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  1. Flight Design insolvency

    IrishAl. Yes, they do for an as-of-yet undetermined amount of time, but that is not for me to speculate upon. That is the job of the receiver, Herr Rebholz to negotiate and for AJA and FDG to agree upon. There is good reason for both parties to cooperate and make it work for everyone.
  2. Flight Design insolvency

    Hi Guys. I don't want to add fuel to the fire, but I'd also like to comment before the thread devolves back to the Kennedy assassination... I'm in Ukraine at the beach for a week after participated in the second Insolvency hearing in Cottbus, Germany. I had just returned from Taichung for two days after flight training with the AeroJones test pilots on how to perform production acceptance flights. That was pretty exciting and I can tell you adrenaline beats Jetlag every time. We look forward to spending some time at home but it's unlikely. I have been beating a constant drum of cooperation between the two parties for a quite while and was the only person to speak about the consumers and owners during the hearings. What you interpreted from the statement is basically true. Lindig-Lift company gets Flight Design GmbH., the EASA Design Organization and associated staff, the facility in Kherson Ukraine, the MC, C11, other engineering contracts and projects with Flight Design. We visited the factory in Kherson and it is running and making airplanes and parts. A big parts order is coming to the USA with the first shipment of two CTLSi planes later this year. We met with Herr Lindig last month and have since spoken to him about his plans for the future. He is a younger man (45-ish) who been very successful in developing their materials handling business, forklifts, cherry picker trucks, platforms etc. It's a big business worldwide and LIFT is a big business in Germany. He is very intelligent, open and kind. His primary motivation is not a tax write off. His company is a sponsor of many charities in central Germany including a children's hospice, so hold the cynicism till we all learn more. His primary motivation is to see an aviation business grow around the local airport and the region of Thuringia / Eisenach which BTW was the hometown of Martin Luther and JS Bach. I can't really comment more at this moment and not because of non-disclosure agreement, but it is not appropriate without approval of all parties and the receiver. Flight Design GmbH. does still exist as they submitted to voluntary insolvency and re-organization, not bankruptcy. AeroJones have contracted to own the complete rights, tooling and documentation for the CT series. What they ultimately do with the older IP is their decision, but I can also tell you after being in constant communication with them as well that they intend to continue producing the CTLS, CTLSi and CTSL, and parts for all model CT. They have bought the complete C4 project. They are determined and funded to finish the C4 as quickly as is possible. To do both of these they plan to establish a new company in Germany and plan to work with several well known Germany consultancies for design and program management. They want to hire the best and the brightest they can find and really do the C4 program correctly. This includes a USA based operation for certification of the C4 with the FAA and possible assembly in the USA as we had promoted before. It simply makes too much sense to not do this as the majority of the parts come from the USA. What I can tell also you at this moment is that both parties want to support the existing fleet and the owners and AeroJones is in full production of the CTLS-CTLSi currently making planes for the USA and other dealers around the world. Both parties have also pledged support for our company which is good news for owners in the USA (I hope!) I really could use the rest of the week off and don't often come to the blog so please don't expect me to answer questions and participate like you guys do. We'd really like to get things more stable again and get back to selling lots of planes again and continuing to support the fleet. Tom
  3. FD USA web site down

    Must have been late night maintenance on the host. We use the same company as bydanjohnson.com as the owner is a pilot and friend to flight. We did spend some time recently updating the copy and plan a more in depth renew soon!
  4. Flight Design insolvency

    Gentlemen, the engineering side of Flight Design GmbH. is intact and functioning. AeroJones Aviation has funded that part of the operation currently through the administrator and they need it to be intact and functioning for their approvals with the CAAC and the FAA where we are now planning to deliver airplanes from AJA. The combination of the functioning engineering side and our being here for administering the COSM under a Workshare Agreement are in compliance with the FAA requirements.
  5. Flight Design insolvency

    I have been reading the comments on the blog about the insolvency of Flight Design. I don’t usually write much here as it is an owner’s blog and not a business sponsored blog as was stated earlier (or on the other similar subject string). I meant to write before, but the discussion moved on so much I started again, then again. Now we are up to page 7. First of all, no one could be more disappointed than we are with the decline then declaration of insolvency of Flight Design GmbH. We have been working with the company for 14 years and have gone through very good times and some bad ones before as well. I agree with almost all of what has been said but I think it is only right that I answer a few questions that have been put forward here about myself and our company. Is Flight Design USA a part of Flight Design GmbH? No, we are an independent company. An importer and managers for the brand in the United States only. We own no part of Flight Design GmbH. and along with our Independent Distributors are now significant creditors of Flight Design GmbH. I personally have been associated with the Flight Design brand for several reasons. One is that I can write and speak well in the English language, which has put me in front of the camera and had me contribute to much of the marketing materials that many of you have read. I am not a director of Flight Design GmbH. and have never been paid by Flight Design for that work that I’ve done. The USA is a major market for the planes and through a cooperative agreement with our distributors we’ve imported nearly 400 to date. They don’t all come through Connecticut and mostly go direct to the distributors who have their own territory and purchase their own inventory. Our primary job is to manage COSM, support and the airworthiness end for the distributors and their customers. We are not some goliath company. Did we know ahead of the filing for insolvency? We learned of the decision Friday the 12th, just a couple of days before it became public here on CTFlier. Did we see it coming? Yes, as we’ve been working with the company for a long time we witnessed the slow decline and tried to help raise investment capital for more than two years. How did we deliver airplanes in the USA? The airplanes we brought here in 2015 were ordered with deposits and some with full payments in 2013, the airframe parts were manufactured in 2014 and were stored in Kamenz for a year. We learned how bad things were at Flight Design only when we went ourselves to participate in the FAA audit last Fall. That’s when we began to scramble to get as many of our planes we could shipped partially finished, including planes that were completely paid (by a distributor). You might have seen pictures of a whole bunch of airframes sitting in Kamenz? We owned 6 of them. We did not buy “other peoples” airplanes for cash as has been suggested. Our cash was already there. We paid for the labor to finish them in the U.S. and bought many of the parts. We bought engines directly from the German Rotax distributor and engine control parts from Dynon had them shipped to Kamenz, where they were test flown using a test screens, a hand held radio and a flight test parachute. We had the planes shipped to our business in Connecticut and working under what’s called a Workshare Agreement completed the installation of the rest of the avionics bought by either us or our distributors to finish the planes to deliver to their customers. We finished the conformity paperwork and did the weight and balance, sent the paperwork to Germany/Ukraine for inspection, FAA 8130-15 paperwork was issued, the planes were inspected, test flown at length again and delivered. We too had customers that waited nearly three years for their planes. We are now working with AeroJones who are supporting the engineering side of the company to keep the support and continuous operational monitoring system (COSM) functioning which keeps our planes legal in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world where ASTM standards apply. AeroJones will also make any parts we don’t already have in stock here. We are getting our first shipment of engine mounts (3) this week. I’m going to go over to inspect the first AJA CTLS and CTLSi airplanes for the U.S. at the end of the month. I am very sorry for the customers in Europe and elsewhere and nothing I can say won’t sound like complete BS to them and I can’t blame them. Again, we and our distributors are actually their creditors in this situation too. I hope that the administrator in Berlin will follow through on his pledge to take care of the retail customers first (before other creditors) and get them their planes. Tom Peghiny
  6. New CTLS POH

    The issue with the new versus old POH is regulatory. As the standard that the POH (formerly called AOI under previous FAA-ASTM rules) is called out on the 8130-15 form, the aircraft should be flown only with that POH. This was not clear to us until recently when we started asking the question why we can't sell the new POH to current owners. To be able to use the new POH for older CTLS aircraft we will need approval from the factory for applicability to the older serial numbers. We have made this request to Flight Design and are also asking for an MRA (Major Repair or Alteration)approval to allow their use. From a practical standpoint what the FAA was trying to do was limit new manuals being used with older equipment and avoiding the possibility of the wrong emergency procedure being used etc. We will let the members of the CT flier forum know when we get an answer. Tom Peghiny Alterations (now § 91.327((5)): Paragraph ((5) adds a prohibition against operating a special light-sport aircraft unless each alteration made after its date of manufacture meets the applicable consensus standard and has been authorized by either the manufacturer or a person acceptable to the FAA. If an aircraft has been improperly altered, contains unauthorized parts, or has been repaired outside the limits specified in the manufacturer’s maintenance and inspection procedures manual, the aircraft will no longer meet the consensus standard and is not considered safe to fly. This determination is similar to that made for type certificated aircraft. A type certificated aircraft that has been improperly altered, or has unapproved parts installed, no longer meets its type design and is considered unairworthy. This operating limitation is consistent with the change to the definition of ‘‘consensus standard’’ in § 1.1, which includes a requirement that the consensus standard address the identification and recording of major repairs and major alterations. See discussion of ‘‘consensus standard’’ in § 1.1 above. This change to § 91.327 also supports the requirement in § 21.181(a)(3)(ii) that a special airworthiness certificate in the light sport category is effective as long as the aircraft conforms to its original configuration, except for those properly authorized alterations performed in accordance with an applicable consensus standard.
  7. New CTLS price list and brochure

    Here is the new CTLS price list and brochure. 2011 Advanced Avio Panels - USA.pdf CTLS Sales Sheet _Spring 2011.pdf CTLS_2011 CUSTOMER price list.xls
  8. Flight Design USA website

    Here is Flight Design USA website. http://flightdesignusa.com/