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  1. Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    It did seem to be pretty polished.
  2. Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    Maybe it was that non Rotax approved oil filter?? Just jokingHe did good
  3. Think first and be mentally prepared

    Great video Roger. Thanks for posting. The cat survived. But when the aircraft stopped on the ground it was GONE!! The Beaver on floats was at Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage. The accident happened right in front of my office. I wasn't in at the time. Landed on many beaches in my younger, cheaper airplane, days. Gotta be able to read the sand. Soft, dry sands are problematic, as can be cross winds and a slope steeper than you think it is. And, don't forget, if the tide is out it's gonna come back in. Maybe while you're off fishing. Never wrecked one but I was pretty cautious. That red/white RV(?) was going to flip even if he was on the beach. He made the choice to get wet. Maybe because he didn't want to hit anyone?
  4. Adding AoA to a CTSW

    The AOA for the RV-12 looks like a static port and is placed on the underside of the wing a few inches aft of the leading edge. Completely separate from the pitot. Maybe it could be done on the CT? Why separate from the pitot you may ask? Because the -12 has the pitot in the prop hub. Why in the prop hub? Because Van's designed it so the wings would be easily removable for trailering and garage storage. I bet if you polled all the owners you would find 99% of them only take the wings off because it is required at annual.
  5. Outside air temp probe placement

    Clear of the flap? Is that why my right flap doesn't go all the way down and the plane roles?? Joking of course. It's installed as Roger indicated. It's maybe 2-3" below the flap hinge and an inch or two aft. No need to involve the wings. It would be hard to interfere with the flaps but somebody probably could find a way!
  6. Outside air temp probe placement

    I moved mine so it is under the right flap. Works like it should now.
  7. Outside air temp probe placement

  8. Oil Change instructions

    The bigger the hammer the better the job!
  9. draining fuel tanks

    Gascolator. I take it outside for this and refueling, never in my hangar. I knew a guy that had a show quality Navion who was defueling in his hangar. Destroyed 3 planes and the hangar before the fire was put out. In my case it might take my house too. Wife would not be appreciative!
  10. Cable Maintenance

    Got it. Thanks Corey.
  11. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Nothing is confirmed until officially denied!!
  12. Cable Maintenance

    Corey - please explain.
  13. I've used lemon pledge on my CT plexi almost 11 years. Never a problem. I've also used waterless car wash. It also works well. I first started using that when I lived in Alaska, and especially in Anchorage which is a dirty place to live and most planes live outside. As long as the build up wasn't too extreme I used it every time on my C-206 that I had there for 18 years. Even flying into the sun the windshield looked like new. On the CT I try to keep pledge and the waterless off the composite. Don't know that they would hurt it but also don't know that they wouldn't.
  14. Oil Eater followed by Composiclean Super Spray Wax. Use Composiclean Haze Glaze if needed for stubborn stains.
  15. Cable Maintenance

    That's a great tip. I can put it to use immediately! Thanks Bill!
  16. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I don't have the knowledge or experience to give you an answer or even a guess as to the integrity of the prop. I do know that a prop coming apart once airborne is often deadly so were it me I would ground the aircraft until cleared by someone with experience specific to Neuform or similar. Arian has been suggested. Maybe he has a contact at Neuform. To me, it's not worth the risk. I suspect you feel the same way. If there were any doubts I would spend the $$ for a new prop rather than worry about it going forward. Not too many years ago at the Albany, OR airport the local EAA chapter was conducting Young Eagle flights. The airplane involved in this incident was one of the RV series, the prop may have been one of the MT models that most if not all have removed from their planes, and the Young Eagle was on his very first flight in a small plane. Apparently a blade was thrown but the pilot got the plane safely on the ground. No injuries but the plane was damaged beyond repair. Among other damage, the fuselage was twisted. I think the seat cushions may have also been stained. Anyway, that incident is the only one I know of where there were survivors. Most of the time the planes occupants are not as lucky. Hopefully this will turn out to be cosmetic.
  17. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Andy - there is a fair amount of match drilling to be done. And, all edges need to be finished and almost all pre-drilled holes require deburring. Edge finishing and deburring take up about 50% of the build. Of course, you don't have to do this. But, if you take pride in your work you will put this effort into it. I have seen a good builders work, and the work of builders that are incompetent or who don't care. When you sell the plane shoddy workmanship will affect the price. Worst case scenario will be cracks where you can't easily get to them. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I live in an airpark full of builders. Some are repeat offenders. Others have built three or more aircraft. The EAA is very active here. I can't get away with anything.
  18. Kennel Storage?

    In a Sport Cruiser you could just put the dog in a wing locker and skip the kennel. JOKING!! Seriously, whatever you do make sure the kennel is secure. I'm not sure I would want to do double duty with the seat belt like you are suggesting.
  19. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Good question Duane. Perhaps the next time Feb. 29th is on a Tuesday?
  20. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    I am 8 years into a 2 year RV-12 project. Many have said if I got rid of my flying airplane the build would go faster. Known everything except the engine/prop. Fuselage, wing and empennage kits are done so I have pieces that actually look like an airplane. Currently working on the wiring part of the finish kit. Knowing what I know now, I would not have taken this on. And, I have many advantages others may not have. I live 30 miles from Vans. The airpark is full of builders many of whom are repeat offenders. I belong to a very active EAA chapter. Knowledge, skills and abilities abound. Any tool I don't have is readily available. Plus, I'm retired. Some people are builders, some are flyers. I'd rather fly. One thing I know for certain - I will never again ask a builder what's taking so long!! It's still gonna fly on Tuesday.
  21. Rolls in a CT?

    You would become a test pilot if you do. Do you feel lucky?? It is Friday the 13th.
  22. Wheel pants vibration

    Some say to put put some wheel weights on the rear "wall" of the pant just behind the tire and that this will help reduce the vibration. I tried it several years ago and didn't see a noticeable improvement. Probably didn't have the patience to do it right. This problem is not unique to the FD. I've had about 6 Cessnas over the years and they all did it. Lived in Alaska so no pants. The worst was probably a C-180 with 8:50's. What I'd really like to reduce is stick bump. Am tempted to put a plastic piece inboard of the flaps like on the CTLS to see if that will help my CTSW. Anybody messed around with a cure for stick bump?
  23. Mine was done just like yours, also 10 years ago, but in a different color, still maintaining access to under floor bins. Like yours, it is not showing wear from where my heels rest.
  24. CTLS vs CTSW

    Several years back FD gave a 1600 + pound approval for the two Swiss CTLS planes to fly around the world. That tells us something about the planes capability but I'm sure there were caveats to go with that approval.
  25. White trim tape

    I've been using it on my plane since new 10 years ago. Works well.