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  1. They say you have to get back on the horse. The sooner the better. Bill, glad that you are OK. That's the main thing to consider.
  2. If I remember this accident correctly the wind was a right quartering 25K +/_ tailwind. Watch the blowing dust after impact. This would be a difficult situation for an experienced pilot to handle with no room for error. In this case the pilot was relatively inexperienced. I think injuries were minor which says a lot about the CT. At the time the pilot/owner was going to hang up his wings. Does anyone know if he changed his mind? I hope he did.
  3. I have given several Flight Reviews over the past 10 years to a neighbor who owned an RV-12. This was a once every 2 years exposure so my experience is limited. But, I will say the control harmony on the RV-12 surpassed that of my CTSW. In the vernacular of the RV crowd, it "flys like an RV". Landings were none events. We sometimes went together as a flight of two with similar weights. His plane could out climb and out run mine. In cruise I had to carry more rpm to stay even. My CTSW is not the fastest CTSW, nor is it the slowest. In 2008 I flew off Roger Hellers wing from my home base to Orland, CA. This was several years before he passed from a massive heart attack as he was doing his run up for take off, with a non pilot passenger! His CTSW was a 2007 like mine and our planes had very similar performance. Purpose of the trip was to meet up with Roger Lee who would install Matco wheels/brakes on Hellers plane. While there, we were hosted by Tony and Rose who owned a 2006(?) CTSW. Tony was active on this forum at one time but haven't seen him post for awhile. Tony was interesting to talk to. He flew Wild Weasel in the F-105 while in Vietnam. Anyway, next day on departure, Heller and I did a formation take off. Tony took off behind us and passed us without breaking a sweat. Definitely a faster plane.
  4. I get the same 2-3 knot bump on the manual side.
  5. Two years ago insurance for my 2007 CTSW was $1200 for $89K hull. Last year it went to $1700 and this year it's $2100. My broker is Falcon Insurance. They said three things are affecting my rates: 1) Due to big losses the industry is hardening up. And there are fewer players. 2) Age. I will be 77 this month. The next big hurdle will be when I turn 80. Falcon said they wouldn't drop me but would simply price me out of the market. That is happening to some of my more "senior" neighbors in this airpark. Quotes of $6K for 75K hull have been talked about. 3) They do not like CTSW's. Apparently the CTSW has an accident rate four times that of a C-172. A lot of that is landing/takeoff accidents. Falcon said that for the same hull value my premium for a C-182 would be about half. They also said stay away from tail draggers and retractable. Several years ago I asked one agency (forget which) what would happen if I changed the CTSW to ELSA. They said they would not cover me. I then asked about an ELSA RV-12. They said "no problem". See the first post above.
  6. Levil also has something called a BOM. Has anyone on forum used one? Anybody have any thoughts/ideas?
  7. Originally I had a 396. About 3 years ago I wanted ADS-B out and in. So, I had an avionics shop do the work. The 396 was replaced with an Area 660 and the transponder was replaced with a Garmin GTX-345 with in/out capability. The reason I went with the 660 is that the dock fit exactly in the cutout left when the 396 dock was removed. The 660 screen is a lot larger than the 396 screen but often I wish I had gone with a 796. Although the 660 works for me, these old eyes would have appreciated a larger screen.
  8. Not called an MRA, it is a LOA #080404. You can find it listed under Letters of Authorization on this forums main menu. Members only.
  9. Darrell - thanks for the tip. After 14 years and 700 hours in mine, I did not know that. You would think it would be in the manual, maybe under emergency procedures.
  10. I made my chute out of a gallon plastic milk jug.
  11. I have towed vehicles “4-down” behind my motor homes for over 20 years so I know what this can do to the vehicle. I would not want to tow my plane like this very far, only on good roads, and never in the rain.
  12. X2. But just 14 years on Rotax engines.
  13. I think this will be going away. I hear there is legislation in Congress to fix this and, if not, the FAA has indicated the LODA process will not be that difficult. Something to consider but not a show stopper.
  14. See the post I just made under Light Sport/Sport Pilot.
  15. In order for an owner of an SLSA to perform certain tasks, including signing off inspections, they must be either an AP or have successfully completed the 3 week course which cost $4K 13 years ago. These ratings allow you to work on/sign off inspections on any SLSA/ELSA aircraft. Even weight shift, powered parachutes, etc if you have the proper ad ons which drives the cost beyond $4K. I wanted to do all work/inspections on my SLSA and maybe some others, so I got my LSRM-A. I did one annual condition inspect for another owner who promptly wrecked his CT and tried to claim he ran off the back country runway into a pile of rocks because the brakes pulled him to the left and off the runway. Too many witnesses and a video showed his claim was bogus. If you convert your plane to ELSA, then you only need a 2 day course which allows you to do maintenance, inspections, and modifications on your owned aircraft only. Why wouldn't this option increase the value of an ELSA? Especially and older CT that will probably not be going to a flight school? In my mind it certainly wouldn't decrease the value. That's just my opinion but I'm sticking to it!😊
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