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  1. CTLS vs CTSW

    Several years back FD gave a 1600 + pound approval for the two Swiss CTLS planes to fly around the world. That tells us something about the planes capability but I'm sure there were caveats to go with that approval.
  2. White trim tape

    I've been using it on my plane since new 10 years ago. Works well.
  3. Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    Andy - I thought the FAA only required "OUT" or did I miss something? But, without "IN", you don't get traffic or weather as I understand it. To me that's the best part. The shop installed the GPS antenna for my Garmin 345 transponder on top immediately adjacent to the left flap. Works great.
  4. iFly 740b Install

    Beats $150 a pop. I think the reason for the higher cost on 396/496 is that Garmin is phasing out support for them?
  5. iFly 740b Install

    I forget what I paid for my Aera 660 updates but it's an annual subscription.
  6. iFly 740b Install

  7. iFly 740b Install

    If you don't want to go through all these modifications you could opt for a Garmin Aera 66o. The Airgizmo dock for the 660 is the same size as for the 496. I did this installation along with a Garmin 345 transponder to satisfy my ADS-B in/out. Pricey but I like it. I also have the iFly 740 on a suction cup mount on the right side of the panel. Andy, you and I have the same steam gauge set up on the right side so you also have space for the suction cup mount. With a little bit of silicone adhesive my suction cup stays on . Just a thought.
  8. Cabin size CTLS vs CTSW

    You could always look at a FD MT (metal technology, I think) which has a wider cockpit than the CT's and more headroom since it has struts therefore no carry through spar. It is slower than the CT's but I'd rather have a plane I can fit in as opposed to being uncomfortable all the time. Eric (Copper City) had one for sale for awhile. Don't know if he still does.
  9. New Project

  10. Special Day

    Congrats to your son. And congrats to you and Cheryl. I tried teaching my now FedEx Captain daughter to fly back in the day. Found out I didn't have the patience to teach a family member.
  11. landing tail draggers

    There are actually 3 camps on how to land a tail dragger. The three point The wheelie The three point transitioned to a wheelie. All have their camps, and their place.
  12. Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    I have kept a charger I got from Lockwood in 2007 continuously plugged in while my plane is in the hangar. I replaced the first battery in 2016 at 9 years old just because. It was working fine, I just figured I was pushing my luck.. My plane does lead a sheltered life. The hangar has never been colder than 50F nor hotter than 80F. If you have an Odyssey battery, get the correct type of charger and leave it plugged in 24/7 while the plane is parked.
  13. Broken Left Door Widow

    Also, what is the maximum gross weight allowed in your country? I'm wondering if Flight Design certified it for 1320 pounds(660KG) like in our country or if yours has a higher gross.
  14. CTSW - landing mishaps

    True, but I still like to verify. I keep my cross check moving until I flare. Then I no longer care what the airspeed shows. Same on take off. I don't look at airspeed until climbing when I use it to verify my pitch is correct. So, everyone is right!!
  15. CTSW - landing mishaps

    Tom, you are right. Exactly what I do. I guess I don't even think about it anymore.