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  1. Looking at the above links it appears that helmet/headset combination are not as expensive as I thought they would be. And, the D-C kit can also be used with their H10-13.4 headset which can, I think, be converted to noise cancelling with a conversion kit.
  2. I'm in my "try not to buy anything made in China" mode. Without handling it, my first impression is I would not want to trust it to save my life.
  3. Flying helicopters in the Army and Army guard we always wore helmets. After a long day it got uncomfortable plus, on a hot day, I got really sweaty. So sweaty that ear plugs would not stay in. In the CT I don't think I would be able to wear that helmet without constantly banging my head. Probably wouldn't be able to sit up properly. That old SP-4 helmet was bulky and heavy. No question about it, a helmet will prevent head injury and could easily save your life. I'm sure there are better, lighter, less bulky options out there and many aviators use them. Crop dusters for example. In Alaska helmets were required for state Fish and Wildlife pilots and other government agencies flying Super Cubs, C-185's, etc as they did off airport work. So, if you do a lot of low and slow, and if you can find one that works in your plane, go for it. One that has a good built in headset/mic will be expensive. But, like the fire department, you never need it until you do. And, if you do need it but didn't buy one, your last thoughts might be you would pay anything to have one.
  4. sandpiper

    Piston Head

    Could a history of low cruise RPM cause some of this?
  5. This is exactly what I said in my original post on this subject, not the one you quoted.
  6. My base to final turn is more gradual and with less bank than my downwind to base turn which may be 30 degrees. I do the base to final turn more gradual and "softer" as Dale suggests.
  7. I agree. The stalls in a CTSW are pretty benign. But, I also agree with Tom. Do this at altitude. Flaps 30, 30 degree bank, power off. Pretend a base to final overshoot, skid the turn with the ball out at least one ball width then pull back on the stick until it stalls. When it stalls which way will it go? Over the top? You wish! It's gonna continue to roll in the direction of the bank and you will be looking at the ground. Recovery should't be a problem but it will get your attention. This is how base to final stalls happen and how they kill people. There you are overshooting final and you want to get back on course so you bank a little more to make it happen, maybe pull back a little and load the wing. Then you realize the bank is steeper than you want but you still need to keep the turn going. So you step on the inside rudder to keep the turn going while using aileron to shallow the bank. Next thing you know you are in a skidding turn and if you stall at, say 500' AGL, it's all over. I don't mean to scare anyone but that docile little kitty cat can turn into a tiger if you abuse it. I'llprobably get flamed for this but so be it.
  8. I read somewhere that they incorporated design elements that made the stall a non event. If so, I wonder why they couldn't get some increase in the LSA gross as did Icon. Maybe their inprovements didn't add much weight as Icon supposedly did.
  9. All ya gotta do is bet $200K that the gross will go up.
  10. CTLS? I don't recall seeing this on my CTSW.
  11. Weighing the floats is an easy check. Kinda like low hanging fruit. If that's not the problem then you haven't lost anything by checking.
  12. Trim has never been an issue for my CT. I can always trim hands off no matter the flap setting, power setting, or speed. If there is a configuration where this isn't true, I haven't found it yet and probably never want to.
  13. Now the boxes have shown up on my iMac.
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