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  1. Might also check if there are airspeed limits set for the pitch loop. Most have an upper and lower airspeed limit, maybe you were bumping up against that upper limit.
  2. Wax lacing cord works well here too.
  3. From pg 4-55 of the CTLS maintenance manual. Flap deflection can be adjusted by the flap control panel. Check flap angle of deflection after each adjustment by means of electronic level. 1. Connect printed circuit board (PCB) connectors with corresponding headers of the flap actuator control (Control Card MT-10) wiring harness (Fig. 9). 2. Connect auxiliary control switches SW1 and SW2 to corresponding connectors at the PCB for programming. 3. Set the flap into required position by SW2 using a level. Set the digital screen indication corresponding to the value at the level by SW3. 4. Press SW1 to input data into the PCB memory. If the operation has been performed correctly the display shows the value set by SW3. 5. Move the flap by SW2 to the next required position using a level. Change the value at the screen by SW3 according to the value at the level. Press SW1 to save settings into the memory. 6. Repeat the process for each of the flap positions. 7. If you cannot adjust (set) max angles of deflection (the rod of the flap actuator takes the end position), this problem could be solved by adjusting the length of the rod of flap control. The length of the rod can be adjusted only following the item 8. After rigging all flap positions turn off the circuit breaker 25A. 9. Remove the switches SW1 and SW2. 10. Turn the circuit breaker 25A on. 11. If the instruction has been performed correctly the flaps will take their predefined positions. I can let you borrow my switch set or if you are ever down to Bisbee you are welcome to use them.
  4. Soft brush attachment on a shop vacuum.
  5. http://flightdesignusa.com/aircraft/f2-information-2/
  6. Yes, we have a couple that do check rides in our CTLS One of them even travels to California for check rides.
  7. I've got a few hours in the Swift, they are a bit sluggish with the 145hp but awesome with the 200-210 options! They are pretty friendly on the ground but I've only flown them in fairly benign conditions.
  8. Sent you a reply Johnny. Thank you for the kind words Duane!
  9. Exciting! I'll take one of each for the ultimate Flight Design Flight School!....Of course I'll have to play the lottery a lot before then
  10. Hi John, Many of my trips were to/from Southern CA, and AZ so many times ended up through the Albuquerque area or if weather pushed me it would be El Paso. I have been through the passes South of Denver a few times and also across Reno and Mammoth on my way over to CA. Prop pitch is important in the CT especially at the higher altitudes. I have had my CTLS over 15,000 solo with near full fuel. Its no rocket up there but you can get there if you prop is pitched well. You might think about doing a few climbs to 13k to 14k before you head out just so you can see how your performance is up there. As the West heats up in the late spring our Density altitudes can get pretty high so if you are not able to get adequate engine RPM (5600) at say 7500 to 8000' density altitude at full throttle level you might consider a prop re-pitch before heading out West
  11. Got a 2006 coming up for sale soon. Its in our hanger getting parachute and rocket done, along with ADSB in/out. Dynon D100/120, 696, autopilot, hose change was done last year. Has about 400hrs. Not sure what the owner wants to sell it for yet but can keep you posted. Glad you are okay!
  12. Awesome! Have made several trips back and forth across the US in CT's, such a great way to travel!
  13. I tried the Sky Beacon on my CTLS but had trouble getting consistent GPS signal. It seems the carbon wingtip on the CTLS is problematic. I think the Tail beacon or Echo UAT would be the best candidate for the CTLS.
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