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  1. Garmin 330 issue

    Several years ago I had the problem of ATC rec. everything but Alt. Turned out to be the tray was not going all the way back in. A little filing enabled it to go in the extra RCH needed. Has worked fine since then.
  2. Choosing Tires, requesting opinions

    Andy, Remember to check the clearance from the fork on any new tire you put on the nose. When I changed mine awhile back the new dresser would bind on the nose fork, so had to go back to the original tire. BTW I do not notice wear since I operate mostly on sod. You Georgia boys might be putting ground glass in tar and calling it asphalt.
  3. Maintenance on the steering rod

    John does N80363 ring a bell?
  4. 2006 CTSW for sale

    Tim, does your new ct have Dynon's ? If so does it have a O.A.T. Mounted in the left wing inspection port. Do others with 2006 CTSW have O.A.T's with or without the Dynon?
  5. Peach State Aerodrome aka Candler Field

    Thanks for the pics. Did not see one of the blue burger. Did you get any red clay on your plane. You still need to fly up to KSME great restaurant over looking lake. Guthries river house. Let me know when you go and I will fly down and meet you. Bob
  6. Fuel Pressure Alarm

    Since I relocated mine four or five years ago, have not had any problem.
  7. Mountain Waves

    CT thanks for the awesome photo. How many hours did you spend looking at it ?
  8. Mogas enroute

    Al, If your route takes you near Frankfort,KY. then you should fly into the farm. 91 eth. free or 93 with 10 percent. Room in hanger house for plane and two bedroom apartment for you. 6KY3 is ID.
  9. What do I do? What do I do?

    Charlie, who is Bob Fosset ? Did you mean Steve ?
  10. aero (fluid) dynamics

    Had a little trouble picking you out. Were you in a camo outfit ? Kept waiting for a CT outfit to come down the slope. another good excuse to drink and be young.
  11. Page Fly-in

    Rich, Bob Corey 6KY3 info and phone. do have a spare bed also.
  12. Great 2007 CTSW available

    Dick as we all age, we do not worry about telling about it, so showing mine. I too have been into Willow Run many times flying 1049 connie and DC3's hauling auto parts. As for Jackson, its nice having Aeroquip down the street.

    Gary, As Roger said it is very easy and the printed instructions are really good. If you have had rotator cuff problems, then you might want someone to help lower the unit after you remove the 6 nuts and washers. Also put some rags over the tunnel holes so a washer does not fall into tunnel. Proper education will cure the fear of the Rocket. So take the instructions to the Local A&P or LSRM so they can see how easy it really is.
  14. Dean Vogel rotax webinar

    So Roger, now that you are working on a new class and you have recent TV experience, will we be seeing a webinar by Roger ? Dean's was a good refresher.
  15. AOPA Flight Planner

    FWIW. Sagetech will begin shipping Clarity ADS-B receivers on Friday,March 29th. At long last I will be able to see what others have been seeing with the Stratus,Garmin GDL-39,Dual etc.Will report later on how the S.V. works with the I-Pad. If you want to see this one ,the site is www.sagetechcorp.com