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  1. Doug G.

    New Floats from MS

    Based on what? If they just came out how much data does he have?
  2. Doug G.

    Auto fuel available at your airport?

    I was told I could not store fuel in the hangar. That doesn’t make sense because my airplane stores fuel and the vents are open to the air. So they don’t allow sealed 5 gal. containers to be stored but they allow a 34gal. unsealed container??
  3. Doug G.

    Replacement screws/bolts

    A Parts Manual from FD helps a lot with this sort of thing.
  4. Doug G.


    I kept it out of the yellow so it was not that close to Vne. Still dropped fast in a controlled turn. A turn also helps blow the fire away from the fuse - if that is an issue. (That bit is out of the Skycatcher POH.)
  5. Doug G.

    market analysis

    And night flight.
  6. Doug G.

    Blue LED

    Looks like a 3D printing/small electronics project.
  7. Doug G.

    Blue LED

    They are one of the Harbor Freight perennial give aways.
  8. Doug G.


    I was taught during my last Flight Review to do an emergency desent by using a spiraling dive near vine. There were a couple of aviation deaths because of fires in flight last year in the general area. This was the method he had been taught flying for an airline to lose altitude as fast as possible while maintaining control.
  9. Doug G.

    Foreflight W&B Template?

    As is coolant, right?
  10. And add an endorsement for night flight. Oh, and get Canada to let us fly there!
  11. Doug G.


    You undoubtedly have the Dynon transponder. I would first check the antenna connections at the transponder and antenna. Another possibility is the connections to the Dynon panels - the transponder is connected to both. Or, it may be in the transponder itself. If you are not an LSRM-A and comfortable with electronics it would be best to take it to an electronics shop.
  12. Doug G.

    Skyview Classic

    I called FDUSA and was told that since it was a replacement and no modifications were necessary it did not need an MOA. I guess I would advise you to make the same call just to cover the bases.
  13. Doug, are you in need of a printable equipment list?  I put one together for my CT.  If you can use it, here it is.   -Dick

    aircraft equipment list_forum_160810.xlsx