible, you may want to get the fuel pressure sensor also. Mine is rock solid.
  14. Dan Kent

    Info needed for San Diego trip

    Hey Rich, F51 has 91 octane Mogas with no ethanol. At least the did a year ago. It is east of Dallas.
  15. Dan Kent

    SkyView Autopilot Settings

    I am currently running V 11.1 but the issue has been around for many versions. What I encounter it, it is out of the blue, and I will experience a gentle oscillation around the track, both ground track and flight plan track. I think what triggers it is wind aloft. I enter the AP adjustment menu (roll only) and reduce both parameters. I think I'm currently at sensitivity @ 8, and gain @ 1.0. Pitch has never an issue. I also upgraded the roll servo to the SV42 due to slippage. My ailerons are out near the end of the wing. In a slip, I use full rudder and adjust with aileron. Some days no issues and some days the oscillation starts 4-6 degrees left then right of course. Easy to adjust sensitivity in flight.