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  1. Low fuel pressure at times?

    Roger - thanks for the reply. I flew again yesterday - everything normal - will check / clean the sender and purge the fuel line to it, just to be sure nothing in there. This is actually an RV-12 that has been flying about 6 months - 60 hours, so should not be a stale fuel issue - will keep you posted if I find anything.
  2. Low fuel pressure at times?

    Yesterday after completing a 2.5 hour x-country flight, as I was descending my fuel pressure alarm went off - pressure was fluctuating 2.0-2.5. Rotax continued to run fine. After landing and taxiing back to my hanger, pressure was back to normal. This happened once before about 30 hours ago, similar situation on descent. After the first time, I flushed all of the fuel lines, checked the gascolator, pressure sensor - did not find anything. Could this be considered 'normal'? Alarms going off on downwind are rather annoying !!