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  1. Glad to see them progressing,gives them a bigger market,to draw from. Tecnam made the leap ,and seems to be doing well. Hopefully flight design will also.
  2. Noticed that the 2012 ctls in controller,the owner is entertaining trades,and will do financing. Anyone know the history of the airplane?
  3. Looking for recommendations,on cleaning product,specifically the difference between composing clean,and wash wax all.
  4. Definitely not made for older pilots.
  5. One of my favorites ,good luck with it.
  6. May He Rest In Peace.
  7. After reading through several posts,it seems to be the consensus,that the ct line should always be hanger stored.would it be acceptable to store outside ,if the airplane was fully covered for the entire airplane? I store my liberty under covers while up north in the summer and in a hanger in Florida the rest of the year.
  8. A major worry ,is the prop in heavy rain.
  9. I have a liberty XL 2 flys like a light sport,I hold an atp rating. The Ct is just not a little 172, take your time and learn the difference, the more you practice the better you get,not all CFIs are ready to instruct in an Lsa.
  10. I own a liberty xl2 the only problem I encountered flying in rain was damage to my composite prop. I have always been a proponent of being able to fly the Ct IMC if properly rated.
  11. There where several cts at the Sebring LSA expo this morning. Two Ctlsis a ctls and a ctls they where giving demos in,also they where filming a video.
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