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  1. sandpiper

    Fuel starvation

    Too bad they didn't come with a header tank. Seems that would solve the issue. Since Andy is experimental maybe he could retrofit one and sell the kit to the rest of us who would have added incentive to go experimental.If it worked, I'd do it.
  2. sandpiper

    Another oil temp question?

    Thank you.
  3. sandpiper

    Another oil temp question?

  4. sandpiper

    Prop balance question?

    I had mine balanced. It made a positive difference.
  5. I've never experienced tire melt but one year I flew my Alaskan plane down to Bakersfield from Fairbanks. Tied it down and when I came back a week later there were puddles of grease around each wheel. It was not used to 110F temperatures. I have done two 5 year hose replacements on my 2007 CTSW and have found just the materials to be in the $1,000 to $1200 range if memory serves. In 2008 I took, with Roger, the course from Rainbow that earned us a LSRM-A. I highly recommend it. However, if I had to pay myself for my time plus pay Roger for his telephonic help my cost per hour would soar! Since I am not in business doing this on a regular basis, I am a little slow. If Roger says 30 minutes to do a task, I'll take 90 minutes - or more. But, my work seems to come out pretty good. For example, earlier this year I did the 5 year hose change to include pulling the engine to install new engine mounts. Didn't have any pieces left over and all worked as intended for the airplane to be "in condition for safe operation" except one small coolant seep easily fixed. I won't tell you how long this took!! If you buy a Rotax powered plane you should take, as a minimum, the Rotax service class. Even if you never actually do your own oil changes, carb syncs, etc, the knowledge you gain will be worth it. Also, I would recommend membership in rotax-owner.com. About $30/year but I find the maintenance videos they make available to be invaluable. Finally, you will "want" a hangar even though you technically don't "need" one. Even if you have to have hangar and/or airplane partners. For me that would suck since I don't play well with others when it comes to my vehicles. But, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Goog luck!!
  6. sandpiper

    Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B installed this week

    Not t0 mention the excellent pictures!
  7. sandpiper

    Fuel Sight Tubes

    I have changed my sight tubes without removing the wings. Just to see what was involved. As I recall I had to find a really small ratcheting wrench with a head that angled, and I modified some other tool that I can't remember. It was slow, frustrating work that, in the end, probably took as long as it would have taken to remove the wings. And as a side benefit, it'll give you a nifty pain in your neck and back before you are done. So, it is doable but not recommended. There ought to be a modification to install a glass sight tube like cubs have. That way it would be once and done.
  8. sandpiper

    Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    It did seem to be pretty polished.
  9. sandpiper

    Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    Maybe it was that non Rotax approved oil filter?? Just jokingHe did good
  10. sandpiper

    Think first and be mentally prepared

    Great video Roger. Thanks for posting. The cat survived. But when the aircraft stopped on the ground it was GONE!! The Beaver on floats was at Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage. The accident happened right in front of my office. I wasn't in at the time. Landed on many beaches in my younger, cheaper airplane, days. Gotta be able to read the sand. Soft, dry sands are problematic, as can be cross winds and a slope steeper than you think it is. And, don't forget, if the tide is out it's gonna come back in. Maybe while you're off fishing. Never wrecked one but I was pretty cautious. That red/white RV(?) was going to flip even if he was on the beach. He made the choice to get wet. Maybe because he didn't want to hit anyone?
  11. sandpiper

    Adding AoA to a CTSW

    The AOA for the RV-12 looks like a static port and is placed on the underside of the wing a few inches aft of the leading edge. Completely separate from the pitot. Maybe it could be done on the CT? Why separate from the pitot you may ask? Because the -12 has the pitot in the prop hub. Why in the prop hub? Because Van's designed it so the wings would be easily removable for trailering and garage storage. I bet if you polled all the owners you would find 99% of them only take the wings off because it is required at annual.
  12. sandpiper

    Outside air temp probe placement

    Clear of the flap? Is that why my right flap doesn't go all the way down and the plane roles?? Joking of course. It's installed as Roger indicated. It's maybe 2-3" below the flap hinge and an inch or two aft. No need to involve the wings. It would be hard to interfere with the flaps but somebody probably could find a way!
  13. sandpiper

    Outside air temp probe placement

    I moved mine so it is under the right flap. Works like it should now.
  14. sandpiper

    Outside air temp probe placement