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  1. Gryphon

    Exhaust noise

    Yes I was wearing my noise cancelling Bose A20 headsets, I have just checked the batteries they read 1.41 volts new batteries I tested were 1.48, so down a bit but not flat, green light still flashing the noise cancelling switch was still on. The passenger I had said it sounded like a tractor !
  2. Gryphon

    Exhaust noise

    I have a new CTLSi 38 hours and as I was warming the engine up the left Dynon went on the blink. It lost contact with all the sensors. That I have now fixed by re configuring it, but a few minutes after the Dynon went wrong the engine changed note. It very much sounds like there is a hole in the exhaust or the baffle's inside has collapsed. It makes like a throaty, much deeper sound, the engine changed note suddenly. I started the engine a couple of times since I fixed the Dynon. Everything is in the green and reacts normally, but the throaty exhaust noise is still there. I have taken the cowls off and the end pipe, and what I can see it looks perfect as it should be after only 38 hours, bolts are tight, springs all in place, Has any one any ideas on what might have gone wrong please ? Thanks, John.
  3. Gryphon

    New CTs arriving from Germany

    Hi Runtoeat My aircraft was finished months ago I am told it was flown by the factory in November last year. FD have spent the last couple of months trying to work out how to ship it to Australia, it has already been done previously 40 odd times, FD is either prevaricating or is highly inefficient. We had an independent test pilot fly it (and that took the threat of legal action) from the right seat to check it out in April as there have been some quality issues in the past. He found several minor quality issues such as the printing on the lower panel was printed over the pull off plastic film not on the panel ! We are lucky we have a very good agent who is trying his level best who has paid out several 10's of thousands of Euros extra to get the aircraft to be finished and now it looks like he has to pay the freight to get it here previously already paid for. I am still really looking forward to get to fly my aircraft when it eventually gets here but I could NOT recommend the aircraft to anyone not because of the aircraft but but because of the company behind it. We have been continuously being kept in the dark about what is going on and why and been promised all sorts of things that have never come to pass.
  4. Gryphon

    New CTs arriving from Germany

    This really does annoy me my 2013 model CTLSi is still stuck in Germany fully paid for plus a hefty donation from my agent and it is still stuck there. I see from this post the Americans are getting more deliveries of 2017 models, it is really unfair. All I can deduce is mine and a few others are being held hostage by the administrators as an asset to the company even though fully plus paid for by us until they settle the sale of the company. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    First I would like to say how good it is to hear that there has been a delivery of a 2017 CTLSi from Germany. But I would like to say it also makes me extremely upset, as I am still waiting for my 2013 CTLSi Jubilee model that has been fully paid for these past 4 years !!!
  6. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    All this shows how difficult it is to do business with Chinese / Taiwanese company's here in Australia many people from big Iron ore company's to farmers have to be very careful when doing business with China a contract in China is only a basis for further negotiation, generally to force the price further down as shown here.
  7. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    I wonder what all this means for the creditors ? Any likelihood of being paid ?
  8. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    I would be very happy if AeroJones bought Flight Design as long as they recognized the creditors like myself who has a half finished aircraft sitting in Germany for nearly two years now, It will be three years in July when I was originally told I could expect delivery. There are two CTLS's and a MC (over four years for this one ! ) awaiting delivery in Australia. The administrator has asked our agent for over Euros 100,000 to finish the two CTLS's, all three aircraft have already been fully paid for. The agent would then join the line of creditors to hope for repayment. Not a happy situation.
  9. Gryphon

    Flight Design reorganization info

    I see that Tom Peghiny says I quote “It’s tough out there right now. We are not selling our LSA’s in anything like the quantities we’d like to." America may have been getting deliveries but the rest of the world has been waiting up to 3 years and still no delivery, how long would we have had to wait if there had been greater demand 6 years ? It seems all the emphasis is on the C4, this is what has got the company into trouble in the first place and the core business of the two seater has been forgotten. Again I quote "That’s why we need to get the funding in place to complete development of the C4.” I certainly hope they can get their act into gear and start making deliveries that have been long time ordered in the order that they were ordered.
  10. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    Hi Adam, you personally have not got my goat but the system you are illustrative of, receiving your plane in 7 months and I am still waiting after three years. I am a farmer and contractor and if someone paid me in full up front I would endeavor to get his job done first rather than someone paying in installments. It is additionally upsetting that you have an easier payment plan than the rest of us as by your method I would still have most of my money still in my pocket. You could say my money is worth more as FD has it all rather than a bit at a time. Why ?
  11. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    The post from Adam has really got my goat, according to a previous post of his his order number is 15-08-51 that is August 2015 if I read it correctly that is only 7 months ago and it is about to arrive in the USA. My order number was for February 2013 that is 3 years ago. The shell has been in Germany for nearly 2 years and just pushed to the back of the hanger with no engine or instruments. Meanwhile America seems to have no trouble making deliveries. Can anyone tell me that is fair ?? America should be embarrassed by the situation but by the tone of the posts on this thread there is none !!
  12. Gryphon

    Flight Design insolvency

    The dichotomy of views on this thread is quite surprising, understandably the rest of the world is angry and upset, but the Americans on the whole have very little sympathy for those of us still waiting after two or three years for their aircraft and still nothing in sight. Some of you are callings us idiots for putting our all money up front. Without full payment Flight Design would not even start to build, have you even thought that your agent has put the money up for you ? Why is it an American can receive his Jubilee in February 2014 and I am still waiting 2 years later when the order numbers were two apart ordered in the same month? Tom Peghiny is probably a very nice person and has done very well for his clients in America and put a lot of his own money on the line. But ask yourself how has he managed to achieve almost uninterrupted supply of aircraft with very little delay in delivery’s. It is unethical and immoral of Flight Design to supply aircraft as a priority to America just because they are a bigger market than us, Ask yourself how this was achieved? It could only have been achieved by financial bullying, I call that unconscionable conduct. I do not really blame Flight Design for caving in to this pressure, but I do blame the Americans for using such tactics to ensure supply at the cost of the rest of the world. I can only hope that the receivers of Flight Design in Germany can sort the company out and resume production in a “fair and equitable fashion” so I may eventually get my aircraft.
  13. Gryphon

    CT not in the news...

    No good promoting a product if you can not deliver !!
  14. Gryphon

    CTLSi - major delays - frozen deliveries?

    I am also in the same boat (plane) as swiss_cheese. I originally ordered mine for a Febuary 2013 build, a Jubilee No 13-02-0, in theory the first month they they should have been built. I was later given a new number F-14-04-08 and I am still waiting. I live in Australia so a long way from Germany, it seems too far away to worry about. My agent actually photograged the airframe in October 2014 with my registration already painted on so I know it is mine Thats 12 months ago and it still has not been finished. We also have had great trouble getting any information from the company with numerous promises of delivery and still nothing happening. We paid the full price for the aircraft in Febuary 2013, so Flight Design has had our money for over two and a half years. There are three aircraft on order for Australia that we have been waitng 2.5 years or more for. To put it mildly we are all getting very frustrated, We might be a bit more understanding if we knew why and if there was any hope of delivery any time soon.
  15. Gryphon

    First Real Cross Country

    Hi from Australia, the longest trip I have done is across the continent about 1900 nm in a Colyear Martin 3, I am still waiting for my CTLSi to come in which I will do it again. It was mentioned fuel was $1.25 a gallon, we pay Aus $1.60 a litre with exchange rate that is US $6.53 a gallon I am envious. Of the trip across Australia over 700 nm was just bush I followed the road.