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  1. sandpiper

    A Good Day

    A great accomplishment! Watch for the day the student becomes the teacher. Congratulations to your son.
  2. Maybe consider a RV-12? These can be had EAB, E-LSA and S-LSA. Would one of these categories get you out of the AULA classification? If you were to go with any of the RV EAB aircraft the trick is using an experienced RV tech inspector. We have one here who is also a DAR. I don't know where you are in Canada but I know he has traveled to Canada for inspections. We all know a good pre-buy is essential for purchase of any aircraft but for EAB you need that plus someone experienced (preferably) with that or similar make/model. You already know that build quality can vary widely. My 2 cents. Good luck.
  3. sandpiper

    My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

    Good to hear you are alright. Property damage can always be repaired. USAA is about as good as it gets. I've been a member since 1967.
  4. sandpiper

    Life Limited parts available

    Thanks Roger. Thanks Bill. I may give that a try. If I understand correctly you apply this directly to the existing door seal? Doesn't that make the door difficult to latch? The trouble I had with the FD CTLS seal was that it added just enough thickness that the doors would not latch. I was afraid I might spring the door or damage the hinges. I suppose I could have relocated the hinges outboard but was not willing to try that. I'm probably overthinking this.
  5. sandpiper

    Life Limited parts available

    Roger - do you have door seals for the CTSW? FD shipped me some that are for the CTLS which the factory said also fit the CTSW. They don't fit. Unless you don't want to latch the doors. Full disclosure - FDUSA said they might not fit but I decided to try them anyway.
  6. sandpiper

    Life Limited parts available

    If I can do it, you can too!
  7. sandpiper

    Stick Shake

    On later airplanes FD "semi" fixed the problem with a thin vertical piece of material at the edge of the fuselage next to the flap. I don't know what else they may have done. Could this constant shaking have caused the stabilator attach bracket crack recently noted? I wonder if the same could be done to the CTSW? E-LSA of course.
  8. sandpiper

    Stick Shake

    I bought my CTSW new in 2007. It has always had the notorious "stick bump" in cruise. At first I was concerned and flew a couple of other identical airframes. They were all the same. I have no autopilot so that has nothing to do with it. Irritating but normal. If anyone has a fix to eliminate or tone it down I would be interested.
  9. sandpiper

    Overthinking the Pattern

    Answers in red. I might be prejudice.
  10. sandpiper

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Kent - I think it was more than instruments and avionics. The bare airframe got beefier.
  11. sandpiper

    Be safe - lock your doors

    Any deposits left on your carpet?
  12. sandpiper

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    That's 105 pounds more than my 2007 CTSW!!
  13. sandpiper

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    Maybe your TAS readout is not accurate.
  14. sandpiper

    Grounding while fueling

    I only know of one fire caused by static electricity. It was many years ago at the Birchwood airport in Anchorage. A guy I knew causally was defueling his beautifully restored Navion in a hangar that also housed a C-185 and another plane. It all burned to the ground. I don't know for sure if it was grounded or not. That is why I never fuel or defuel in my hangar. Fires are very rare but do happen. It would be my luck to have a spark and a fire. Kind of like any line I am in at the store will be the one that takes the longest time.
  15. sandpiper

    New Floats from MS

    There is some discussion of problems on vansairforce.com in the RV-12 section. Worth checking out.