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  1. I have full covers for my Xl2 which is also a composite. They work great never any water problems.
  2. The jabiru is not a bad flying airplane,they didn’t catch on due to trouble with the early motors.
  3. Looking for ct rentals in Florida.
  4. A new model waiting for the LSA rules to change.
  5. In my liberty I use a ram mount suction cup on the lower corner of the windscreen.
  6. There will always be a place for an economical two seater.
  7. Was wondering what people think will happen to the used ct market. Values with the release of the F2 series?
  8. Are there any ctsw aircraft for rent in the New England area?
  9. Glad to see them progressing,gives them a bigger market,to draw from. Tecnam made the leap ,and seems to be doing well. Hopefully flight design will also.
  10. Noticed that the 2012 ctls in controller,the owner is entertaining trades,and will do financing. Anyone know the history of the airplane?
  11. Looking for recommendations,on cleaning product,specifically the difference between composing clean,and wash wax all.
  12. Definitely not made for older pilots.
  13. One of my favorites ,good luck with it.
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