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  1. If you store outside ,you might want to consider a full set of aircraft cover by Bruce’s covers. The covers hold the rudder in a neutral position.
  2. Aglyme I’m actually in Florida most of the year ,I’m north with the plane in the summer. Thanks I’m familiar, will be looking for a used CtSW . Or CTLS. Thanks.
  3. I have a two seat IFR capable aircraft in my liberty XL2,makes a good two seat cross country aircraft with higher gross weight. I am now considering going to a high wing LSA ,the ct line seems to be worth considering.
  4. If one was to repower an older ctsw ,could a 912 is be a replacement.?
  5. I have had good luck with the automotive wash and wax products. I usually give the prop a wipe down after every flight or two. Lately I have been using turtle wash and wax.
  6. I have full covers for my Xl2 which is also a composite. They work great never any water problems.
  7. The jabiru is not a bad flying airplane,they didn’t catch on due to trouble with the early motors.
  8. Looking for ct rentals in Florida.
  9. A new model waiting for the LSA rules to change.
  10. In my liberty I use a ram mount suction cup on the lower corner of the windscreen.
  11. There will always be a place for an economical two seater.
  12. Was wondering what people think will happen to the used ct market. Values with the release of the F2 series?
  13. Are there any ctsw aircraft for rent in the New England area?
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