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  1. Doug G.

    Foreflight W&B Template?

    As is coolant, right?
  2. And add an endorsement for night flight. Oh, and get Canada to let us fly there!
  3. Doug G.


    You undoubtedly have the Dynon transponder. I would first check the antenna connections at the transponder and antenna. Another possibility is the connections to the Dynon panels - the transponder is connected to both. Or, it may be in the transponder itself. If you are not an LSRM-A and comfortable with electronics it would be best to take it to an electronics shop.
  4. Doug G.

    Skyview Classic

    I called FDUSA and was told that since it was a replacement and no modifications were necessary it did not need an MOA. I guess I would advise you to make the same call just to cover the bases.
  5. Doug, are you in need of a printable equipment list?  I put one together for my CT.  If you can use it, here it is.   -Dick

    aircraft equipment list_forum_160810.xlsx

  6. Doug G.

    Skyview Classic

    Digiflight has an upgrade deal to their Vizion 380 - a drop in replacement for the Digiflight II - which will interface with Skyview. It works very well after a lot of trouble shooting that found the harness they sent me (it was supposed to be plug and play, basically) was mis-connected, at least for my plane. After going back and forth between Digiflight and Dynon I finally decided to start tracing wires and found that one wire went to a receive port rather than a transmit port on the serial bus on the Dynon displays. Swapped pins and all was well. I agree, it would be nice to have the Dynon setup, but that gets very pricey as a retrofit.
  7. Doug G.

    CTSW Weight & Balance

    I have this and it is excellent for calculating W & B for a flight. I use it all the time. Thanks. what I would be interested in is a spreadsheet for the W&B and equipment list for the onboard aircraft records. Having changed some of the avionics recently, I would like to have a nicer printed copy of this info. Arian sent me a sheet and the equipment list is okay, but the W&B doesn’t seem correct in its calculations.
  8. Doug G.

    CTSW Weight & Balance

    Thanks for this Steve. If so one has the same for a CTLS, I would be interested. PM me please.
  9. Doug G.

    Tail tie down strap

    Mike, do you tie the wings down too? I was thinking it might be possible foe a quartering cross wind to lift one wing.
  10. Doug G.

    IFly 740 question

    It can all come from the Dynon with the right setup. The Dynon GPS 2020 antenna provides the info to the displays. (Skyview in my case). All my track info and positioning comes from connection to the Dynon display via serial port connections.
  11. Doug G.

    Wash Wax All products

    I don’t know the entire situation yet, but I have a bubble behind the stall strip along the first rib on the right wing of my 2010 CTLS. It is not soft and I can see the cross hatching of the carbon fiber mat. There are no visible holes and it does not seem to be fuel related. I hope to get the plane to Paul in Estherville, IA after I complete my annual. He is talking to FD USA to get input, but I have not heard anything back yet. (The plane is hangared.)
  12. Doug G.

    2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    I have installed Dynon in and out. The weather display was slightly better with XM and more info was available. The upcoming refinements to Ads-B In will close much of the gap. The bigger factor for me was the XM subscription cost. YMMV
  13. Doug G.

    Fuel filter

    I’m going to play “devil’s advocate” here. If I know that my fuel flow has been consistent over the past three years (and the filter has been checked during that time, can I make any assumptions about the condition of the filter? It would seem that I could. I will check it anyway, but I would not expect to find anything of consequence.
  14. Doug G.

    Fuel filter

    Which, of course, is what common sense says, but does common sense hold up in the eyes of the law or the FAA? FD should fix the MM. Thanks, Roger. Yeah, I know I said I was done, but I thought it was common sense to make one more comment.