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  1. Hi David, We are located in South Eastern AZ, we have a couple CTLS's available for training and have several thousand hours flying and teaching in CT's
  2. Hi Robert, Yes we have a couple CTLS's we train folks in. Better yet, we will come to Hawaii
  3. The Matco brakes on the CTLS should be pretty positive so if you are pumping to get more stopping force they likely need to be bleed and/or have the pad wear checked.
  4. Hi Robert, If you PM me your email I can send you our standard operating procedures document we put together for our students.
  5. You can, how "crummy" it looks depends on how well you can blend the spot area. There are folks that are very talented at it, painting is really an art! I'm definitely not an artist
  6. You can get the firewall paint from FDUSA, its a two part system. The surface paint for the aircraft can be obtained from a good automotive paint store, the color match I have used is RAL9016 Traffic White.
  7. The CTLS has a defrost duct installed as well as the foot heater outlets.
  8. Do the units have the same software versions? From the D100, if you select DSAB status from the menu's does it detect anything besides itself? Have you tried network reconfiguration? Here is a link to the Dynon install manual. Network configuration is in 5-6. https://www.dynonavionics.com/includes/guides/EFIS-D100_Installation_Guide_Rev_H.pdf
  9. Sure. Sorry I found my PM inbox was full. Cleared out now
  10. Yes, we have a checklist file that can be uploaded thru the Dynon software on a PC into the D100. Happy to send you the file, just shoot me a PM with your email address.
  11. We are keeping busy with our CTLS here in AZ. A mix of sport, private and commercial. The CT has proven to be a reliable and excellent aircraft for our little school.
  12. Thanks John, That is going to be my plan as well, do you happen to recall the part# for the replacement straight bearings you installed? I think there are a couple different sizes.
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