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  1. On my plane, a 2007 CTSW, the BRS is listed on the equipment list. My opinion is that if your BRS is out of date, then the plane is grounded except as I mention above. However, I will defer to Roger or Tom. If it is grounded, maybe you can get authorization for this relocation flight.
  2. The BRS chute is required. I think you can only fly without the chute on the return flight from wherever you have it removed, and then again back to the facility to have it reinstalled when the repack, etc from BRS has been received.
  3. Use Stabil in any mogas that will sit around more than a month. Why a month? Don't know. It's a number I plucked out of the air. Definitely on the safe side by a big margin.
  4. I don't know either. Like Andy, I've been doing this for at least 5 years with no problem. I only posted that because some on the forum have had to replace/repair the epoxy around the fuel neck for unknown reasons. It's just something to watch.. I make sure I don't "slam" the jug into the filler neck. I hold it up and let it open gently.
  5. I've used 2 of these for several years. Works like a charm. Won't overfill. It is getting more difficult getting a full can up a ladder though! I used to worry about that weight on the airplanes filler neck but so far so good.
  6. I use very similar jugs. They aren't cheap but they are easy to use. I would recommend them. Mine are 5 gallon/20 liter.
  7. I reinforced both headset plugs with rectangular pieces of thicker aluminum (forgot the thickness) on both sides of the bulkhead. You still need to adjust the seat properly. Ten or so years ago I started using Telex Stratus 50D headsets with the Lemo connector (ships power rather than batteries). I had an avionics shop place the connector on the bulkhead behind my left ear. Worked great with the 50D's as the volume control and on/off switches are on the ear muffs. Now that I am using Lightspeed Zulu III's with an inline control box it would be better if the Lemo plug was by my right ear, left ear for the passenger. I may move the plugs.
  8. How do you get that high of an RPM?? I get about 5100 on climb and my prop is pitched to give 5600 flat out and level at 3500MSL.
  9. If I remember correctly, in that configuration my stall will be somewhere less than 39KIAS. At those low airspeeds the air speed indicator is not accurate. And I do get some float when 200 or so pounds below max gross especially with a low flare. . That book number is for a gross weight aircraft. The book also says that if you are landing off airport due to an engine failure your short final airspeed should be 45KIAS. I suggest you keep it at book numbers until you are thoroughly comfortable and proficient in the aircraft. As your proficiency increases you can experiment at 49KIAS then 48KIAS, etc. For me, if I can't get in at 50KIAS on short final then I don't need to go there.
  10. I use 50KIAS and flaps 30. Flaps 40 if needed.
  11. Best of all it has cup holders!! Seriously though, I would love to have one. They seem to have checked the right boxes for significant improvement to the CTLS. And, cupholders would come in handy on many of my flights. Seriously. Probably never will have one though as it would take 3 times what I would get for my CTSW. About the weight they publish, 770#.. I wonder how that plays out in real life. For example my CTSW, which I bought new in early 2007, according to the literature was supposed to weigh 680#. Wasn't even close at 751#. And, it does not have a D120 nor autopilot. 770# would be great but you would have to have the discipline to skip some (all) of the options. Good work FD!!
  12. Maybe to help tame the notorious "stick bump"??
  13. My plane has never been washed. I use Composiclean a couple of times a month. More frequently during bug season. In between I use a California Duster to keep the dust off. When the belly gets dirty I use Oil Eater followed by Composiclean. Plane is always hangared. This has worked just fine for 12 years. In the end analysis I really don't spend that much on Composiclean.
  14. sandpiper


    I went with a GTX 345 for in and out. Replaced my 396 with an Aera 660 for the display. I would have liked a larger display but the 660 fits in the same panel space as the 396.
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