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  1. coppercity

    Potential new buyer needs some assistance

    Welcome to call me as well. 10 year CT owner and instructor.
  2. coppercity

    Copper State Fly-In

    Wish we could make it this year, but to many students on the schedule this weekend.
  3. coppercity

    A Good Day

    Fantastic! Congrats! That is a great day and great accomplishments! Cheryl and I have been lucky enough to teach both of our boys to fly, our oldest is working on his instrument and commercial with us in our CTLS and Socata TB9.
  4. coppercity

    want to buy CTLS

    Have this one available in U.S. Arizona. https://www.barnstormers.com/listing_images.php?id=1429522 2009 CTLS • $83,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • 2009 Flight Design CTLS, 1870 TTAE, This CTLS is uniquely equipped with a 40amp external alternator, pre cut payload bays in the right and left baggage compartments for equipment such as LIDAR, Multi Spectral, or FMV payloads. Enjoy private and/or public use with the well equipped cockpit including Dynon D100/180 displays, large format Garmin GPSmap 696 integrated with Dual band ADSB "In" Garmin GDL39, Garmin SL40 comm, and ADSB Out compliant Garmin GTX330es with GPS20 Waas. Rare Dynon integrated 2 axis autopilot, Airtex 406Mhz ELT. Recent 12/2018 extensive annual and 5 year hose change.
  5. coppercity

    500fpm, 60 knots, 15 degrees flaps

    If its a light SW then roughly 200rpm less. There are lots of variables so those rpm settings will just be ballpark.
  6. coppercity

    500fpm, 60 knots, 15 degrees flaps

    Yep, those numbers seem about right. give or take a hundred RPM.
  7. coppercity

    New CT In The Skies Over CT (as in Connecticut)

    Congrats Andrew! Glad you are enjoying the CT. I have almost 3000hrs in CT's now and still enjoy every minute in it!
  8. coppercity

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    Sincere condolences. Rest in peace.
  9. coppercity

    My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

    Ouch! Sorry Roger . Glad no one was hurt!
  10. coppercity

    CT incident Lorraine, Ohio 11/4/18

    Agree, the CTLS gear holds up pretty well with students. I've replaced one in 2500 hrs on our CTLS used for primary training.
  11. coppercity

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    Hi Dick, No obvious damage or signs of installation issues, just really stiff stabilator movement. I suspect it had water/humidity intrusion over time that maybe corroded it internally (came from coastal environment and not always hangered).
  12. coppercity

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    This is the system used in the CT stabilator control. http://www.flexballitaliana.com/prodotto.php?idprodotto=80 I had to replace one recently that was binding from I assume internal corrosion.
  13. coppercity

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    Welcome to the CT family! Great group here!
  14. coppercity

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    What you are seeing with your new prop pitch seems about right for what I have experienced in the CTLSi's I have flown. The injected motor does have a "power" and "economy" setting depending on throttle position. In economy mode the power and fuel flow is decreased along with your speed, a throttle position slightly above this setting ramps up the fuel flow, power and RPM. It can take a few prop adjustments to find the setting that can allow a 5300-5400 rpm comfortable cruise in the "power" band vs having to throttle back below 5500rpm and getting into the "economy" band unintentionally.
  15. coppercity

    Andy Loves UAVionix

    Hi Sid, I have not had the opportunity to test it on a CTSW yet. It might work very well if the CTSW wingtip is fiberglass vs the carbon tip of the LS. I would ask Arian or Tom regarding the MRA, it can be installed without any modification to the wingtip and can use the existing wiring and connectors, however it is not original equipment.