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  1. Jeff, We are a ways out of Cali in Arizona but do have lots of experience in all models of CT's. We have two CTLS's currently we teach in. Happy to help.
  2. Great new short term rental available at our airport! Has attached hanger for your plane/planes. Large space for family or couples. Car available at property for local transportation. Hacienda del Avion - Houses for Rent in Bisbee, Arizona, United States (airbnb.com)
  3. We have been flying CT's in the high desert for many years. With the correct prop pitch they perform pretty well at higher DA's. We fly daily from a 5000' elevation airport with high summer temps that has us taking off with DA's of 9000ft and operate training students at DA's over 13000. Obviously you notice the decreased climb performance compared to winter months but certainly outperforms most GA trainers out there.
  4. I have been using this Halo headset from Quiet Technologies in our CT's for the last month and have found it works very well for a passive system. Super lightweight, and audio quality is very good. No fancy Bluetooth features but a good headset if you are spending lots of hours in the cockpit. Halo Tubephones (quiettechnologies.com)
  5. I've done a couple, usually find the anodized portion of the flange was not roughed up prior to being glued in the first time. Epoflex epoxy was the product used initially but now the two part Caswell tank sealer can be used. https://caswellplating.com/epoxy-gas-tank-sealer.html
  6. Totally understand Jon, let us know if we can help in any way!
  7. I'm over in Southeastern AZ. but can travel.
  8. Hi Jon, We own and have been teaching in Flight Design aircraft since 2008. We currently operate two CTLS aircraft each flying around 500hrs a year. One has passed 3200hrs since we bought it new, the other is crossing 2100hrs. Our CTLS's have been very reliable, popular and have allowed us to generate a number of Sport, Private and commercial pilots. We continue to instruct this year using Covid-19 precautions such as wearing masks during flight and ground instruction, disinfecting cockpits between flights and keeping sanitizer available for constant hand cleaning. Currently my wife and I are the only instructors so we can maintain a constant but staggered student schedule to ensure separation of students between lessons.
  9. If you have a D100/D180 I can send you a check list file to load on the Dynon for use.
  10. Both the CTLS and SW are docile in full stalls especially at lower flap settings and if you approach the stall at a steady reduction in speed. Full flap settings will give a slight wing drop and tend to be a little more aggressive but recovery is immediate with pitch reduction.
  11. Hi Tim, Welcome aboard! Great group of aviation enthusiasts here from all over the world! I'm located in South Eastern AZ and have been teaching in our CT;s since 2008. The CT family of aircraft are wonderful machines and we currently have two of them in our training fleet. Happy to help answer any questions you might have and I'm sure you will find there is a large group of helpful folks on this site.
  12. We are going to be putting our 1978 182RG up for sale soon, might consider a trade.
  13. Have you added any components to the system like a GDL 39? Do you have the Tru Trak/CT Pilot autopilot? If so when the system has a GPS location what does the AP show, no GPS, No TRK, No pos?
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