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  1. Doug G.

    Ball centered

    I wonder if the reaction woth 40° of flaps is why they limited them to 35° in the CTLS. Not much difference, but I have always wondered why it was changed.
  2. Doug G.

    BRS Repack

    I have done this on a CTLS. The most difficult part for me was getting it lifted to align it with the bolt holes when I reinstalled it. I was not able to do it without help. I think it will go better next time. I have an advantage because I have kids in the Twin Cities so I had a wonderful lace to stay when I dropped it off and picked it up a couple of weeks later. Got a tour of the repack facility too.
  3. Doug G.

    uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

    Has this changed? I installed the 261 and 2020 during the first round and received the $500 check after flying the test flight under the Class B in the Twin Cities.
  4. Doug G.

    Grounding while fueling

    The tank itself is probably grounded through the carbon fiber, but it is coated inside. I wonder if that coating is conducive?
  5. Doug G.

    No fuel crossfeed.

    Aren’t there also (on the CTLS anyway) course filters in each wing?
  6. Doug G.

    ELSA possible fuel flow fix???

    Leaving 5 gallons on each side isn’t leaving much on the table. I plan 5 gal. reserve which is about 1 hour. That means you have an extra 5 gallons. If you can fly with full tanks that is 32 gallons. 32-10=22 or about 4.4 hours of flight. I don’t know about you but I do 2-3 hour stints = 10-15 gallons. All these are rough estimates. I normally get about 4.5 gph. (I sometimes feel guilty about having an FBO put 9 gal. after a two hour flight. It seems a lot of things are about two hours from here. 🙂)
  7. Doug G.

    No Cabin Heat-SOLVED!

    Roger, I have tried to align the intake on the shroud a number of times, but the exit at the aft of the shroud keeps it from aligning. Any hints? I am pondering widening the flexible “seal” around the outside of the intake.
  8. Doug G.

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    Do you think ABS or PETG might make a more durable print?
  9. The only time I had a problem with this is when I didn’t put the strap through the clamp correctly. I am 205 lbs and was 215 when I got the plane. (Another 1.5 gal of fuel for MTOW.😎)
  10. Doug G.

    New Floats from MS

    I find this a bit odd. MS decided to make floats that don’t hold up in fuel approved for use with carburetors that use that fuel? What type of plastic are they?
  11. Doug G.

    New Floats from MS

    Based on what? If they just came out how much data does he have?
  12. Doug G.

    Auto fuel available at your airport?

    I was told I could not store fuel in the hangar. That doesn’t make sense because my airplane stores fuel and the vents are open to the air. So they don’t allow sealed 5 gal. containers to be stored but they allow a 34gal. unsealed container??
  13. Doug G.

    Replacement screws/bolts

    A Parts Manual from FD helps a lot with this sort of thing.
  14. Doug G.


    I kept it out of the yellow so it was not that close to Vne. Still dropped fast in a controlled turn. A turn also helps blow the fire away from the fuse - if that is an issue. (That bit is out of the Skycatcher POH.)