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  1. Many thanks Tom and Roger. We'll make a plan ... We bent one of the tubular axle fittings and bought a replacement from CT. The new part was very badly fabricated. They'd reinforced it by welding on a reinforcing plate - so it's obviously a known weakness. Problems were that they hadn't reamed the tube subsequent to welding which meant it was heat distorted. The action of installing it also meant the powder coating completely flaked off the unit. Very bad engineering - if we hadn't been on the other side of the globe we would have returned it. The the bolt hole was not placed accurately which meant alignment was way out and impossible to adjust without distorting the hole. The remedy is apparently to weld a washer over the enlarged hole in the correct location. I know this is possible, but we're talking microns of adjustment required to bring the alignment back to spec ... and even if we manage that, we have the same problem of a heat-distorted tube. One question I have, which I couldn't find in the Matco manual, was about the mechanism for adjusting camber and alignment. Is that part of a new axle assembly, and if so, does it come as part of the wheel assembly? Bottom line - and thanks for the info - is it's clear the best solution is to replace this part with a Matco system.
  2. Hi Roger. Has there been any change to the design of the Matco system for the CTsw? Is it still necessary to trim the base of the gear for a fit?
  3. Hi - we can’t find the lower trim tab tab spec in any of the manuals. Ours has partially departed company with the tail section and we’d like to replace it. It has an adhesive strip on the leading edge but is Mylar or something similar with a slight curve along its length to keep the rear in contact with the trim tab. Any ideal on how we can get hold of this?
  4. Thanks - we’ll fire one of our existing units off for a refurb to work with the replacement, which should be better as it wires in for a soft start.
  5. The purpose of the battery boost was to spin the engine a bit faster at startup. It seemed to work most of the time, but putting a hot towel over the modules definitely worked - engine always fires first spin
  6. Thanks - we’ve tracked some down and will purchase ... appreciate the advice
  7. Hi Roger and Corey - thanks for your replies - much appreciated. The aircraft has a near-new Odyssey battery that's kept on trickle when not in use. We'll do more tests before purchasing new modules. This problem has only started this year and we've never had a similar issue before, even as the old battery was nearing the end of its life. What we know does work is to place a hot towel over the modules during the walk-around. Once the modules are warm, it fires immediately. The alternative way to start is, as I mentioned, is to connect a boost battery. The engine spins well and fast even when the modules aren't firing up.
  8. Our 912 ignition modules are tired. They need to be warmed up for first flight of the day, or have a battery boost. The prices are horrendous. Does anyone have any ideas on where the best deals are for these items?
  9. Does anyone have an equivalent colour match for the Woeropur lacquer white that's used on the SWs? It's code is 77547. We can't get the product in Australia.
  10. We have a different problem! Our nose wheel tyre has warn generally very well with a little scuffing on the port side, which we put down to lateral take-off load (we could be wrong, but we've checked alignment). However, we've noticed some serious distortion to the starboard rim and we've grounded the aircraft for replacement. The issue is that there is an inherent weakness in spun aluminium which led me to think about replacement. Is there a suitable wheel that's LSA approved?
  11. As a matter of interest, and I know it's getting a bit off the subject, but what speed are you doing your 40* flap settings at? Also, curious to know if anyone adds speed for landing in gusty conditions.
  12. That's what it looked like. I've been using using 60kts @ 15º flaps for longer runways to narrow the X-wind vector. Seems to work really well. Only time I'm using other settings now is 40º for short-field, but at the recommended, lower landing speed. I find 30º landings quite quirky for some reason. Thanks for the footage ... really useful to see that stuff.
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