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  1. Hi Dick, In 2013 I installed Aveo POWER BURST position/nav/strobe LED lights and received the MRA approval in 2014. I really like them, they are an unbelievable improvement over the original units. If you or your mechanic ( forgot his name but went to LSA repairman school with him) decide to make the change give me a call. There are two things I learned the hard way that I would like to share with you in hopes you wont also learn the hard way. My cell is 218-343-5877 al meyer
  2. Hi Dick, no interesting pictures, I just make a habit of taking pictures of everything before dissamby so I can reference it when I reassemble . You might be interested in reviewing the BRS Rocket assembly document on line, gives you a good idea of the components and configuration. al
  3. Eric, I still have and use the piece of blue tape we put on the glare shield, al
  4. Just finished installing my re packed chute and new rocket. Cost was $ 2130, didn't include shipping since I delivered and picked up the unit. For those within driving range of St. Paul I would recommend doing it that way, not just to save the $ 150 dollar shipping charge but to take the plant tour and learn more about the chute and particularly the rocket. Very interesting. When you open the package it's just as the picture Roger posted. The instruction DVD that came with was it was primarily directed toward a new generic installation and didn't address the rocket assembly, how ever the BRS Rocket Assembly instruction sheet on line was very helpful. My only criticism of it was the pictures and narrative were rarely on the same page. Not a big deal but not the best way to write instructions, particularly for rocket assembly. I saved the box with all the packing if anyone can use it to ship their unit back for repack, probably wouldn't cost much to send and empty box. Let me know if anyone can use it. By the way, whenever Roger says " no big deal" I generally roll my eyes but in this case it was pretty straight forward. As always I take copious pictures as I remove things to be sure It looks the same when I reassemble. Paid off big time at the 5 year hose change. al meyer
  5. Hi Eric, I assume you'll output to the 696. Any possibility of output to a a tablet or 796. al,
  6. CT2K, What did you change in the setup to make the problem go away? I'm having the same problem with my Becker transceiver, it started after I sent it back to the factory for refurbishing. I've tried everything that everyone has suggested and nothing has worked so far. al meyer
  7. That's close to sound I get all the time except during communications. Mine is definitely engine generated since follows engine rpm. Tom, thanks for the links, I'll check it out. If weather cooperates I'm going to try popping breakers tomorrow to see what effect that has. Im also getting suspicious of my intercom, my aux. input only works when the radio is off. It normally works all the time and only drops out during communications.
  8. I'll try popping circuit breakers and see if I can isolate the source. Where can I get a ground loop isolator and how is it installed? Another point I failed to mention was during communication , transmit or receive the noise is gone. I'm not a radio geek so don't know if that's significant or not. We have four fields ( 1 towered and 3 non towered) in close proximity so I'm not comfortable flying without radio but if push comes to shove I can tolerate noise when close in and turn volume low when outside the active area. Thanks for the imput
  9. After a summer of being grounded due to radio problems my frustration has reached a high point. At the end of June I prepared to fly only to find my radio would not power up, everything else was fine but no radio. After a couple of weeks I received it back from the factory and went to fly again, radio worked but had this static that sounded like what is referred to as alternator whine. It would increase or decrease with engine speed. Didn't get very far trying to trouble shoot because a week later it wouldn't power up. Back to the factory where they say it bench tested fine . After wringing out the harness to prove to them it was okay they agreed to send me a loaner to see if it would power up, it did. Back to the factory again, in the mean time I tried flying with the loaner but it too had the alternator whine. Waited to get my unit back since I still didn't know if it was a radio problem or engine. Finally received my unit back and whine is stil there, checked connections and replaced capacitor with much larger unit.No joy!!!! Only thing that works is to turn the radio off. Turning alternator off or intercom down has no effect. For what it's worth this radio has never been a problem and reception has been excellent. It appears that the whine and not powering up happened at the same time although not necessarily connected. Anyone had a similar experience or a clue of what I can do now. Missed all of the summer and maybe the fall, by the time I get back in the air I hope I can still fly the bird. Al Meyer
  10. Roger, Would that include me! al
  11. Al, I have a brand new set that I received in Jan. Didn't ave time to install them before leaving for Arizona so I made a test tank and put them to make sure they were not sinkers. By the time I came home in April the new type came out so I installed they new type. These are not the new type but if they will do you any good you can have them, just send me your mailing address. al meyer
  12. Jim, Don't know why picture didn't come through, I'll try again
  13. Jim, Here is a picture of the bracket I made, I can send you the sketch I made however if you PM your address I'll send you a set. When mine broke I made two anticipating that it was only time until the other one broke, that was three years ago. I've learned to remove the lower cam lock first, not last.
  14. Jim, The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. I wasnt keen on having anyone welding on my plane so I made a couple of brackets that clamp on. I'll go to the hangar tomorrow and take some pictures to send you. al meyer
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