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  1. sandpiper

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    A 914 turbojet??
  2. sandpiper

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    I would think this not only created a problem within the engine, but also the prop. I don't think I would want to fly that aircraft unless appropriate rotax and prop manufacturers inspections were done.
  3. sandpiper


    Friday I closed the throttle and began decent pushing over to just less than 120K. Rate of decent was 2000 feet per minute or more throughout a 2300 foot decent. The aircraft attitude was similar to using flaps 30 and holding 60K like I do in the pattern abeam the touchdown point. I certainly had no need to go to 140K for a faster decent. If I was on fire I might think differently.
  4. sandpiper

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    I lost the bet but I'm still looking for excuses!
  5. sandpiper

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    If I remember right that thirty minutes did not include spinner off/on?
  6. sandpiper

    912 ignition modules

    Probably should replace the engine mount rubber at the same time. When all done do not forget to properly purge the oil system before you start it. rotax-owner.com has a good video on this and other procedures. Costs about $29/yr but for folks that only occasionally work on rotax it is money well spent.
  7. I don't know but probably not. It's been 15 years since I flew one, a C-185 actually but similar.
  8. Cessna 180 with a Robertson STOL kit?
  9. sandpiper

    Airventure 2018

    Where does Richard fit in the family tree? I knew him through my job in Fairbanks back in the 80's.
  10. sandpiper

    Airventure 2018

    Kent - was your grandfather one of the Wien brothers that started Wein Airlines? I used to fly Wein a lot and was sad to see it go away.
  11. sandpiper

    Stratux RXWX Mount

    Compass? Is there a wet compass in my CTSW??
  12. sandpiper

    Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    Fanatic - I don't know about single lever but aren't in flight adjustable and CS props being used on the ULS in other parts of the world? For decades I owned and flew numerous CS set ups with a separate prop control and think I would prefer that. But, then, I have never flown nor been a passenger in a single lever set up so ............ By the way, the P2008 is a beautiful plane, as you know.
  13. sandpiper

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    Same as mine, Andy. Just a D-100, no D-120. Just think, we don't have to put up with and worry about those pesky, meaningless, low fuel pressure alarms.
  14. sandpiper

    Air speed gauge

    I know. Haven't done it since then. I think I was just doing what I always did with my previous planes which did go IFR. Old habits, etc.
  15. sandpiper

    Air speed gauge

    Happened to mine several years ago when I took it to an avionics shop for the biennial transponder and pitot/static check. They ruined the round airspeed indicator but not the one in the D100. They got to buy me a new one which was just less than $300 at the time. When I got in the plane to take it home I noticed the indicator showing something like 60K. Glad I caught it before leaving or it may have been on me. It was weird returning to homeplate. According to the indicator we were really moving out but it was the 100K indicated on short final that stood out!! Fortunately the D100 was working properly. Even if it hadn't been, not a problem in these aircraft, especially the CTSW where flaps 30 with the drooped wingtip level with the horizon and throttle closed you will be on speed.
  16. sandpiper

    LSA rules changing??

    I am hearing reports from people returning from AirVenture that LSA rules are in the process of being changed. Won't be effective for two years. Weights will go up, increase in stall speeds, in cockpit adjustable props, max airspeed to be increased, etc. Does anyone have more information about this and how it may effect existing LSA such as our CT's??
  17. sandpiper

    Rotax Upgrade to iS?

    There was(is) an aftermarket FI you can get but I don't know how much work is required ti put it on. Don't know the price either but it's probably more than most want to pay.
  18. sandpiper

    LSA rules changing??

    That would be tough to take but I would be surprised (pleasantly) if FD allowed it. They would have to do a lot of performance testing and write new ops manuals plus who knows what else. Approving the Swiss 1645# for around the world into all sorts of weather says volumes about the airplane. Approving 1500# would be just fine as it would give me a usefull equal to my empty weight. We should be able to convert to ELSA and establish a higher gross. Sounds easy but I am sure there are obstacles in the way.🦏
  19. sandpiper

    LSA rules changing??

    It's hard to find specs on the LE. One article alludes to the wing being beefed up, another says the only change allowing the 1500# is that it has to be a Public Aircraft. So far I haven't found anything about the BRS except that it has one.
  20. sandpiper

    LSA rules changing??

    I think that any weight increase in our CT's, should FD be so inclined, would be limited by the BRS.
  21. sandpiper

    ADS-B problem

    I don't think just tightening grounds is the answer. You need to take them apart and scotchbrite (scuff) all the connections - even if they look clean.
  22. sandpiper

    LSA rules changing??

    A friend who was there said he heard the same thing. Not sure how this would affect ELSA.
  23. sandpiper

    Fuel starvation

    Too bad they didn't come with a header tank. Seems that would solve the issue. Since Andy is experimental maybe he could retrofit one and sell the kit to the rest of us who would have added incentive to go experimental.If it worked, I'd do it.
  24. sandpiper

    Another oil temp question?

    Thank you.