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  1. We have been operating two CTLS's in our flight school for over 10 years and thousands of hours of primary training. We did start with a CTSW but transitioned to the LS's when they arrived. The CT's are great economical trainers in the right hands. We run ours exclusively on auto fuel which saves on fuel costs. During training flights we average about 3 gph. Maintenance costs are relatively low as the Rotax rarely needs much more than preventative maintenance, doesn't burn or leak oil and the CT airframes are simple to maintain. The new CT super sport is an upgraded CTSW that should do as well as the LS in the training environment and the F2 is a rock solid aircraft that we are anxious to put thru the trainer paces! If you don't have instructors willing to adapt to LSA though and try to treat them like any other GA trainer it won't be successful.
  2. Yesterday I flew the F2 prototype from our facility in Bisbee Az to Airtime's facility near Tulsa. I did the 763nm trip non stop with quartering headwinds in 7 hrs. Still had about 7 gals of fuel remaining and averaged about 3.8gph during the trip. Amazing endurance on the F2!
  3. Thank you for the update Al. We are going to reiterate this scenario to our students.
  4. The F2 prototype will be leaving AZ tomorrow for Tulsa so Airtime will have it for display at the expo. Stop by and take a look!
  5. Hi Chris! Loving the F2, it flies like it's on rails! The baggage is pretty large, I'd say one German Shepard would fit, maybe two well behaved medium Boxers
  6. So I was adding up my logbook after returning from Oshkosh with the F2 and realized I crossed a few milestones on the way home. 1. Crossed 6000 hours total time. 2 . Crossed 3000 hours in Flight Design aircraft. 3. Got to fly the F2 across the U.S. with my lovely bride. 4. Got to fly out of Oshkosh for the first time. All and all an great trip I'd say!
  7. Made it from Oshkosh back to Bisbee today. Was a marathon one day flight, but the F2 put up such great performamce numbers for us we had to keep going! The Garmin avionics suite worked flawless and rivals the Cirrus we fly. This is one heck of a plane and we can't wait to get our production F2!
  8. Cheryl and I will be heading West from Oshkosh (Appleton) tomorrow with the F2 demo. We will be showing it around the Southwest for a bit 😊 https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Airport/Copper-City-Aviation-Services-LLC-156345465938/
  9. Nothing better for arm scars than a Rudder pedal exchange on a CT
  10. Hoping to make it up for at least a day or two
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