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    Life Limited parts available

    Roger - do you have door seals for the CTSW? FD shipped me some that are for the CTLS which the factory said also fit the CTSW. They don't fit. Unless you don't want to latch the doors. Full disclosure - FDUSA said they might not fit but I decided to try them anyway.
  2. sandpiper

    Life Limited parts available

    If I can do it, you can too!
  3. sandpiper

    Stick Shake

    On later airplanes FD "semi" fixed the problem with a thin vertical piece of material at the edge of the fuselage next to the flap. I don't know what else they may have done. Could this constant shaking have caused the stabilator attach bracket crack recently noted? I wonder if the same could be done to the CTSW? E-LSA of course.
  4. sandpiper

    Stick Shake

    I bought my CTSW new in 2007. It has always had the notorious "stick bump" in cruise. At first I was concerned and flew a couple of other identical airframes. They were all the same. I have no autopilot so that has nothing to do with it. Irritating but normal. If anyone has a fix to eliminate or tone it down I would be interested.
  5. sandpiper

    Overthinking the Pattern

    Answers in red. I might be prejudice.
  6. sandpiper

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Kent - I think it was more than instruments and avionics. The bare airframe got beefier.
  7. sandpiper

    Be safe - lock your doors

    Any deposits left on your carpet?
  8. sandpiper

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    That's 105 pounds more than my 2007 CTSW!!
  9. sandpiper

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    Maybe your TAS readout is not accurate.
  10. sandpiper

    Grounding while fueling

    I only know of one fire caused by static electricity. It was many years ago at the Birchwood airport in Anchorage. A guy I knew causally was defueling his beautifully restored Navion in a hangar that also housed a C-185 and another plane. It all burned to the ground. I don't know for sure if it was grounded or not. That is why I never fuel or defuel in my hangar. Fires are very rare but do happen. It would be my luck to have a spark and a fire. Kind of like any line I am in at the store will be the one that takes the longest time.
  11. sandpiper

    New Floats from MS

    There is some discussion of problems on vansairforce.com in the RV-12 section. Worth checking out.
  12. sandpiper


    In Alaska back in the '70's I had no insurance of any kind on my first couple of planes. As I started to move up to more expensive planes my wife asked if we could afford the loss. She added that if I wrecked the plane with no insurance she would not support coming up with the cash to fix or replace it. She was also concerned about liability and losing the few assets we had if I hurt or killed somebody. Damn logical women! So, full coverage ever since although I'm not sure how far the liability coverage would go.
  13. sandpiper


    I go through Falcon. For several years now they have put me with Global Aerospace. I'm 74 now and rate has actually been creeping downward but that is probably due to reducing the hull coverage. This year it's $1140 with $89K on the hull. About 5200TT with no accidents or incidents.
  14. sandpiper

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    A 914 turbojet??
  15. sandpiper

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    I would think this not only created a problem within the engine, but also the prop. I don't think I would want to fly that aircraft unless appropriate rotax and prop manufacturers inspections were done.
  16. sandpiper


    Friday I closed the throttle and began decent pushing over to just less than 120K. Rate of decent was 2000 feet per minute or more throughout a 2300 foot decent. The aircraft attitude was similar to using flaps 30 and holding 60K like I do in the pattern abeam the touchdown point. I certainly had no need to go to 140K for a faster decent. If I was on fire I might think differently.
  17. sandpiper

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    I lost the bet but I'm still looking for excuses!
  18. sandpiper

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    If I remember right that thirty minutes did not include spinner off/on?
  19. sandpiper

    912 ignition modules

    Probably should replace the engine mount rubber at the same time. When all done do not forget to properly purge the oil system before you start it. rotax-owner.com has a good video on this and other procedures. Costs about $29/yr but for folks that only occasionally work on rotax it is money well spent.
  20. I don't know but probably not. It's been 15 years since I flew one, a C-185 actually but similar.
  21. Cessna 180 with a Robertson STOL kit?
  22. sandpiper

    Airventure 2018

    Where does Richard fit in the family tree? I knew him through my job in Fairbanks back in the 80's.
  23. sandpiper

    Airventure 2018

    Kent - was your grandfather one of the Wien brothers that started Wein Airlines? I used to fly Wein a lot and was sad to see it go away.
  24. sandpiper

    Stratux RXWX Mount

    Compass? Is there a wet compass in my CTSW??
  25. sandpiper

    Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    Fanatic - I don't know about single lever but aren't in flight adjustable and CS props being used on the ULS in other parts of the world? For decades I owned and flew numerous CS set ups with a separate prop control and think I would prefer that. But, then, I have never flown nor been a passenger in a single lever set up so ............ By the way, the P2008 is a beautiful plane, as you know.